My sister Ivana and I look so much alike that a lot of people think we are identical twins.  My name is Natasha and I am already 16 years old.  My sister is 18 months older than me but I am a little bigger and everyone tells us that I look older.  We have the same straight blonde hair but I like to wear mine always upswept in a bun or in a ponytail.
Ivana lets her long blonde hair swing with the breeze and always seems to be enticing it to flow in waves framing her beautiful face with a blonde halo.  If you look real close you can see that my nose is a bit crooked and bent to the left.  That was the result of Tommy Jones walloping me with his stupid fire-truck when I wasn’t looking.
We were down in Disney doing the typical Disney stuff.  Our dad was still overseas but our mom was buddy-buddy all of a sudden with Aunt Ruth and her dopey adopted son Harry.  I just couldn’t stand that Harry.  He was a real dork and I mean with a capitol D.  He had taken to the silly habit of wearing his pants down real low so you could see his jockeys and even the crack of his ass when he bent over.  It was so gross that it almost made me want to upchuck whenever I saw him coming near.
Our day at Disney was nice but the sounds of the shouting kids and the long waits were just not my cup of tea.
When we got back at the villa, Ivana, Harry and I all ran up the stairs to get first dibs on the bathrooms.  Harry being the only guy got a bathroom all to himself and that just did not seem fair.  Ivana and I  shared the big walk-in shower and we started washing each other in a well-practiced routine that was almost the same way we did out cheerleading.  We were out of the shower and getting into our bathing suits while mom and Aunt Ruth were just settling into the Jacuzzi with a couple of glasses of wine to wind them down from the day’s activities. 
The sounds of the laughter and shouts from the pool were like a magnet for the both of us and we made a beeline for the pool.  The dork beat us to the stairs and gave us the finger as he whizzed around the corner of the villa.
It was a pretty big pool and had two main sections, a shallow end for the kids and a deep end for the adults.  Of course, Ivana and I headed right to the deep end because we were both good swimmers.  The dork was in the shallow end because he couldn’t even dog paddle his way to the edge of the pool. There was a group of college boys playing with a small football right next to us and I noticed that we were the only females under 40 in the deep end of the pool.
I watched Ivana get in and out of the pool a couple of times.  First to get her goggles and the next time to check her watch still sitting on the lounge chair.  I knew exactly what she was doing.  The little tart was making sure those 4 boys could see how nicely shaped her bum looked coming wet out of the water.  At the lounge chair she made a big production of bending all the way over at the waist so her thong slid deep into her arse crack.  Then, for good measure, she squatted down and pointed her pretty pussy right in the boy’s faces.  I was really cracking up just watching their eyeballs almost fall out of their sockets.
When the little football “accidently” bounced right in between us, Ivana scooped it up and flipped it to the tall blond boy with the great looking shoulders.
Before long, we were all old buddies, Ivana did most of the talking, like she always did, and I just smiled like I was her idiot twin sister.
I was lying face down on the beach towel on top of the lounge chair and watched my sister allowing a couple of the boys to apply sunscreen to her back and her legs.  One boy was doing her upper shoulders and I could see he was managing to get a good feel of her side tits at the same time.  The other boy was working her calves and kept pushing her legs wide open so he could get a real good view of her pink tinted thong.
We were told all the boy’s names but the only name I could remember was Roger.  He was one of my 2 boys.  At least he was paying some attention to me.  The other boy kept looking over at Ivana and I could sense he wanted to be one of those other 2 guys.  I had already declined their offer of putting on sunscreen because I had already taken care of that real good before going out to the pool.  Just to keep things interesting, I told Roger that my swimsuit was sticking right into my butt like there was a pin in the back end of my thong.  He took the hint and started his butt investigation immediately.
His greedy little fingers were under my thong fabric and I could feel his knuckles actually pressing into my tiny pucker hole in his efforts to locate the offending pin or staple.  I didn’t pull away or anything because in all honesty the slight penetration of my anus was exceeding exciting and made me want further explorations in my private areas.  The other boy whose name escapes me got the message and slid his inquisitive fingers right under my tummy and started feeling my frontal thong and a good deal of my pussy mound as well.  Fortunately, to the casual observer, it still looked quite innocent even though I was definitely going into a new phase of orgasmic release.
When I looked over at Ivana, I saw she was on her back now and the boys were busy with her chest and her inside legs to give her full protection from the nasty sun.  I was embarrassed when I heard her muffled squeals of satisfaction as the boys gave her a real good workout.  I was a lot more discreet and did not make any noises at all.  However, I was unable to restrain myself from pushing my pussy mound down for finger pleasure and raising my bottom up for some anal explorations.
The sound of my mom’s voice calling us broke up the fun and games and we told the boys that we had to go in now because our mom was real strict.  They made us promise to come back out at midnight and join them right there at the deep end to continue our little adventure.  We agreed but I was not so certain we would be able to swing it with tattle-tail Harry watching our every move.
We dried our swim suits and put them back on under the sheets.  We moved down the long hallway without making a single noise when Harry came out of his room and told us to be quiet and follow him.
“Harry, what are you doing awake at this hour?”
I was a little perturbed at the annoying boy even though he was a full year older than my sister.
“I know you girls are going to meet those 4 guys from the pool.  Are you guys going to do 2 each or take all 4 of those guys on at the same time?”
Now I was seriously pissed at Harry.
“You little dork; we are just going swimming and having fun.  Maybe even a little skinny dipping under the moon.”
Harry laughed and told us those boys were just looking for one thing and it certainly wasn’t swimming under the moon.  He joked about how both our “moons” were going to be jumped by 4 horny college boys.
 I guess I knew deep inside he was right but I didn’t want to admit it.
 He was standing up above us as we huddled on the floor and I could see his “thing” was sticking out pretty far.  I had never thought of my adopted cousin as having a thing down there but when you are looking up and seeing something like that sticking out so far it kind of changes your perspective.  Suddenly, I found my tight little pussy was getting all hot and bothered and I was ashamed to say my juices were starting up just looking at the annoying boy’s tool only scant inches from my face.
In order to gain Harry’s cooperation in our midnight excursion, I reached up and grabbed hold of his hard cock and started to stroke it with a steady beat.  He didn’t say a single word just opened his bottoms and let me touch his hard cock starting to leak pre-cum with a continuous drip, drip,drip.
I saw Ivana looking at me like I had lost my marbles.
“Natasha, he is our cousin.  We can’t do anything with him.  It is taboo.”
I laughed just pulled a little harder and even leaned forward to give the tip a nice wet kiss.  My saliva was now mixing with Harry’s pre-cum in a sticky sort of way. It made my face connected to his throbbing cock with a long string of sticky goo. It looked like a spider’s web that glistened in the light of the streetlamp coming in his window.
“Don’t be silly, Ivana.  Harry is adopted and is not Aunt Ruth’s actual son.  We are not related at all.  He is just another guy looking to get laid.”
Harry patted the top of my head and tried to push my face toward his pulsating man meat.  Ivana was giggling at the scene but I knew she was jealous and really wanted to get her own lips around Harry’s thick cock.  As much as I despised my bogus cousin, I allowed him to pull my head forward and opened my mouth to receive him inside.  It was more from the prospect of irritating my sister Ivana rather than to suck Harry’s dripping cock.
The nasty boy held my head firmly between his hands and guided me back and forth on his slick stick of pleasure.  I closed my eyes and pretended it was one of the college boys forcing me to take it good whilst on my knees.
I was whimpering pretty good now and the combination of saliva and pre-cum was dribbling down my chin right onto the fluffy white carpet.  Ivana could not stand to be on the sidelines and started to cradle and stroke Harry’s balls with her hot little hands.  Her arms and tummy were getting all drenched with our copious liquid overflows but she didn’t seem to mind it at all.
Soon Harry started to whine even louder than my pathetic whimpers and he threw his head back like a wild animal.  I could feel him go all stiff and then the first spurts of cum shot forcefully into my throat.  It was so much that I was unable to swallow it all.
 The devious little devil must have been saving up all his cum for this degrading use of my poor mouth.
 Ivana was splattered all over her face and her chest and tummy with his excess creamy cum.  I had to giggle when I saw her try to wipe it off like it was some kind of dirty stain on her pretty skin.
All of a sudden, Harry was very apologetic and started to treat us both like we were important to him.  It was very strange indeed and I wanted to tell him to keep on being an arsehole because I liked him better that way.
Harry and I cleaned Ivana up like we were two servants tending to her every little need.  It was kind of funny and when I looked him in the face, I could see my amusement mirrored in his eyes.
We whispered to each other like conspirators plotting the overthrow of a government and decided we would all go to the pool for the skinny dipping adventure with the college guys.
Harry promised to mind his manners and not interfere with our interlude with the four boys.
I whispered in his ear that I would reward him after our return.