Mandy was super intelligent.  She was a post graduate student at Columbia University and she believed in all those new ideas and modern thinking that her parents didn’t have a clue about. Most of her friends were female but that was kind of normal in her circle of friends and associates.  Of primary interest was the fact that at 23 years of age Mandy was still a virgin.
She had all the requisite encounters with horny schoolmates and even a very strange interlude with an inquisitive male friend of her parents whose cock was the first she had ever touched.  Her roommate at college was overtly bisexual and never tired of trying to get her in bed for fun and games. After she had passed a difficult exam about 2 months ago, she did allow her roommate Samantha to remove her panties with her teeth.  She giggled the entire time and was still giggling when “Sam” introduced her to the pleasures of oral-genital lovemaking.  Mandy remembered how nicely her pussy tingled with Sam’s tongue buried deep inside.
After that adventure, Mandy appreciated Sam’s company a little bit more and even started to pick up her dirty clothes and clean up the bathroom after she used it with her annoying typical careless attitude.  Mandy was certain she was not a true lesbian but she did start to enjoy the nice kisses Sam allocated to her in the privacy of their dorm-room.  She also enjoyed how Sam toyed with her breasts and nipples when they were sitting alone studying or watching the TV.
When she came home late one night after studying at the library, she was startled to see her best friend on all fours on top of her bed mounted by the obviously male body of Rodney Stein from her Economics class.  They were so engrossed in their doggy style coupling that they were not even aware of her presence.  Mandy just sat on the edge of her bunk and watched the well-endowed Rodney slurping noisily into Sam’s well-lubricated pussy.  Sam’s whimpers made Mandy so enflamed with passion that she started to push a number of her fingers into her own over-heated slit as she sat entranced with the scene.
She estimated Rodney’s cock to be at least 7 inches in length but it was difficult to tell for sure as he never really withdrew it all the way.  It was his thickness that worried her a bit.  She knew her own tight little pussy could never begin to accommodate such a size and was astonished that her best friend Sam was taking it all in so easily. Fortunately for Mandy, she was able to achieve her own release a short time before the two doggy-style lovers reached their orgasm.
Quickly she pulled down her short skirt and wiped her fingers on her scarf still in place around her neck.
Rodney was the first to see her.  His eyes opened in shock when he saw her sitting silently on the bed.  The young man’s throbbing cock was dripping Sam’s female juices big time and Mandy could see it was definitely longer than she had estimated.  He was a bit shy and hid his equipment from her hungry gaze as he scurried into the tiny bathroom.
Sam got up a little shakily from the bed.  Her legs were still a bit wobbly and her seepage was apparent.
“I didn’t expect you back so soon, hon.  It ain’t what you think.  Me and Rodney are just friends.  He knows how to scratch my itch when I need it bad.  I just had to have it, roomie.”
Mandy was not upset in the least little bit.  In fact, she was glad to see her friend getting it nice and good like that.  The only thing that bothered her was the fact that she was still cherry at her age and it just did not seem normal. 
Mandy thought of asking Sam if she could “borrow” Rodney to perform the dirty deed, but she was still a little leery of the depth of their relationship.  The last thing she wanted to do was to cause a problem with her back-scratching girlfriend.
When Rodney came out of the bathroom, he looked at the girls a little sheepishly and double-checked his package to make sure it was stored properly.  Mandy made a point of bending over to pick up her books from the floor giving the young man a clear shot at her red thong and shaved pussy.  She could tell he was interested by the way his trousers started to tent up immediately.  He had to be heavily sexed to be so quick to recover after the bout with Sam.
Sam told her that Rodney was a musician and that he played with a jazz group at a club called “The Oasis” over in Brooklyn.  They set up a date for all three of them to go to the club the next night.  After he left, Sam confided in her that he a “dishy” friend in the band called Otis who play a mean horn.  Mandy was not quite sure what a “mean horn” was but she figured it was like those things they played at funerals and such.
The club was down in a basement and the cigarette smoke was so thick you could cut it with a knife.  The place was packed with young people all out to hear the sweet sounds of Rodney’s group.  There were only 4 members of the group with Rodney being the clear leader.  She eliminated the “licorice stick” guy and the “bass fiddle” guy and saw that the young man with the horn was an extremely handsome mulatto boy about 18 years old.
Mandy was intrigued because the horn player was very attractive and had a lean sexy look with gorgeous bedroom eyes.  The sounds he made on his instrument were both solid and sweet.  She could feel her vagina start to tingle with that familiar feeling when she was aroused by the possibility of being made to give up her cherry.  Her only problem was she knew the fact of the mixed blood would preclude her parents from sanctioning the coupling.  She made a sudden decision that she would not let that influence her in any way and that she would spread her legs for this Otis if he was so inclined.
Poor Otis was not aware of any of this but after a couple of beers, he jumped in the car with them and they all made their way back to the dorm room.  The boys were warned to be on their best behavior because they were not actual students and would be subject to eviction if they were caught in their room.
Mandy was scared.  When Otis joined her in her bed she admitted to him up front that she was still a “cherry girl”.  She told him that she hoped he would not be turned off by the extra work he would have to do.
 Otis chuckled and started to massage her pussy with a practiced hand.
 She hovered on his wonderful fingers like a horn waiting to be played.  When he even tested the tightness of her back hole, she only giggled and licked his ear.  They could hear Rodney and Sam getting with it on the other side of the room.
 When she peeked over Otis’s shoulder, she saw Sam’s white ass in the lamplight sticking up high in the air.  The whimpers told her that Sam was already getting it real good.
Mandy got so involved with kissing Otis and touching his long hard shaft that she didn’t even realize how she got naked from the waist down.  Before she even got a chance to offer her preferences, Otis was rubbing his long, hard cock all over her womanly slit and savoring the wetness she hid just inside.
“Otis, you have to put on a condom!”
The handsome black boy seemed a little confused.  He was not used to wearing one and was a little surprised to hear such a request.  He figured it was just a “white girl” thing and searched in his wallet for the one he had placed in it almost 2 years ago.  Mandy reached into her bag and removed a pretty purple foil envelope that advertised it to be a “Rough Rider with cherry flavored lubrication”.  Mandy assisted the young boy of 18 to don the safe sex covering.  Otis was so long and thick that it was a real tight fit.
Otis reached his fingers into her brimming vagina and wiped her liquid gold all over his covered cock.  The touch of the tip on her opening made Mandy nervous but she tried her best to relax and concentrated on holding Otis’s lean and well-toned gluts tightly in her palms.   He knocked on her vaginal door several times to no avail and then just held her steady with his hands and plunged his rampant cock deep inside with a single deep thrust.
There was a momentary stinging but immediately afterwards Mandy felt a delicious sense of being filled with vibrating living flesh exploring her innermost secrets. The fact that she was so wet with anticipation made her first experience totally satisfying and everything she had ever wished for.   Mandy wrapped her long shapely legs around the handsome musician and took him in all the way.
Otis was amazed at the way the white girl gave it up for the first time and was actually enjoying her cherry picking impalement.  He was grunting now pretty hot and heavy as he got into the rhythm of the girl’s convulsive orgasm.  He could feel her fingernails digging into his ass muscles and he squeezed her ass cheeks in return.  They were both coming to a full orgasm now and he filled the large condom with an extra-sized load of man juice.
Mandy’s whimpers were drowning out Sam’s moans.  Her verbal outbursts were getting lower and lower as Rodney experimented with some untested kinky activities.  It was as though she did not want to admit how excited she was to be on the receiving end of the new found fun and games.
When Otis pulled out and Mandy removed his condom stretched to the limit with a copious load of creamy cum they all laughed at the size of the load contained inside.
“Otis, my man, you really shot a load there, fella!”
They decided to empty the condom on Mandy’s tummy and her breasts.  Then they all rubbed Otis’s cum all over her body like it was some kind of sun screen.
Somehow they started talking about anal sex and Sam admitted she had not been penetrated in the ass as yet.  The two guys were making fun of the fact that they had a pair of anal virgins and maybe it was time for them to receive some training.
Both Mandy and Sam bent over the sofa and both of their bottoms were high in the air in a perfect position for anal sex.  When Otis and Rodney lined up behind them, they switched position so that Rodney was rubbing his long hard cock on Mandy’s waiting brown eye.  She had her eyes closed and thought it was Otis shoving his beautiful cock into her quivering anus.  Sam did peek and when she saw Otis behind her she was a little scared because of the reputation black men had for working a white girl’s ass real hard.
Sam looked over at her best friend Mandy and saw that her boyfriend Rodney had already buried most of his cock deep inside the shy girl’s virgin rectum.  Mandy had her face all scrunched up and her eyes were closed but she could tell she was enjoying it by the way she was groaning in heartfelt pleasure.
Just then the sound of her own anus being stretched open made her gasp in surprise and she steadied herself for the weight of the muscular Otis pounding her rear end with a frenzied beat.  The deep penetration pushed her into an immediate orgasm that made her pussy squirt female juice all over the sofa.  She made herself a mental note to clear that up in the morning.
After their ass fucking, both girls just stayed in position and compared notes on how it made them feel.  They both agreed it was quite different but pleasurable in an entirely new way.  They agreed to a second round and Sam laughed when she saw the boys had switched to sample both of them the same night.
Mandy looked back and saw Otis covering her ass and was content that she would receive his cock once again in her secret place.  Moments later, she was thinking to herself that anal impalement never felt the same.  She was being probed deeper, stretched wider and the pounding was so much more energetic that she achieved 3 orgasms before the handsome Otis spilled his liquid gift deep inside her rectal channel.  After he pulled out, she could feel his cream oozing out of her quivering pucker hole and running down the inside of her legs.
After the boys slipped out of the dorm room, they slept in Mandy’s bed and Sam let Mandy spoon her well satisfied bottom all night.


My sister Ivana and I look so much alike that a lot of people think we are identical twins.  My name is Natasha and I am already 16 years old.  My sister is 18 months older than me but I am a little bigger and everyone tells us that I look older.  We have the same straight blonde hair but I like to wear mine always upswept in a bun or in a ponytail.
Ivana lets her long blonde hair swing with the breeze and always seems to be enticing it to flow in waves framing her beautiful face with a blonde halo.  If you look real close you can see that my nose is a bit crooked and bent to the left.  That was the result of Tommy Jones walloping me with his stupid fire-truck when I wasn’t looking.
We were down in Disney doing the typical Disney stuff.  Our dad was still overseas but our mom was buddy-buddy all of a sudden with Aunt Ruth and her dopey adopted son Harry.  I just couldn’t stand that Harry.  He was a real dork and I mean with a capitol D.  He had taken to the silly habit of wearing his pants down real low so you could see his jockeys and even the crack of his ass when he bent over.  It was so gross that it almost made me want to upchuck whenever I saw him coming near.
Our day at Disney was nice but the sounds of the shouting kids and the long waits were just not my cup of tea.
When we got back at the villa, Ivana, Harry and I all ran up the stairs to get first dibs on the bathrooms.  Harry being the only guy got a bathroom all to himself and that just did not seem fair.  Ivana and I  shared the big walk-in shower and we started washing each other in a well-practiced routine that was almost the same way we did out cheerleading.  We were out of the shower and getting into our bathing suits while mom and Aunt Ruth were just settling into the Jacuzzi with a couple of glasses of wine to wind them down from the day’s activities. 
The sounds of the laughter and shouts from the pool were like a magnet for the both of us and we made a beeline for the pool.  The dork beat us to the stairs and gave us the finger as he whizzed around the corner of the villa.
It was a pretty big pool and had two main sections, a shallow end for the kids and a deep end for the adults.  Of course, Ivana and I headed right to the deep end because we were both good swimmers.  The dork was in the shallow end because he couldn’t even dog paddle his way to the edge of the pool. There was a group of college boys playing with a small football right next to us and I noticed that we were the only females under 40 in the deep end of the pool.
I watched Ivana get in and out of the pool a couple of times.  First to get her goggles and the next time to check her watch still sitting on the lounge chair.  I knew exactly what she was doing.  The little tart was making sure those 4 boys could see how nicely shaped her bum looked coming wet out of the water.  At the lounge chair she made a big production of bending all the way over at the waist so her thong slid deep into her arse crack.  Then, for good measure, she squatted down and pointed her pretty pussy right in the boy’s faces.  I was really cracking up just watching their eyeballs almost fall out of their sockets.
When the little football “accidently” bounced right in between us, Ivana scooped it up and flipped it to the tall blond boy with the great looking shoulders.
Before long, we were all old buddies, Ivana did most of the talking, like she always did, and I just smiled like I was her idiot twin sister.
I was lying face down on the beach towel on top of the lounge chair and watched my sister allowing a couple of the boys to apply sunscreen to her back and her legs.  One boy was doing her upper shoulders and I could see he was managing to get a good feel of her side tits at the same time.  The other boy was working her calves and kept pushing her legs wide open so he could get a real good view of her pink tinted thong.
We were told all the boy’s names but the only name I could remember was Roger.  He was one of my 2 boys.  At least he was paying some attention to me.  The other boy kept looking over at Ivana and I could sense he wanted to be one of those other 2 guys.  I had already declined their offer of putting on sunscreen because I had already taken care of that real good before going out to the pool.  Just to keep things interesting, I told Roger that my swimsuit was sticking right into my butt like there was a pin in the back end of my thong.  He took the hint and started his butt investigation immediately.
His greedy little fingers were under my thong fabric and I could feel his knuckles actually pressing into my tiny pucker hole in his efforts to locate the offending pin or staple.  I didn’t pull away or anything because in all honesty the slight penetration of my anus was exceeding exciting and made me want further explorations in my private areas.  The other boy whose name escapes me got the message and slid his inquisitive fingers right under my tummy and started feeling my frontal thong and a good deal of my pussy mound as well.  Fortunately, to the casual observer, it still looked quite innocent even though I was definitely going into a new phase of orgasmic release.
When I looked over at Ivana, I saw she was on her back now and the boys were busy with her chest and her inside legs to give her full protection from the nasty sun.  I was embarrassed when I heard her muffled squeals of satisfaction as the boys gave her a real good workout.  I was a lot more discreet and did not make any noises at all.  However, I was unable to restrain myself from pushing my pussy mound down for finger pleasure and raising my bottom up for some anal explorations.
The sound of my mom’s voice calling us broke up the fun and games and we told the boys that we had to go in now because our mom was real strict.  They made us promise to come back out at midnight and join them right there at the deep end to continue our little adventure.  We agreed but I was not so certain we would be able to swing it with tattle-tail Harry watching our every move.
We dried our swim suits and put them back on under the sheets.  We moved down the long hallway without making a single noise when Harry came out of his room and told us to be quiet and follow him.
“Harry, what are you doing awake at this hour?”
I was a little perturbed at the annoying boy even though he was a full year older than my sister.
“I know you girls are going to meet those 4 guys from the pool.  Are you guys going to do 2 each or take all 4 of those guys on at the same time?”
Now I was seriously pissed at Harry.
“You little dork; we are just going swimming and having fun.  Maybe even a little skinny dipping under the moon.”
Harry laughed and told us those boys were just looking for one thing and it certainly wasn’t swimming under the moon.  He joked about how both our “moons” were going to be jumped by 4 horny college boys.
 I guess I knew deep inside he was right but I didn’t want to admit it.
 He was standing up above us as we huddled on the floor and I could see his “thing” was sticking out pretty far.  I had never thought of my adopted cousin as having a thing down there but when you are looking up and seeing something like that sticking out so far it kind of changes your perspective.  Suddenly, I found my tight little pussy was getting all hot and bothered and I was ashamed to say my juices were starting up just looking at the annoying boy’s tool only scant inches from my face.
In order to gain Harry’s cooperation in our midnight excursion, I reached up and grabbed hold of his hard cock and started to stroke it with a steady beat.  He didn’t say a single word just opened his bottoms and let me touch his hard cock starting to leak pre-cum with a continuous drip, drip,drip.
I saw Ivana looking at me like I had lost my marbles.
“Natasha, he is our cousin.  We can’t do anything with him.  It is taboo.”
I laughed just pulled a little harder and even leaned forward to give the tip a nice wet kiss.  My saliva was now mixing with Harry’s pre-cum in a sticky sort of way. It made my face connected to his throbbing cock with a long string of sticky goo. It looked like a spider’s web that glistened in the light of the streetlamp coming in his window.
“Don’t be silly, Ivana.  Harry is adopted and is not Aunt Ruth’s actual son.  We are not related at all.  He is just another guy looking to get laid.”
Harry patted the top of my head and tried to push my face toward his pulsating man meat.  Ivana was giggling at the scene but I knew she was jealous and really wanted to get her own lips around Harry’s thick cock.  As much as I despised my bogus cousin, I allowed him to pull my head forward and opened my mouth to receive him inside.  It was more from the prospect of irritating my sister Ivana rather than to suck Harry’s dripping cock.
The nasty boy held my head firmly between his hands and guided me back and forth on his slick stick of pleasure.  I closed my eyes and pretended it was one of the college boys forcing me to take it good whilst on my knees.
I was whimpering pretty good now and the combination of saliva and pre-cum was dribbling down my chin right onto the fluffy white carpet.  Ivana could not stand to be on the sidelines and started to cradle and stroke Harry’s balls with her hot little hands.  Her arms and tummy were getting all drenched with our copious liquid overflows but she didn’t seem to mind it at all.
Soon Harry started to whine even louder than my pathetic whimpers and he threw his head back like a wild animal.  I could feel him go all stiff and then the first spurts of cum shot forcefully into my throat.  It was so much that I was unable to swallow it all.
 The devious little devil must have been saving up all his cum for this degrading use of my poor mouth.
 Ivana was splattered all over her face and her chest and tummy with his excess creamy cum.  I had to giggle when I saw her try to wipe it off like it was some kind of dirty stain on her pretty skin.
All of a sudden, Harry was very apologetic and started to treat us both like we were important to him.  It was very strange indeed and I wanted to tell him to keep on being an arsehole because I liked him better that way.
Harry and I cleaned Ivana up like we were two servants tending to her every little need.  It was kind of funny and when I looked him in the face, I could see my amusement mirrored in his eyes.
We whispered to each other like conspirators plotting the overthrow of a government and decided we would all go to the pool for the skinny dipping adventure with the college guys.
Harry promised to mind his manners and not interfere with our interlude with the four boys.
I whispered in his ear that I would reward him after our return.


The trip down the Florida Keys was interrupted by a bent axle that demanded immediate attention.  I guess in the back of my mind I suspected there was something wrong even before we started out on the journey to the end of the Keys.
I had not been on a vacation for almost four years ever since my dear departed Anna made her final exit from the stage of our contentious domestic existence.  For some strange reason, I had not been able to shake the sense that she had succumbed to the aggressive form of cancer just to teach me a lesson for my many infidelities and shameful slights over a decade of “touch and go” married life.
My ultra-shy sister-in-law Nora and her 2 bratty daughters, Kristy and Julie came with me because my baby brother made her promise to “keep an eye on Harry” in anticipation of my doing something stupid.  In point of fact, I was so caught up in meeting deadlines that my stupidity factor was just not even able to become engaged.  My over-achieving brother was on assignment in Saudi Arabia setting up pipelines for the distribution of the black gold that made the World go round.  He had been gone this time for almost a full year and his contract did not run out for at least another six months.  
I could tell Nora was really upset with me because I had insisted on taking my old Chevy instead of her sleek Escalade with the built-in TV screens.  I just felt more comfortable in the Chevy which was kind of like a pair of old shoes you just hated to get rid of.
Just between you and me, I always had kind of a “thing” for Nora.  She was bit older than my 38 year old younger brother Aldo but still managed to look like a latter day Grace Kelly.  Before she finally married my brother, we had been on a few dates together as I was still single at the time.  I remembered getting as far as third base but unable to close the deal for a piece of cherry pie.
My horny brother Aldo took Miss “shy-thing” to the movies and they were engaged that very same night.  I still laughed at the episode but Nora didn’t think it was funny in the least little bit.
My Anna and Nora were kind of close and seemed very tight with each other.  I often suspected Anna went to Nora with all the stupid things that I did or was suspected of doing and that they made my ears burn behind my back denouncing all my faults.
Kristy was a naturally beautiful girl.  She had this lustrous black hair that she usually wore upswept in a neat little pony tail.  Her perky breasts were seldom in a bra and I found myself looking at them in an inappropriate way more than once.  At 18 years of age, she was unusually mature for her age and kept her more volatile younger sister in check when she got too feisty for relaxed daily life.
Julie was another story.  For starters, she was a terrible flirt.  She never told the truth if it could be avoided and she just loved to see drama unfold from her trouble-making activities.
Of course, she was still only a month or two shy of her 17th birthday so her attitude could be result of immature logic and thought processes.  For some reason, Julie had cut her hair very short recently.  She almost looked like a boy with the haircut but her full and nicely curved heart-shaped ass sitting on top of a pair of long delicately shaped legs put an end to that supposition.  She didn’t have much on top but what she did have was crowned with a pair of persistently hard nipples that stuck out waiting to be licked by anyone with a greedy tongue.
The guy at the auto shop was not very optimistic about getting the Chevy back on the road before Monday or Tuesday of next week, so we knew we had to find a place quick.  This was an area of the Keys that was long on Condos and private houses and pretty short on Motels for tourists.  The phone book showed a Motel called “Bare Bottom Rental Villas” only about three miles from our location.  It was located on Bare Bottom Harbor Road that culminated in a dead-end on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico.
The taxi driver looked at the four of us a little strangely but I didn’t think anything of it until we walked into the lobby of the attractive stucco and Spanish tile Motel.  The sounds of laughter and friendly chatter wafted up from the unseen pool out back.  The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that the desk clerk was not wearing a shirt but I put that down to the informalities of the Florida Key lifestyle.
We were lucky enough to get a two bedroom villa with an extra upstairs loft and a huge great room and patio that looked right out onto the Gulf of Mexico.  I was surprised it was so inexpensive but the desk clerk told me it was the “off season” rate thru the end of the month.  He asked me if the “girls” were all over 16 and I assured him that they were but I was uncertain why that was of any importance.
When he came out from behind the desk, I heard the girls start to giggle uncontrollably and I heard Nora gasp like she had just been swatted on her beautiful behind.  The next thing I saw was a long and thick swinging cock on a fairly decent looking guy wearing only sandals and a smile on his face.
I immediately put 2 and 2 together and confirmed my suspicion by seeing the logo on the room key that read “Bare Bottom Rental Villas….The only nudist motel in the Keys.”
Nora grasped my arm like a hungry alligator and pulled me down to her pretty lips.
“Harry, I think this is a nude Motel!”
I was momentarily at a loss for words, but after thinking about our situation; I realized that we were probably stuck at least for tonight since the next Motel was almost 40 miles further on or all the way back in Marathon.  Besides, the further we went from the car being repaired, the more we would have to pay for a taxi to take us back.
“Nora, we can put up with it for one night at least.  They won’t know if we have our clothes on or off if we are inside our own motel room.  Just don’t look at the other people if you have to go out for any reason.”
I could tell Nora was so angry that she was almost shaking with the rage inside her shapely and well-proportioned body.  The two girls were both amused beyond description and I saw them checking out the desk clerk both front and back like they were judging a Mr. Nude USA contestant.  I began to wonder if they wouldn’t fit into this lifestyle without any problem at all.
We had to pass the pool on the way to the villa.  It was a real eye-opener.  There were about twenty or so people totally nude in the pool area.  Some were in the water swimming, others were sitting in comfortable lounge chairs and others were sitting on stools by the tiki bar.
It seemed like there were more females than males or maybe it was because I centered my attention on the various assorted pubic hairpieces covering labia of all sizes and shapes.  One nicely shaped blond in her 40s was bent over ready to jump in the deep end of the pool and displayed her winking brown eye and a delicious pink slit only a few feet from my startled face.  I noticed that Nora and the girls were equally fixated on the several swinging cocks moving to and fro in a very friendly fashion.
The sound of the girls giggling lasted all the way to the room.  Inside the room there was a set of instructions on the door that showed the fire exits and also the rules about not smoking in bed.  The additional rules caught my attention.
Rule 5.  No clothing permitted in the pool area except foot covering.
Rule 6.  Males with erections are requested to refrain from physical contact with females in common areas.
Rule 7. Underwater physical contact is permissible with consensual agreement.
Rule 8.  No clothing allowed in the restaurant area.  Please use towels provided to cover seats. 
I found that as I read the rules on the back of the door, my usually shy sister-in-law Nora was breathing over my shoulder trying to absorb every word.  The two girls were squeezed in in front of me and looking up with huge smiles on their faces.  I tried my best to reduce contact with the two pairs of arse cheeks rubbing incessantly on my already aroused cock. I met with very little success.  My sister-in-law’s ample bosom was pushing two dents into my muscular upper arm and I realized she had no bra under her loose-fitting blouse.
The knock on the door startled us all.
When I opened the motel room door I saw an attractive couple in their 30s carrying a basket of delicious looking oranges.  Of course, they were both naked as jay-birds.
“Hi, neighbor. Trudi and Don from across the hall.  We are the only welcoming committee you will get here at the Bare Bottom.  The desk clerk is Don’s nephew and he told us you guys were not aware of our status as a nudist facility.  I brought some G-strings for your wife and girls if they are uncomfortable with the all nude standards.”
I was standing there in a little shock because Trudi had the most elegant set of knockers I had the good fortune to view in a long, long time.  The nipples were like Da Vinci masterpieces waiting to be placed in a museum for us horny males to stare at for all time.
I noticed that Nora was a bit flustered with the size of Don’s huge cock which seemed to just hang there like a well-trained salami ready to be consumed by a greedy female mouth.  The thing moved slightly and it started to rise like a crane building a skyscraper.
Trudi slapped at it with a naughty hand and gave us all a giggle.
“I am so sorry folks.  My Don gets all hot and bothered when he sees young females wearing a lot of clothes.  Can’t get a rise out of him when all he sees is birthday suits.”
I was starting to feel a little inadequate because Don’s cock was of immense proportions and I could tell the two girls were a little bit overwhelmed by the sight of it.  I could see how they would be worried with the tight pussy slits and pucker holes they both possessed.  If it were not for the incest angle, I would have given them both some assistance in stretching their pleasure holes well before this little trip of ours.
I think that even Nora would have approved of my efforts to “ease” Kristy and Julia’s exploration of their vaginal and anal stretching exercises.
Julia was really getting into the swing of things.
“Well, I for one don’t need a silly G-string.  I think I want my pussy to breathe free air.”
The little trouble-maker ran off to the bedroom to strip off all of her clothing and head to the pool for fun and games.
Kristy was red-faced but accepted the G-string from Trudi.  The little minx never took her eyes off of the muscular Don’s impressive cock.
Nora and I were sitting opposite Trudi and Don feeling a bit out of place with all of our restraining clothing.  Since I was in pretty good shape I had no problems with going bare assed in the Bare Bottom Motel.  I wished my equipment was a bit larger but I figured Don was just the exception in the well-hung department.
The girls came back out.  Julie was dressed only in her flip flops and Kristy was wearing her tiny G-string that was so far buried in her arse-crack that from behind she appeared as naked as Julie.  I could tell Nora was not happy but she was too tired to get into an argument with Julie and just shrugged her shoulders in resignation.  They left for the pool with Trudi and Don holding their hands.  Trudi was all up close and personal with Kristy.  She made a big deal out of getting her G-string to cover her little pussy slit and seemed to spend a lot of time with her hands down between Kristy’s legs.  What really surprised me was that Kristy was obviously totally charmed by the older woman and seemed willing to let her do anything she wanted with her blossoming young body.
As they went down the hallway, I could see Don letting his hands roam all over Julie’s bare arse to the tune of her girlish giggles.  I was glad that Nora did not stick her head out the door to see this display of her daughter’s kinky side.
Nora and I went into the bedroom and I slowly stripped off all of my clothing.  My sister-in-law watched me but did not say a word.  When she did the exact same thing carefully folding and storing all of her clothes on top of the bed, I got one of the stiffest erections I had sustained in quite a long while.  The sight of her beautiful well-trimmed bush and the way her arse cheeks drooped slightly when she turned around made me want to hold her in my arms and enter her pussy as deep as I could from behind.
I think she realized this and she gave me a tentative smile that told me she was not completely turned off by the thought of us both naked together in the bedroom.  I sat on the soft chair and reached out for her hand.
“Harry, this is wrong.  I am your brother’s wife.  Please don’t make me do something we will both regret.”
I saw that she was only half-hearted in her negative attitude.  When I pulled her on my lap, I could feel the streams of pussy juice already pouring out of her over-heated female slit.  I knew right then and there that she had been far too long without the impalement by a male cock into her still-tight vagina.
She let me cup her arse-cheeks with my hands and I spread her apart to accept my rock-hard cock into her long-deprived pussy.  Nora melted her flesh right into my body and I felt her vaginal walls contract sensuously around my pulsating cock.
We both paused momentarily and she looked over her shoulder into my pleading eyes.
My sister-in-law firmly grasped my legs and started to bounce on my lap with my ardent cock buried deep inside her drenched vagina.  It was a wild ride from beginning to end.  Nora’s orgasm was both loud and wet.  She sprayed me with her juices again and again.  My beautiful brother’s wife used my cock like a power tool to make her go over the edge far beyond kinky.  She pounded into me with complete abandon and peppered me with a barrage of dirty words I never suspected she was aware of.
After a quick shower, we both made out way down to the pool.
Of course, we were both totally naked and I hoped no one would remark on the obvious hand imprints on her pretty bottom.

10 Years Romance

It was Rainy and we broke down on the side of the highway. On our way to a romantic getaway miles away from the nearest gas station. No service, no heat and shivering beyond control. We climbed into the backseat and cuddle up close, hoping to fall asleep and ride out the storm but we were freezing. I grabbed the blanket I used to sleep in the car with and pulled it tight around us. I wrapped my arms around the man I loved so deeply. We've been dating for 10 years but does he know how desperately I want to be his wife? I don't know.
I lay my head on his big strong chest and fell asleep to the sound of his heart beat. I didn't care how cold it was, I was in heaven every time I was in his arms.
I found myself awaken in the middle of the night to the feeling of his hands rubbing my cold hard nipples. Does he even know what he is doing to me. Sensations filled my body as I let out a small moan. "Mmmm Baby, Yes" I whishpered. He knew I liked it.
He began to fondle me, teasing me with every touch and my heart began to race faster and faster. I moved my hand over his now erect penis and began rubbing him thru his jeans. He knew now I wanted him too.
Slowly and gracefully he lifted me up and onto his lap in the small space of the backseat. I straddle him and kissed him passionately and I started to grind on him. He took off my shirt and licked my hard nipples and played with them with his toungue while looking at me sudecutively. His beautiful brown eyes looked at me like I was the most beautiful women, I could tell he enjoyed my breasts in his face.
He layed me on my back and got on top of me, still kissing me passionately. While bitting on my lip he slipped a hand into my tight jeans and gently rubbed my lips with his fingers. He was sure not to touch my clit because this was his way of teasing me. He knew I wanted him to touch me there but made sure he didn't. He enjoyed my uncontrollable back arches and I begged for him to "touch me". Finally, as gentle as a feather rubbed his finger over my very wet clit, side to side and back and forth and I let out an extremely satisfied moan!! "Ohhh baby yes" I cried as he slowly put his finger inside me. Fingering me with a single finger before entering a second one in. He removed his hand and pulled off my jeans to get a better movement. He has done this too me many times before but this time it felt different. He enjoyed every second of giving me pleasure... Finally I couldn't take it anymore!
I pushed him away and forced him onto his back. I pulled his jeans off and started kissing his abdomen. He knew what I was going to do and said, "Its okay baby, I just wanna make love" and started to get up. I pushed him back down with one hand and it the other I wrapped my tiny hand around his massive erection. Slowly kissing my way down... Then as I reached his extremely sensitive manhood I only kissed him. Gently. Kissing his head all the way down to his testes. then back up again... Rubbing my lips in a kissing fashion and hearing him gently moan...
After a few minutes I finally took his length into my mouth. Quickly and swiftly. So fast that he wasn't expecting it at that moment and I heard him Moan so loud "AHH" and I loved it. I gave him the blowjob of his life until he finally grabbed me and pulled me up forcefully giving me the most passionate kiss he has given me in a long time. He kissed me passionately before but this time the kisses made him moan! As quickly as he pulled my lips to his he slide his cock inside of me and I grinded him in the cowgirl position while we kissed. Both moaning as our tougues danced together. He lifted me up as he sat up right and I straddle his lap never letting him leave my pussy as we moved positions! I rode him as he let out the most pleasurable sounds and we could no longer kiss for we were too busy moaning and screaming in pleasure. I loved this man. He loved me. We've done this thousands of times before but for some reason this was different. We were wild and let go.
Just as quickly as we moved positions the first time we moved again. He bent me over and started fucking me from behind while rubbing his finger around my pucker hole. I looked over my shoulders and saw this beautiful man all sweaty and sexy enjoying this ride. I felt my pussy muscles tighten and his erect penis contracting then quickly felt a warm sensation inside of me. His penis twtiching inside of me and his trusts began to slow down....
We lay there in the backseat of the car in each other's arms wrapped in a blanket and the only sounds we heard was the pounding in our hearts, the dead pants of our breath and the most beauitul sound of rain on the roof.
We didn't "have se.x"
We didn't "fu.ck"
We made love...
He kissed me gently and said "I Love you baby"
"I love you too hun!"
Then We fell asleep

My Hot Sulekha Vhabi

Hi ISS readers, I think all you know me. For the new readers, at first I introduce myself. I am Moni, late 40 and 5’-7. I was born in a middle class Bangladeshi Muslim family and serving in a public organization. My whole life is lustful indeed. As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance

I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change attires. I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. I think always believe “sex is one kind of art. So I want to share the real stories of those incidents of my life with yours. I assure you that every tale will give you a full satisfaction.
Dear readers, the conversations of the story obviously were in ‘Bangla’, some places I have used ‘Bangla’ as happened and translated into ‘English’, otherwise I have tried to use translated English. This incident occurred in the month of April 2010. Sulekha Vabi resides in the next building of mine. Payel, only daughter of Sulekha Vabi is the bosom friend of my daughter. She frequently visits my apartment.
Though her mother, Sulekha Vabi visits occasionally my apartment but we have a cordial relation between us. Particularly I have an easy relation like adult Devar with Vabi. When I got her free against other’s eyes, I banteringly proposed her for the adultery and she always denies me with the words “oh, what a desire! My assets are very precious” including a nice smile to me.
She also stares me with a deep eye-sight at my eyes and I think the eyes tell me “if you want me, be courageous and win me. Six months ago she has born a male child and she became very happy. Within these six months I met her rarely because she becomes very busy with her new borne baby’s care. The day of this incident was a Tuesday, the date was 27th April.
I had a headache and reported sick from my office and the doctor excused my duty for 2 days. So I returned my apartment earlier. My wife was at her workplace and my children were at their own institutions. I took a nap after taking medicine. At about 1:00 pm suddenly rang my doorbell, I thought it may be some beggar. I felt no headache and fresh, so I opened the door and saw there was standing Payel.

She asked me about my daughter and other family members and I informed her that nobody is at the apartment. Then I asked her “why have you not gone to school?” She replied that their school remains closed for few days after 1st Terminal Exam. Then I asked about why she had come to my apartment. She told that she came to borrow some mustard oil for her little bro as that has been exhausted and her father already went out for the afternoon duty.
So it is not possible to buy some from the shop. In the night when her father will return he will buy it then she will return the same. I was talking with Payel and after closing the door I walked in my drawing room, Payel followed me. My devil brain thought many things in a minute. Sulekha Vabi is alone at home, Joy’s father will not return before night.
So if I can keep Payel confine in my flat then I would go and try to take a chance for seducing Sulekha Vabi, this is the most valuable time for me and I can’t waste this chance. I asked Payel “what is your mom doing now?” In reply Payel told “I think she is bathing, because when I came out she told me that she will go bath and the door will remain opened for me. After bathing she will apply mustard oil on my little bro’s body, he is sleeping now.”
This information made my heartbeat faster, that means Sulekha Vabi is alone and the baby is sleeping. The door is now opened for me. So my first job is to keep arrest Payel in my flat. I made my plan within no minute. I was watching TV. I took the remote control and began to change the channels frequently. I intentionally passed CN (Cartoon Network)
Channel and their then aired the most attractive cartoon “Tom and Jerry”. Payel shouted seeing the scene and requested me “uncle, please return to the previous channel, I’ll watch Tom and Jerry, it is very fond of me. Our TV is now un serviceable; please uncle let me watch the cartoon. I asked her “will not your mom find you, I think you may late if you watch that movie.”
Payel told me “no uncle, mom will not ask anything. She is now bathing, then she will feed my little bro and then she will apply the oil on his body, it will take enough time.” I told Payel “okay, my dear little lady, you can watch your favorite channel but I’ve some responsibilities about you, I think your mom will wait for you. So I’m going to provide the mustard oil to your mom and inform her that you are here at my apartment.
Such you would watch the cartoon tensionless. Payel became very glad and told “okay uncle, you are so nice.” Suddenly she clinched me and kissed on my cheek, at that time my mind filled with joy with another thought that I could easily seduce this nice girl also. I also kissed her and warned “but be remember, don’t unlock the door except hearing my voice, okay? And don’t leave the room till I return.
She agreed with me and began to watch the cartoon. Being cautious I didn’t let her to lock the door from inside but I locked the main door from outside as she can’t go outside without me. Then I went to the next flat and lifted on the 3rd floor. I grabbed the knob of the door, my heart was pounding and my hand was trembling in excitement. I tried to twist the knob and surprising me it turned and unhooked the door.
I have no idea that what Sulekha Vabi would do after seeing me in her lonely home and from where I would start. Then I submitted the matter upon the god, what HE wants I would follow the way. I rang the doorbell and instantly heard the voice of Sulekha Vabi “who, Payel? The door is kept open; lock that after entering the house.” Remembering God’s name I entered and closed the door and locked. Then I tiptoed towards the bedroom.
There was a curtain hanged from the top of the door. I slit the curtain from the middle of the parts and peeped through it. I became freeze to see the scene inside. My heart began to pound heavier and I seemed it would go out from my chest. Sulekha Vabi sat facing towards the door. Her upper body was completely bared, the pair of milk-full, large and round melons were mounded over her chest.
The black nipples were large in size and wet and stiffed inside wide black circles. I thought, the baby just have finished the sucking of the breasts. The baby was sleeping in her lap and I saw the maxi gown was placed under the baby’s body. She was combing her hairs stretching her hands backwards. For that the voluptuous breasts swelled upwards and grew bigger and were dangling with the movement of her combing.
I guessed her vital statistic was 36-30-40. It made me arouser and my penis grew hot and erected hard like an iron mast. I entered into the room and stood at the door. She first didn’t realize that who entered into the room and she was damn sure that Payel has come. Suddenly she looked at me and told “what is the matter Payel, have you got the oil, why are you not talking?
You are not she couldn’t tell anything but what she would do could not understand. Her eyes grew bigger and she began to grope for something to cover her breasts except her baby’s little pillow. She couldn’t free her maxi gown that her baby may wake up and will begin to cry then. So she held the pillow on her chest to cover her breasts. She tried to laugh and told “what is the matter Vai, You? Here? Where is Payel.
I stepped forward and closed to her and told “Don’t worry Vabi, Payel is watching cartoons. She again told “You, why? Shit, what a shame!” I told “here is your mustard oil” and I advanced more and snuggled her at her back and told “why are you hesitating Vabi? You know, how I carve for you. I think Mr Rahman doesn’t take care properly of your so nice figure.
Please Vabi let me take this opportunity to fulfill my desire. I’m sure that you’ll also get the full satisfaction from my part. Please Vabi, please cooperate with me.” Saying these I snatched the pillow, she didn’t impede much. Then I grabbed her marvelous large bosoms standing her back. I placed my chin on her shoulder and began to rub my cheek with her soft cheek and then turned my face towards her face and planted a deep kiss on her cheek.
Sulekha Vabi became flabbergast and couldn’t return to her consciousness before I started sucking her nice juicy lips. She tried to impede me but I didn’t care about that. Then she told “But Payel may return anytime.” I assured her “Don’t worry about Payel, she is watching cartoon and I have locked the door from outside, she could not come out without help of me.
Now lay down your baby on his bed and be free.” She then smiled and accept my proposal to adultery. Meanwhile I removed my shirt and became stark. She got up and laid down her baby in his little bed. I did not let her move from there and dragged her body to a little distance from her baby and hugged her tightly. Her soft but plump breasts were smashing with my chest and I took her lips into my mouth and began to suck the juicy lips.
I inserted my tongue into her mouth and she began to suck that, then she pushed her tongue into my mouth and I was sucking her tongue. I lifted my body slightly and made free her breasts and grabbing those I began to knead. I was nibbling her nice large nipples with my nails and she was shivering in ecstasy. I was so crazy to fuck her that I then untied the string of her petticoat and dragged the garment to remove from her lower part.
Sulekha Vabi lifted her waist upwards to make me easily remove the petticoat. I hooked the upper end with my toes and pushed it and removed away, she became fully nude. Then I slipped myself downwards kissing her body from chin to downwards. When I reached at the cleavage of her breasts then I began to lick her breasts’ wall and at last
I reached at the tip of one breast and took the nipple into my mouth and began to suck hard. Sweet liquid filled my mouth, yes, that was the milk which I began to drink. I sucked and sucked both the breasts till made those empty. After emptied the containers those became very soft and limp, losing their plumpness. I then squeeze the breasts hard for few minutes.
Sulekha Vabi was hugging my bum by her legs and pressing severely with her pussy, I felt the soft touch with my belly. Then I reached her naval and inserted my tongue into her deep and large naval hole and licked, she was twisting her body. I grabbed her breasts and began to squeeze. It was the great moment when I reached at her pubic kissing and licking, the pubic surface was totally balled.
Then I saw that her whole pussy was bald as she shaved her pussy neatly. The surface of the pussy puffed up for its fatty muscle, the lips were so fatty and wide that some creases were seen. In between the pussy lips another part increased and it ended at the middle of the pussy making a huge clitoris, which was black in color and it looked marvelous as within the whitish pussy the black clitoris had brought another beauty.
The clitoris was stiffed its head like a hummock from the crack of the pussy. Beneath the clitoris a one and a half inch hole filled with colorless juices. I dipped my tongue into the hole and sucked all the brackish juices and drank, it’s tasty and healthy. I then began to lick the whole pussy and titillated the clitoris and Sulekha Vabi was shaking her waist impatiently to and fro and moaning aah.
I was kneading her breasts hard and licking her pussy. I inserted my tongue into her pussy hole and moved there, she was shouting in ecstasy. I was just fondling and kneading her breasts and nibbling her nipples. Sulekha Vabi began to gasp and hugged my head with her legs and pulled downwards. Then she began to rub her pussy with my roughly and making some push she spurted her ejection.
Sulekha Vabi got up and ran to the toilet. After about 10 minutes she returned and smiled looking at me. She was walking nude, it was a awesome scene for me. An adult girl with marvelous figure walks nude, this thinking is enough for arousing. Her breasts were swinging with her every step. I stared at her breasts, she covered her breasts with her palms and told “please don’t stare such, I’m feeling shame
I laughed and told “your body is so great that no hermit can avoid looking, I again feel thirsty, please come on and feed me.” I stretched my hands and she ran towards me and fell on me. I was sitting on the cot keeping my legs on the floor, she hugged me standing on the floor and her voluptuous breasts were smashing with my mouth. I easily got her large nipples at my mouth 
I took one into my mouth and began to suck, sweet stream of milk filled my mouth and I drank the whole milk from her both milk container. The milk of the container was exhausted but I continued sucking the nipples and kneaded simultaneously. I grabbed her pussy and began to rub; Sulekha Vabi stood parting her legs that I get ample space to rub her pussy.
I was rubbing her clitoris and I felt that pre-cum was dribbling along her groin. My fingers drenched with her sticky pre-cum, I licked my fingers. Meanwhile my penis erected hard and stiffed upward making a huge tent with my lungi. It couldn’t be hidden anyway and Sulekha Vabi noticed my stiffed penis and grabbed my penis tightly. Guessing my penis’s size she shocked with surprise and told “what is this
Moni Vai? Is this your tool or a piece of bamboo?” I laughed and told “Vabi, I think you’ll love it and when you’ll take it inside your body I damn sure you would be satisfied as you didn't preciously.” Sulekha Vabi then also laughed and told “okay, I’ll see that, now remove your lungi and let me see the nice thing.” She herself un knotted my lungi and brought out the penis.

My penis was then roaring like a lion, pre-cum was oozing from the tip. Then Sulekha Vabi knelt down between my legs and took my penis into the cleavage of her breasts and pressed my penis with her gigantic soft large breasts. She was moving her body ups and downs and descending her head took the penis head into her mouth and began to suck as well as rubbing with her breasts. It was giving me immense pleasure and
I was enjoying that leaning backwards. After few minutes she got up and stood on my legs keeping her legs my both side, facing opposite me. Then she pointed my penis at her pussy hole orifice and released her body weight. My penis inserted inch by inch automatically for her body weight and she was shouting “aaah aaah uuuuh uhh aah it’s hurting,
Ooooh mom what long this thing is, wwwwaaaahhh I may die, oh no, how fat and long the bloody penis, it’s tearing my pussy ooooh ooooh ooooh. I hugged Sulekha Vabi from her behind and pressed down to shove my entire length into her pussy hole. At last my penis inserted into her pussy till its base. Then she began to move ups and downs and my penis was running through her pussy in and out.
Her large breasts were dancing with her movements and tumbling on my hands. I then grabbed those and began to squeeze. She kept her head on my shoulder and turned her face to me and I got her lips into my mouth and began to suck her nice juicy lips. I entered my tongue into her mouth and she sucked my tongue nicely, I also sucked her tongue and drank her sweet saliva.
After fucking such way for few minutes she veered and faced to me and again sat on my lap taking my penis inside her pussy. This time I slipped backwards and rose up my body totally on the bed and lain on my back. She also got up on the bed and sat on her feet squatted. Her bum remains about 3 inches up from my penis’s base. At that pose
I drove my waist upwards with a great speed and she just kept hold her bums at a static distance. Her breasts were swaying down and I grabbed those and knead. Then I detached from her and laid her on the bed keeping her waist at the edge of the margin and took her legs on my arms parted wide like an “M” shape. Then I thrust my penis into her tight pussy and began to fuck with a stormy speed.
Vigorous thap thap thap thap sounds were produced for the friction between my thighs with her bum. After fucking about 5 minutes I then rolled her body upside down and her bum came up. I couldn’t see her pussy inside the buttocks that those were muscular and hid the pussy. I then parted the buttocks with my hands and then could see her red pussy hole.
I also noticed that one inch over the asshole was very nice to look and that was slightly dark in color. I decided to taste her asshole later once. Then I shoved my penis into her pussy hole but for her huge buttock my penis didn’t insert its total length. Then I lifted her legs and parting both sides kept on the bed. Then her pussy came out from the confinement of her bum. Then I began to fuck her with my full strength.
Sulekha Vabi was continually moaning aahhhhh. After fucking about 5 minutes more she again turned her body and lain on her back. I again started fucking at that pose. She grabbed my hip with her legs and locked. Within 2 minutes she began to moan louder and longer eeehhhhhh oooohhhh aaahhhhh. She grabbed my waist with her legs so tightly that
I couldn't run my penis, she pressed me with her pussy seriously tight and then I felt some spasms inside her pussy with my penis and she spurted her orgasm. I asked her about my ejection place and she told me to eject inside her pussy because she was taking birth control pills regularly after the birth of the baby. I drove my penis for more two minutes and ejected inside her pussy.
Then I returned my apartment and sent Payel to her home. After this I frequently fucked Vabi when her husband was at afternoon duty. Please mail me if you have any comments or suggestion for me. I’m able to fuck any lady minimum thrice in a night.