Coming Clean

Sophie had received a distressing call from her realestate agent and had wasted no time in leaving the Hampton. Despite the awful traffic, she had finally made her way to the charming Tribeca block of the condo she wanted. She smoothIy parallel parked on what she hoped would be her new street. This wasn't the moment to moon over her nonexistent love life.
She needed to get up there and save the apartment she had worked so hard to find or her heart would be broken beyond repair. There were many more fish in the sea, romantically speaking, but t here was only one perfect New York condo, and she would be damned if she'd lose it Her agent hadn't been very forthcoming over t he phone stating merely that another buyer was offering to pay cash for the place, and that the sellers were tempted to take it.
Maybe they already had. The fucking Long Island Expressway had been awful; Sophie was 25 minutes late, and her agent wasn't responding to her texts. She raced up the stairs t o t he top floor, praying that she had gotten there in time. The door was wide open, and she saw t he young married couple w ho owned the place shaking hands wit h a dark-haired man whose back was to her. The sleazy real estate agent stood off to one side, smiling like the cat that ate the canary.
We're so pleased this all worked out," said the woman, handing over the keys. It was a pleasure doing business with you," said the man who had stolen Sophie's dream home. His voice sounded familiar. As Sophie stepped across the threshold, the slim man turned to face her, and she gasped. It was Tai. When he fixed her with his beautiful dark eyes, Sophie didn't know what to feel. The sight of him set her pussy involuntarily throbbing, but at the same time she felt furious and humiliated.

How had he known she was going to close on this place? And how could he be so cure l as to steal it from her? The couple brushed pas t, re fusing to meet her eyes. The realest ate agent touched her light lion the arm and said, "Miss Steele, I'm very sorry this didn't workout. But I have a lovely property just down the block that I think-"
"I would rather die than see you get another commission," she told him.
She was shaking with rage. All the work she had done to find this place, wasted. And she lost it to Tai! In a moment, everyone else had filed down the stairs and the two of them were alone in the empty, sunlit space. Sophie," he said. His voice was soft and tentative, as though she were a wild animal that might pounce.
How could you do this to me? She cried
How did you even know I was bidding? Sophie, calm down don't tell me to calm down! Are you happy now? Is this your idea of revenge? What? No, 1- Sophie felt the cold chunk of ice in her stomach melt and she broke down into sobs. It was too cruel. She couldn't bear the nearness of him, reminding her of poker games and whiskey and fine hotels of his long cock and strong arms and all the things she had lost.
She needed to get away from him and out from under this spacious ceiling and beautiful natural light that would never be hers. She turned to leave but he grabbed her arm. Sophie, please don't cry. Listen. That woman you work with called me-Regina. She was the one who told me about this place. She told me you missed me but that you were too proud to apologize.
What? Sophie couldn't believe her ears. Why would Regina do something like that? And why would Tai respond by scooping the apartment up from underneath her? Sophie looked down at the floor because she couldn't bear to look at his handsome face. I am sorry," she said. "I'm sorry for screwing things up with you and I'm sorry for leaving you out of the decision. I've grown since then. I'm trying to be better at talking to people about my feelings.
She sighed. "I guess you got your revenge now, stealing my apartment. She dared a glance up at him and saw that he was smiling at her gently. He spread his hands out, gesturing to the gleaming hardwood floors and huge windows. "I didn't steal it from you, Sophie. I bought it for you. Sophie could feel the heat coming off his body. He said softly,
Regina insisted you missed me and wanted me back. Is that true, Sophie? Do you miss me? Do you want to give it another try? I was this some kind of trick? She had finally started to get used to the thought of life without him. She looked at him, noticing how he had dressed up for this meeting, forgoing his usual snowboarding tee and cargos for corduroys that showed off his lean hips and a pinstriped shirt with cuff links shaped like spades.
More than anything else, Sophie wanted to nestle into his arms, but something inside her resisted. Who was to say things would be different this time around? Who was to say she wouldn't get hurt again, this time even worse? She reached in her pocket and pulled out a penny. Heads, she would tell him she missed him. Tails, she would tell him to go away. She flicked the coin up in the air.
It twirled upward, but just before it landed in her open palm, Tai snatched it Life isn't a game, Sophie I know that, He smiled. "Well, if you're determined to play it that way I guess I can't stop you. Heads, you'll move in with me, and tails you won't. He flipped the coin again, this time letting it take its course. It spun through the air and smacked down heads-up in Sophie's palm. She felt an immediate rush of relief.
Then she had a funny suspicion. She flipped the coin over. Heads on both sides! Somehow Tai had managed to swap her penny out for a ringer. He grinned. "Never leave the important things to luck. Before she could say anything, he was lifting her up in his arms and she was melting against his body. "I lost you once and I'm not losing you again," he told her.
He carried her effortlessly up the stairs and out to the terrace that she adored. My favorite part about this place is the outdoor shower," he said, setting her down gently right beside it. What about all your hotels?" she asked. He took her face between his soft, warm hands. "I want a home I think it took a little space apart for me to see that.
I've been so sad, Tai," she told him. She started to breakdown into tears again. "I thought I'd never see you again ssssshhh. He unbuttoned her dress and let it fall to the tiled floor of the terrace. When he looked her up and down, she felt a wave of heat sweep through her body. Her nipples hardened and poked toward him through the lace of her bra. It's not polite to point," he said, brushing the tips of his fingers against her puckered nipples until they grew harder and higher.
Very funny here, let me help you with that. He went around behind her to unhook her bra. As her breasts popped free from the lace cups, he slid his hands around and held them, pressing them into her body, pressing her into him. I love you, Sophie. We won't be apart any more, okay? Okay and she shivered as he slid his hands along her sides to hook the edges of her boy shorts and peel them down over her hips.
As she stepped out of them, she could see the wetness on the crotch. She couldn't even remember what they had fought about. She turned to face him, completely naked. He reached out for the massive silver tap of the glass-walled outdoor shower, and soon a cascade of water was gushing from the showerhead. Still in his thick cords and long-sleeved shirt, he scooped her back up, stepped into the glass booth and held her under the water.
She shrieked. It was freezing cold relax. It will warm up in a second," Tai said. Besides, cold water is good for you. Samurai warriors would train under ice cold waterfalls. Her teeth were chattering so hard that she could barely say, we're not warriors sure we are. Look how hard we fought to get here she laughed. Tai did feel heroic, standing there holding her so tightly under the gush of freezing water.
She pressed her face to his sodden shirt, feeling the hardness of his collarbones beneath it and her shivering subsided. He was right about it warming up. Once it was hot, he set her down and began peeling off his wet clothes to hang over the wall. Sophie twirled around, letting the delicious jets cascade over her body to massage her breasts, to beat down on her belly and, lower still, to tickle the mound of her vulva and bring her clit to life.
She felt the sexual part of her, which she had worked so hard to put to sleep, waking up again. And it woke up hungry. Penny for your thoughts," said Tai. She opened her eyes. He was leaning against the steamed-up glass, stroking his hard cock as he watched her. When I didn't see your cock for a while, I started to think I'd been imagining how big it was," she told him.
But now I see it again, and it's even bigger than I remember. It got smaller when you weren't around. She laughed, but she said a silent prayer that Tai's cock would, Never grow any smaller or any bigger. It was a full ten inches hard-any more and it wouldn't fit; any less and she would be disappointed. She picked up a bar of lemongrass soap that the owners had left in the dish and peeled off the wrapper.
You know, I think it's a little dirty. Rubbing the thick, fragrant bar of soap between her hands, she knelt down on the tiles to lather him up. She ran her hands along his ropy thighs and up over his balls, cradling them gently. She traced the seam between the testicles. She wanted to memorize every detail of him allover again. She reached behind to lather the lean muscles of his ass. Tai moaned.
She had once asked Bella for sex tips based on her experience as a nude model, and Bella had told her, "The road to a man's cock is through his eyes. Always put on a show. Exhibit your body for him and give him big puppy-dog eyes while you do it." Sophie felt a little corny doing this, but she stood up now and lathered herself up. She leaned against the back wall and moved the bar in big circles around her breasts until they shone with a slick film of soap.
Then she caressed her breasts, rolling the nipples between her fingers so they poked red and hard out of the downy suds. Tai was clearly thrilled. He reached down and stroked his long dick, already lathered with soap. "Oh, God, baby," he murmured. I missed you so much. Encouraged, she moved the bar lower down, enjoying the smooth feel of it as it slid over the thatch of her pubic hair and between her legs.
The hard corners of the bar felt good against her clit, but she set it aside and continued her dance, turning around as she caressed her ass cheeks with soapy hands. She reached her fingers down and spread the cheeks, so he could see the suds dripping down to melt into the crack. Banishing her shyness, Sophie bent all the way over and grabbed her ankles so Tai would be able to see her pussy lips peeking out from behind.
She imagined the way her pussy lips looked, hanging down plump and pink. As she slowly soaped the backs of her calves and thighs, she made puppy-dog eyes at him upside down. He was stroking his cock faster now, his tight fist squeezing the shaft and pumping hard. The head of his cocks welled as he watched her, and she knew that if he went on like this he would come any minute.
She couldn't have that; her pussy needed attention. If she weren't so wet from the shower, she knew she would have been able to feel the slickness on her thighs. She put her hands on the wall and arched her back. Will you fuck me now, Tai? I thought you'd never ask. She gasped as he slammed into her all at once, pressing her into the tiled wall so her soapy breasts fanned out against the wet glass.
God, the pressure felt so good. It was like his cock was telling her pussy that everything was okay now, after the long separation. Nothing had changed. The foamy suds were everywhere as he slid in and out of her pussy, and each time she felt the full length of his shaft deep inside her, she thought to herself, it's okay. Tai grabbed her loose curls and lifted them up so he could take the nape of her neck between his teeth.
He bit down just hard enough to make her toes curl. She felt his shaft get even stiffer inside her then, and he worked it in and out with frenzy until his balls slapped the backs of her thighs. Everything was warm and wonderful, and it was all theirs! This was going to be their home. She arched her back and got up on her toes so he could get in deeper. He began to make adorable little sounds, and she knew he was very close.
When he reached around to play with her clit, she pushed his hand away. She was still a ways off, and she wanted him to come first. In fact, she had a sudden urge to do something she usually hated. She reached for the bar of soap again and rubbed it in her hand. She wanted him to come on her. In the shower with all this warm water everywhere, it didn't seem as gross as it usually did.
She wanted to see the cream shoot out of his cock and splatter all over her body. She reached back to grab his hips and pushed him back away from her. Tai looked worried. "What's the matter, Sophie, does it hurt? She gripped his cock at the base with her soapy hand, enjoying the swell of it. Where do you want to come, baby? She purred on my face or on my breasts?
He laughed out loud really? Tell me your breasts he gasped. Your beautiful, perfect breasts. Sophie worked the shaft fast. She went up and down the whole hard, veins length, then worked just the tip, then went back to working the whole shaft. Suds gathered in his thatch of dark pubic hair, and she reached her other hand down to cup his balls. They were tight against his body, like they always got before he shot.
She crouched down to put her firm breasts at cock level arching her back to offer them up to him. She pumped his long dick like a piston in her soapy hand. His balls quivered, and at the last moment she remembered to look up and lock her gaze on Tai's, giving him her widest puppy-dog eyes. Oh, Sophie! She lost herself in his beautiful dark eyes. The come hit her tits in a hard spurt, warm against her skin. She giggled as a second spurt shot out with so much force that it splattered onto her chin.

Tai cried out, gripping her hand with his and shaking the last few drops onto her nipples. They both watched his come drip over her breasts and onto the tiled floor, mixing with the lemongrass foam. He lifted her up by the shoulders and kissed her hard on the mouth, driving his tongue between her teeth. Her breasts felt good that way, flattened against his strong chest. Now it's revenge time," Tai murmured.
He made her lie-down on the tiled floor with the warm jets beating down on her breasts. As he buried his face in the hungry place between her legs, Sophie looked up at the cloudless New York City sky. Somebody up there is looking out for me, she thought. Everything had worked out so perfectly in the end. Well, almost. She reached down for a handful of Tai's hair and moved his head a little to the right Ah. Now it was perfect. It was a good thing their new condo had plenty of hot water, because they stayed in the shower for a very long time.