10 Years Romance

It was Rainy and we broke down on the side of the highway. On our way to a romantic getaway miles away from the nearest gas station. No service, no heat and shivering beyond control. We climbed into the backseat and cuddle up close, hoping to fall asleep and ride out the storm but we were freezing. I grabbed the blanket I used to sleep in the car with and pulled it tight around us. I wrapped my arms around the man I loved so deeply. We've been dating for 10 years but does he know how desperately I want to be his wife? I don't know.
I lay my head on his big strong chest and fell asleep to the sound of his heart beat. I didn't care how cold it was, I was in heaven every time I was in his arms.
I found myself awaken in the middle of the night to the feeling of his hands rubbing my cold hard nipples. Does he even know what he is doing to me. Sensations filled my body as I let out a small moan. "Mmmm Baby, Yes" I whishpered. He knew I liked it.
He began to fondle me, teasing me with every touch and my heart began to race faster and faster. I moved my hand over his now erect penis and began rubbing him thru his jeans. He knew now I wanted him too.
Slowly and gracefully he lifted me up and onto his lap in the small space of the backseat. I straddle him and kissed him passionately and I started to grind on him. He took off my shirt and licked my hard nipples and played with them with his toungue while looking at me sudecutively. His beautiful brown eyes looked at me like I was the most beautiful women, I could tell he enjoyed my breasts in his face.
He layed me on my back and got on top of me, still kissing me passionately. While bitting on my lip he slipped a hand into my tight jeans and gently rubbed my lips with his fingers. He was sure not to touch my clit because this was his way of teasing me. He knew I wanted him to touch me there but made sure he didn't. He enjoyed my uncontrollable back arches and I begged for him to "touch me". Finally, as gentle as a feather rubbed his finger over my very wet clit, side to side and back and forth and I let out an extremely satisfied moan!! "Ohhh baby yes" I cried as he slowly put his finger inside me. Fingering me with a single finger before entering a second one in. He removed his hand and pulled off my jeans to get a better movement. He has done this too me many times before but this time it felt different. He enjoyed every second of giving me pleasure... Finally I couldn't take it anymore!
I pushed him away and forced him onto his back. I pulled his jeans off and started kissing his abdomen. He knew what I was going to do and said, "Its okay baby, I just wanna make love" and started to get up. I pushed him back down with one hand and it the other I wrapped my tiny hand around his massive erection. Slowly kissing my way down... Then as I reached his extremely sensitive manhood I only kissed him. Gently. Kissing his head all the way down to his testes. then back up again... Rubbing my lips in a kissing fashion and hearing him gently moan...
After a few minutes I finally took his length into my mouth. Quickly and swiftly. So fast that he wasn't expecting it at that moment and I heard him Moan so loud "AHH" and I loved it. I gave him the blowjob of his life until he finally grabbed me and pulled me up forcefully giving me the most passionate kiss he has given me in a long time. He kissed me passionately before but this time the kisses made him moan! As quickly as he pulled my lips to his he slide his cock inside of me and I grinded him in the cowgirl position while we kissed. Both moaning as our tougues danced together. He lifted me up as he sat up right and I straddle his lap never letting him leave my pussy as we moved positions! I rode him as he let out the most pleasurable sounds and we could no longer kiss for we were too busy moaning and screaming in pleasure. I loved this man. He loved me. We've done this thousands of times before but for some reason this was different. We were wild and let go.
Just as quickly as we moved positions the first time we moved again. He bent me over and started fucking me from behind while rubbing his finger around my pucker hole. I looked over my shoulders and saw this beautiful man all sweaty and sexy enjoying this ride. I felt my pussy muscles tighten and his erect penis contracting then quickly felt a warm sensation inside of me. His penis twtiching inside of me and his trusts began to slow down....
We lay there in the backseat of the car in each other's arms wrapped in a blanket and the only sounds we heard was the pounding in our hearts, the dead pants of our breath and the most beauitul sound of rain on the roof.
We didn't "have se.x"
We didn't "fu.ck"
We made love...
He kissed me gently and said "I Love you baby"
"I love you too hun!"
Then We fell asleep