A Starving Bhabi

Every night when Raja returns home from his tuition, Rahul, his elder brother and Mita, Rahul’s wife are already asleep. Raja uses his keys to enter the house, has a wash, finishes his dinner and then walks up to the first floor to be in bed in his own room. By then the calendar rolls over to the next day. This day was no different from other days. It was well past midnight when Raja was sitting on his bed. Rahul was supposed to leave early morning for one more prolonged tours, which he was famous for every 6 to 8 days he began a 52-54 day tour, which made Mita annoyed in her seven years of marriage. Her conjugal life was in total disarray. A number of times, it so happened that during Rahul’s presence, she was in her feminine cycle.
That irritated Rahul. He started avoiding Mita. Mita, being a newly wedded wife was sexually starved mainly because of Rahul’s busy schedule. But she could not persuade her husband to act sexually with her. Rahul had another drawback. His penis was pretty small in size. Not that his erection was short-lived, but a few attempts to penetrate his wife went futile. This annoyed Mita the most, but she could not accused her husband as the size was a natural one for which Rahul could not be blamed.
This night he could hear them talk. Mita’s voice was filled with anger. Raja heard her say
Mita: This is ridiculous. It has been seven years now since we got married. Your stay with me are very few and far between. We cannot even make serious attempts to have sex. You keep yourself busy in your office work. But for me it is really difficult task to keep my mind away from sex thoughts.
Rahul: Look Mita, either you shall have to accept my incapacitation and starve sexually, else leave me and get re-married to another person. You must have known by now that I cannot satisfy you. Moreover, I am loosing the urge for sex nowadays with the work pressure that I have. Being my wife you have to either co-operate with me or break this marriage.
Mita: Why did you marry then? You knew of your own problems before marriage, didn’t you?
Rahul: I thought,, may be. I could get proper support from you to improve my chances of sexual pleasure. But whenever I come, you are in your filthy sanitary napkins. That does not help me any way.
Mita: What do you mean? How could you make such a silly comment? That part is not determined by me. It is my system. But you have 24 or 25 days at your liberty. Why can’t you adjust you tour dates?

Rahul: Don’t talk stupid. My company pays salary to me and that is quite a sum. You expect me to go and tell them that I need to adjust my tour dates for your convenience?
Mita: You are acting funny now. Don’t you know to talk diplomatically? Why do you have to cite your wife as your problem?
Raja heard a thud following her sentence and a shriek from Mita.
Mita: Oooooh! You kicked me out of the bed on to the floor. You wretched stupid!
Rahul: Shut up, will you and just get lost out of my sight. I don’t want to see your blinking face any longer. You do not deserve to be any one’s wife, you slut!
Mita: It’s you who is a criminal, because you have cheated me having a full knowledge regarding your shortcomings. You cheat!
Raja heard a second sound, and definitely a heavier one and that was followed by a loud cry from Mita.
Mita: Oh! God! How dare you beat me?
Rahul: You bitch! I’ll beat you black and blue, if you don’t leave this place. You are deliberately disturbing me, knowing that I need to leave at 4:30 in the morning.
By then Raja could realize everything. He had retired completely having locked his room. A few minutes past and he heard a knock on his door. He knew that it would be Mita, but play acted and took some before opening up. It was Mita alright in her night dress,
Raja: What’s up? How come you are at my door so late at night.
Mita: Sorry to disturb you at this point of time. Rahul has kicked him out of bed in his sleep. I have badly hurt myself.
Raja: Oh! What a pity? How can I help you?
Mita: Rahul is sleeping like a log. Could you please apply some pain balm over my injury?
Raja ushered his bhabi in. She was in her saree before coming to Raja
Raja: Come on in. Let me switch on the light. Oh God! You have sprained your waist line it seems. Let me apply some massage first.
Mita was made to sit on Raja's bed after Raja switched on the light. She was whimpering in pain. Raja went out in search of some pain balm and return in vain. Rahul had locked the bedroom door. So Raja had no option but to return with some mustard oil and garlic paste mixture boiled.
Raja: Rahul has locked the room. I have some oil for application on your waist for your massage. Please lower your saree and lie down on your face so that I can massage properly.
Mita obliged as Raja began his massage, which he was very good at. Raja was applying oil while massaging and Mita was enjoying his act. After 15 odd minutes, Raja finished with the massage and asked Mita to sleep on his bed while he suggested to go to the ground floor and find some place to lie down. Mita declined his idea and forced Raja to sleep on his bed. Mita was still on her face and Raja lied down in perpendicular to her placing his legs over her buttocks. They both soon fell fast asleep.
Raja woke up very early in the morning. As he opened his eyes, he found Mita still sleeping, but not in her sarees. He did not recollect to feel when she woke up, removed his heavy pair of legs, stood up and changed back into her sleeveless nightie and reverted back to sleep. He carefully left the bed and went to the toilet for a pee. On his way back he found that Rahul had already left for his tour. Raja entered the room to look for a pain balm and found one. He simply marked it but left it there and came back to lie down again.
They both opened their eyes around the same time.
Raja: How is your bruise now?
Mita: I haven’t had the time to have a look at it. But I must admit you are extremely good with your massage. It had been definitely very soothing at that point of time.
Raja: Thanks for your compliments.
Mita: Are you not feeling well? You look a bit pale.
Raja: I really do not know. To be honest I am feeling a bit uneasy. Must have over slept.
Mita: I suggest you have a good prolonged bath.
Raja: Actually, I thought of giving you another massage before that.
Mita: Well in that case, I’ll make you wait for a couple of hours more. I need that time to finish my daily chores. The maid will not turn up today, so extra work for me.
He suddenly felt like throwing up and rushed towards the toilet and he barely entered the toilet as he threw up everything he had for his dinner last night and thereafter.
Mita was not ready for this. She took some time to react. Then she followed him to the toilet. Raja was visibly tired after managing a wash following the vomiting spree. He could not stand even for a second as he left the toilet and wobbled up to his brother’s bed and fell flat on his back. It was a clear case of acute indigestion. Mita had to clean up the toilet throwing buckets of water all over. She followed it up with arranging some digestive medicine for Raja. As she came to her bed, she saw him pressing his stomach with both hands. She rushed back to kitchen collected some ice cubes in a piece of cloth and came back to him and place the ice pack on his naval area. Raja held her hand as she was pacifying him.
Mita: Do not panic. You will soon be alright dear. Just gulp down this glass of medicine.
Raja obeyed her as he raised his head and consumed the medicine. Mita had brought a wet cloth with her. She dabbed it on his forehead. He was feeling lighter. He held out his hand to hold Mita's hand. She came and sat beside him. Raja picked his head up and placed on her thighs. So soft a feeling he had. Mita was caressing his head as she ran her fingers through her head. As she bend down, Raja felt the tenderness of her breasts over her nightie on his face. Mita had her nipples hardened by his touch. She was liking it as she had a arousing sensation. Raja was initially facing the ceiling of the room. He removed Mita's hand with the cloth and turned towards her body and pressed his head on to her belly region.
Mita: How are you feeling now?
Raja: (very feebly) Very weak. This indigestion has created all problems for me. I was thinking of giving a treatment to your injured waist.
Mita: That can always be done once you recover a couple of hours later. But my dear, you are tickling me with your nose.
Raja: I thought you are enjoying it.
Mita: Of course I am. I thought it was accidental. Now I know it is deliberately done by you.
Raja: It was a return of the pleasure you gave me with your tits. It was so soft and touching.
Mita once again gave a feel of her boobs on Raja's ear lobe and Raja kissed her belly. Mita moved his head on the bed and went out of the room.. Raja slept for sometime more. When he woke up and went for the toilet, Mita was inside, having her bath. Their bathroom. As mentioned earlier, is non-attached one and she has to take all her clothes inside the bathroom when someone is round. Mita thought that Raja being asleep, she could come out in may be undergarments and wear the rest later on. She normally takes over half an hour to take her bath. This day she took even longer as she needed to wash clothes.
Raja knocked the bathroom door.
Raja: Can you open the door please? I need to visit toilet urgently. Just let me in. I won’t look at you, but finish off and come out
She had a towel wrapped around her upper body and was clad in petticoat only. She opened the door and Raja kept his promise. He peed and came out and she closed the bathroom once gain. Mita finished her bath and finally came out. She thought Raja to be still asleep and began to put on her blouse after removing the towel from her body, without caring the fact that Raja may be awake and could view her image through the dressing table mirror.
Raja was viewing her all right. He saw Mita remove the towel, move to the closet and take out a saree and a matching blouse.
She then wore the blouse facing the mirror, giving a full view of her melons to her brother in law, who was on his tummy with face towards the mirror. Mita finally wrapped the saree around her and left the room. Raja gave a silent sigh within himself.
She came back and forced Raja up and send him for bath. Raja finished his bath fast. Prior to that he shagged thinking of bhabi’s boobs. He did have lunch alright, but a very small quantity. Mita having cleaned up the table, Raja asked her to lie down. She lay on her bed as Raja applied pain balm on her waist line and then brought a hot water bag and placed it over a piece of cloth. Mita was vividly enjoying the relief.
Mita: It’s heartening to know that you have a nice pair of hands for massaging. I am really liking and enjoying your massage.
Raja: Does it help you anyway?
Mita: Yes, it is having a soothing effect.
Raja: But you need to have repeated application of massages to heal your injury. Do not pull up your saree to cover your waist line before you have a good hot compress. At night too, the same application is needed.
Late in the evening Raja gave Mita another round of massage. This time it was an oil application. Mita was lying on her bed in a relaxing mood, having opened up three of her blouse hooks and loosened her saree and strings of petticoat. Mita forced Raja to massage her amidst darkness. As he was trying to give her a relief, Mita shrieked.
Mita: Oh! Raja, my waist aches.
Raja: It’s you only to blame yourself for that. Let me put on the light and see.
Mita: No Raja, I can’t allow you to switch on the light.
Raja: But why?
Mita: Because I have lowered my saree to the groin level..
Raja inserted his hand through her waist line and was rubbing at a lower level than her waist. Mita was trying to avoid his hand entering below the waist line. But Raja was applying force and soon found his way through. He began to rub Mita's buttocks vigorously forcing Mita to surrender to his strength. Raja managed to undo her saree and throw it off. He found that Mita had kept three of her five buttons open giving a clear view of her tits. By now Mita showed signs of succumbing to Raja's vigour.
Mita: You are hurting me dear.
Raja: You should have had more number of compresses by now. Just lie still. I will see that you recover within half an hour. . She quietened down and allowed him to massage her buttocks. Raja did not take any advantage of the situation and left the room after completing his job.
After dinner, Mita enquired whether he could provide her with another round of massage. Raja replied that if she felt the necessity, he would surely give one. She said she would love a pain balm rub followed by a hot compress.
Raja was already in his boxers. He had the pain balm handy within seconds. He was waiting for Mita to be free. She came over to Raja's room. She was in her blouse and petticoat.
Raja: Here in my room?
Mita: Both are same. Only the height of the bed differs.
Raja: Lie down then.
Mita silently lay on Raja's bed on her back. Raja requested her to turn sideways. As she did so, Raja asked her to open the strings of her petticoat. Mita looked up at Raja just for while and pulled open the string of her petticoat, Raja had the pain balm on his finger tips. As she turned showing her back side to Raja, he began to apply the same on the side of her waist. Mita did not show any resistance at all and allowed his to apply medicine.
Raja completed application of medicine on one side of her waist line and began to massage the area. After 15 minutes, he applied medicine on the other side and massaged. Another 15 minutes passed and now Raja asked Mita to lie on her chest and applied pain balm on her buttocks. Her petticoat was loose, so Raja inserted his hand to reach her round pair of buttocks. Mita was enjoying his efforts with closed eyes.
Raja: Your eyes show that you are enjoying.
Mita: You are going beyond limit area Raja.
Raja: It is you who gave me this license dear. After your bath you gave me a nice view of your upper body while changing from towel to saree. Again in the evening you left your blouse hooks open. This was enough an indication for me to violate limits. I thought you were deliberately enticing me to move ahead, if I wished.
Mita: It is nice to know that you are different from your brother. I thought you would make an attempt in the afternoon itself.
Raja: I am no demon. When I know I shall get you at my free will, I will behave normally. I know that you are starving for sex. It can wait till you recover from the agony of pain.
Mita: No, Raja, Since you know everything, I do not wish to wait any longer. I want a real hard and good fuck from you. Arouse me through your massage and quench my long waiting thirst please. I am in love with your long dangling dick, after I saw it this afternoon.
Raja; Now, I get the real intention of yours. That was why you purposefully changed in my presence. You knew that I could not have slept then.
Mita: I wish I had really known that you were awake.
Raja quietly went to the kitchen to fetch hot water bag for Mita. He placed a thick cloth and kept the bag over it. Mita was getting impatient, now that she had revealed herself to her brother-in-law. She feebly protested as Raja compelled her to accept the hot compress. Raja had different idea. He was using his hands once again to rub her buttocks surrounding the hot compress. However, his hand was now rotating everywhere, the tummy, the waist, the rib-cage, the back of the body and other places too. Mita waited for sometime before holding Raja's hands near her tummy and kissed his palm and placed it above her deep cleavage.
Raja implanted a deep kiss there and straight away went for the blouse hooks. The two melons were out in a flash. Mita hid her face in shame as Raja began to lick her juicy tits. Mita pressed Raja's face hard onto her breasts. Raja was fanatically nibbling, chewing and suckling the two melons simultaneously. Mita began to moan aloud. ‘Uhh! Ahh! Aooooh uch uch oooch uiiii ma re iu-ui-aaauuuuch-suck suck sweetheart tear my tits apart with your sharp teeth’.
Raja quietly carried out his job. It was imperative for him arouse her to the optimum height before he could make any advance thoughts. He could visually measure the tits size. Under used, they were not too big, may be 36B or so. He thought to himself that his hands would be just about gripping each of them at a time. She had a big areolas brownish in colour with magnum size nipples. When her would be child be suckling mother’s breast, he would love to watch them.
After a while, Raja went for Mita’s petticoat strings. He untied the knot and dragged it down her legs. Mita was naked now. She shyfully covered her pubic hair with her hand. Raja removed the hands and planted a kiss on the tip of her vaginal lips as Mita moaned “a-a-a-a-h! Won’t you undress yourself Raja for my sake?”
Raja silently undid his shorts revealing his semi hard penis, not yet fully grown. Mita was simply bewildered as her experience was a 3 to 4 inches long manhood of Rahul, which was as thin as a pencil. She shakily wanted to have a feel of Raja's armament, which looked like a cannon to her.
Mita: Oh! What a size? I am thrilled. You are more than twice your brother Raja! Please shove it inside me fast. I am longing to take this mammoth one inside me.
Raja: Well, you have to nurture this to a full grown instrument, my dear lady, in order to utilize it to its utmost utility.
Mita: I do not know how to do it. Will you teach me? I promise to be a good disciple.
Raja: Haven’t you learnt anything in your seven years of marriage?
Mita: You will soon find out that I am a novice in bed as far as adultism is concerned.
Raja : Fine. Be my obedient student then.
Raja continued to lick Mita's pussy lips as she started oozing pre-cum. She had by now began to spread her legs. Her thick patchy cunt bush was attracting Raja like a magnet. As he licked, he inserted his middle finger inside her vaginal path. Mita twitched and began to wriggle in excitement. She was moaning very softly. Even Raja could hardly hear her moans. But she was jerking her hips up and down as Raja increased the pace of her fingering.
Mita was suddenly pulling Raja towards her. He swerved his body towards Mita and finally landed up in ‘69` position. Mita gobbled up his fully erected dick and began sucking it hard. In return Raja was licking her anal hole as he continued to finger her cunt.
Raja was enjoying Mita's suck. Everything was new to him. He had never had the feel of a woman before. Suddenly he felt his balls tightening hard as he felt something bursting out of his long rod. He let go the jet. Mita's mouth was filled with his ejaculated sticky milky semen. Mita was honoured to drink his cum which was pretty heavy.
Raja's dick was limp in a flash, while Mita was fuming in excitement.
Raja: Oh God! This is not done. Please do something to bring life in me.
Mita: What should I do? I have never faced a situation like this before.
Raja: Rub, squeeze, lick, do as you please, but do it fast.
Mita began to squeeze Raja's dick all over again and rub it vigorously. Gradually, life set in it once again. It sprang to life. Raja was waiting for it He promptly was on Mita's body, trying to enter her by applying pressure. Mita widened her legs to allow more space and comfort to Raja. Although Mita was wet and lubricated, yet the entry was not easy for Raja. He kept on increasing application of pressure at the vaginal opening point of Mita. Her entry point was perhaps a bit too narrow, posing problems for the entry. However, Raja kept his cool and kept on trying to enter her.
Gradually his rod found way to the passage and very slow progress was seen. Mita was clenching fists in pain and agony. Her face was turning red. She was breathing heavy in excitement to see a successful penetration through her vaginal passage. The tip of his penis found an entry and was slowly but surely penetrating through her passage. Her eyes seemed to bulge out in pain, which must have been immense and a prolonged one. Raja finally applied a sudden jerk, which Mita could not handle and screamed aloud. Raja could not cover her mouth to conceal the scream, which came out of her mouth.
Raja suddenly felt that he had hit something soft with his manhood rod. He stopped.
Mita: No-o-o-o-o-o! Don’t stop Raja. Push in more. It feels great.
Raja: I have reached the end of the path.
Mita: Apply reverse gear to partially withdraw and jam it again. I feel like reaching the top most summit of the Himalayas.
Raja: Cool, baby cool. You will have many types of feelings which Rahul could not make you feel so long.

Raja withdrew partially and pushed himself back deep inside her. He was fucking Mita very casually without much excitement of entering her. After 15 minutes, he changed position without withdrawing by turning sideways. He kept on changing positions every 10 to 15 minutes and kept on fucking his lovely Bhabi. Her 36B size melons were being squeezed like a juicy lime. He was wild sucking and biting her dark nipples, giving love bites all over her face with Mita moaning aloud, as there was none to hear them except Raja..
Mita began to moan in rhythms with Raja's thrusts. It sounded oh-uh-ah-ah-aoh-auh-uuh-aah along with his thrust sounds of puch-puch-pooch-pooch-fich-fich. Thud-thud were the other sounds of ins and outs of his dick to and fro her juicy fluffy cunt.
Mita: Fuck, Raja fuck me with all your might. I want to enjoy all pleasure that I missed for the past seven years of my life. Tear me into bits and pieces. Fill me with your thick milky cum. Impregnate me to a motherhood with your manhood. Not once, not twice, but as many times you wish to fuck me with this massive rod of yours, go ahead and just do not stop. We will not cook, not bathe, not sleep but breathe and fuck, fuck and breathe. I want to show that bastard Rahul that there are people under the sun who love to fuck me mercilessly.
Raja: You have become fanatic Bhabi.
Mita: Why shouldn’t I be? I have been made to suffer for 7 long years. Today I have been introduced to a new world by you. I shall be ever grateful to you. You shall have me whenever you desire.
Raja: Finish one episode first. We shall think future when we come to it.
Mita: Why have you stopped Raja? Fuck me you rascal.
Raja: Stop your dialogues please. You are distracting me.
Mita: Okay baba! Here I stop talking.
Raja: So as to allow me to fuck.
Raja begins all over again and Mita starts her moans. Fich-fich-puch-puch comes the mating sounds very heavily heard and Mita moans ah-aah-aaah-uh-uuh-uuuh-aoo ooo-uuuuch-ui-ui-maa re uhuh-uh-uuuh. These sounds excites Raja as he keeps on banging Mita with her might. Mita yells- faster, harder Raja, just eat my heart out.
Raja rams and jams and bangs and bangs his solid dick on to the vaginal wall of Mita as Mita cums with a jerk or two before becoming absolutely still. Raja increases his speed by ten times before spraying his sperm jets into the deepest part of Mita's cunt as he yells- here, here I go showing my vigour, my power and my ability of my manhood. Take my strength into your body.
Having drained himself, Raja falls flat on Mita's body and detaches himself from her cunt and rolls over, happy to see his bhabi happy, quenched and satisfied to its optima. Mita embraces him and kisses him strongly stating that she would love to bear Raja's baby in her womb in the future days to come. Sleep conquers both in moments from then.