Sumit And Riya on Honeymoon

Sumit and Riya were newly married and both the couples in their mid twenties were united from a match made by their families. Sumit in his late twenties works at a multinational company while Riya in her mid twenties had just finished her studies. Both of them only could meet a couple of times before their marriage and so decided to make out to a romantic honeymoon trip to know each other better.

Sumit was maniac about visiting Bangkok since his college days but had never got the opportunity to do so before. But now given a wide range of choice to choose for his honeymoon he leapt in joy and chose for nothing else but Bangkok. The two families came to the airport to bid the couple farewell on their week’s trip to the heaven (they thought) the flight to Bangkok went uneventful with Sumit indulging himself in the pleasure of free wine and Riya all excited about her first trip aboard an airplane.
The flight landed in Bangkok in time and both of them got out of the airport following the immigration checks. They hired a taxi which took them to the hotel they had booked. It was almost 8 in the evening by the time they checked in and so went back to have dinner after putting their luggage in the room. The night streets of Bangkok left both of them jaw-dropping while they roamed around the streets through the pubs and the restaurants which offered plenty of entertainment.
Finally they settled at one of the restaurants and finished their dinner before returning to their hotel. At night Riya went in to change and get fresh while Sumit ordered for a beer for the night. Riya stood in front of the mirror combing through her long pretty hairs. She wore a white laced night suit which flowed beautifully through to her legs and she looked extremely beautiful in it. She didn’t realized when Sumit came behind her silently and wrapped his hands around her waist.
And when she turned he bent down closer and kissed her soft lips and soon starting to nibble at her lips sucking them in turns. She allowed his tongue to enter and explore her mouth from inside while he kept squeezing her ass lovingly from over her dress. Slowly both of them shifted towards the bed where Riya laid on her back while Sumit kept kissing at her neck and shoulders making her hotter and more. He also pulled her dress up so that he could rub his hands on her bare thighs and all that made her wet from inside.

She wanted him to rub her all over her body which was burning with desire by then, she wanted him to pull her dress off spread her legs and fuck her wildly. She was within her thoughts when suddenly a chill ran down her body bringing her back to what Sumit was doing. He had pulled her dress to her waist by then and had slid his fingers in her panties and was now rubbing her clits with two fingers.
Riya was now trembling with pleasure while the rub at her clits were making her damper with each stroke. Sumit could feel her juices wetting his fingers while he started enjoying the restless figure of her wife. She was now biting her lips with a fisted palm, breathing heavily wanting Sumit to rip her clothes off from her and give her a good wild fuck. Sumit as if realizing her state of mind pulled the dress off her body and threw aside.
She was now in her bra and panties only. The black piece of clothes against her milky white skin made her all the more desirable. Once again Sumit started kissing her neck, shoulder and all over her body. He unhooked the straps of her bra and pushed her hands inside, pressing both of her breasts and making her moan in pleasure. Unable to withstand she took off her bra and lay topless on the bed for her husband to suck and press her breasts as he wished.
Sumit kept sucking her breasts in turn while his hands were pushed deep down in her panties rubbing her clits once again. She winced and squealed but gritted her teeth trying hard not to moan out loudly, but Sumit was making it impossible for her to control her feelings. Sumit had by then shifted her focus completely on her cunt by pulling her panties down and sliding one of his fingers deep inside her. Soon he found the g-spot and kept rubbing it intentionally, while the color on Riya’s face changed in renewed pleasure
Sumit quite came to enjoy the helplessness of her wife and kept keeping her at the edge. Soon Riya came to moaning loudly and throwing her legs in wild kicks not able to control her desire within herself. She felt as if some hot load of juices were on the verge of explosion, the more he rubbed her from inside the more the intensity rose until when it became unbearable for her to hold her bladder. At first she thought she was urinating but only realized that it was her warm juices which were now flowing uncontrollably.
Sumit pulled her hands back relishing the view of his wife’s warm juices squirting out uncontrollably on the bed as Riya still reeled from her extended orgasm, Sumit pulled his pants down letting his erect cock jump out into fresh air. And before Riya could take a breather she felt his cock rubbed on her cunt. She opened her eyes to see Sumit between her legs rubbing his cock on her wait cunt lips and before she could close them back he pushed it slightly and the rest was done by her already wet cunt.
The cock was sucked in like a magnet and a rhythm set in with which Sumit started banging her. The exhausted and helpless look on her face made Sumit all the more kinky and he thought how it would feel to see his wife being fucked by a stranger like that, or by a group of men who would show no mercy and would fill all the holes of the little bitch.
Thinking within his mind he produced the greatest orgasm like never before and both of them snuggled up mixed in their own juices unable to move or clean themselves. Riya laid down with a clean mind still reeling from the heavenly orgasm, Sudhir laid down lost in thoughts or kinks of seeing her fucked by a stranger, who knows what might be possible after all they were in Bangkok. And both of them slept like never before.
Chapter 2 Day 2
Last night was a great experience for both of them, where at one side it brought Riya closer to her husband, at the other side a different kink was burning Sudhir since last night but she dared not talk about it with Riya for he knew she would never approve something like that. The morning was spent in roaming the streets of Bangkok, shopping and experienced a different culture all together. Soon the day wore off as the sun set and evening set upon them.
They came back to the hotel for a brief before heading out for the evening. Riya dressed in a knee length skirt and a simple top which made Sudhir steal glimpses of her often. They headed to a nearby pub which was quite a popular joint within both locals and tourists. They sat at a table in the corner enjoying the crowd, the dance floor etc. People were making out all around, kissing and getting intimate with each other but Riya started feeling a little uncomfortable.
Sumit who was clearly enjoying dismissed her feelings and fetched her some drink. He knew that Riya never had alcohol in her life and so he cunningly ordered for a alcohol punch which would not taste like one but have the effect nevertheless. Riya was quite high after a few drinks, the kind of effect Sumit wanted and when he was sure that Riya was not in her senses he asked her for a dance.
Her state was quite evident from the way she walked up to the dance floor and both of them vanished inside the thick crowd on the floor. Sumit embraced her while dancing as they had to dance quite close due to the packed floor. He looked at her eyes and saw her in a trance and the looks on her face from the previous night flashed in front of her, with that flashed in her the kink he developed recently.
Smiling within he slid his hands in her skirt rubbing her ass in order to warm her a bit when suddenly a bold idea struck his mind and slowly and unnoticed he pulled down her panties from under her skirt and put it in his pockets. She wasn’t at the state to protest and was now naked beneath her skirt. He had his hands in her skirt rubbing and squeezing her ass making her moaned out slowly. The ones near them could faintly make out her moans and suddenly she started drawing some attention.
Realizing that Sumit pulled her out of the dance floor and took her to a table at the corner, they were followed by some keen eyes who understood the state she was in. Sumit put her on the couch at the table and decided to make space and he went off to get some drinks to the bar which was a bit far away from the table at the corner. The eyes which were following the couple soon settled around the table Sumit left Riya at.
Secretly aware Sumit didn’t make to the bar but took a vantage position from where he could see his wife. Riya was leaning on the couch, her eyes half closed half opened when 2 local Thai men made the first move. Sumit got excited seeing 2 men now coming around and settling by the couch her wife was on. One of them rubbed her legs but Riya didn’t protest or rather was not conscious enough to do. This gave them enough courage to get closer as both of them now flanked her.
While one of them started pressing her breasts the other spread her legs and worked her hands up to her bare cunt feeling her wet lips. Soon she started moaning with one guy sucking her breasts which he pulled out from her top while the other finger fucked her. Watching all of this Sumit was having a hard on and struggled not to touch his cock or get it touched. His breathes had become deep while he was seeing his kink coming true right in front of his eyes

Reaching there he was surprised to see no one around. No sign of RIya or the guys who were feeling her up. He checked all around to make sure he was at the right corner but they were nowhere to find. He even jostled in and out of the dance floor but found no clue of her wife in there. Tensed and scared he started looking in every direction. He was suddenly pulled in a dark corner by an innocent looking man dressed as one of the servers.
And he got lost in thoughts of seeing her fucked in public by them, he closed his eyes briefly and felt an helpless need to relief himself. He couldn’t carry on and had to go to the toilet to masturbate. Once done his kink also cooled down and he realized what mess he had put Riya into and wanted to get her out of it quickly and ran back from the toilet towards the lousy corner he had left them at.
He asked him whether the he was looking for the Indian lady. Sumit nodded frantically looking for any news, the server told him that the 2 guys his wife was with took her with them outside and told him to save her if he could. Puzzled Sumit didn’t understood what he asked her to save from but ran immediately towards outside. On reaching outside he started looking here and there when suddenly at a far end of the street he saw the 2 guys dragging Riya in a black van.
He immediately started shouting and running towards them, realizing the threat the duo pulled her up quickly and hopped in the car themselves too. Sumit tried yelling Riya’s name over the noise of Bangkok, but his voice was not good enough to reach her, or even if it did she was not in a state to react and all for her husband’s fault. The van started rolling as soon as all of them were inside and they slid the door closed concealing any glimpses of his wife inside.
Sumit started running behind the van madly hoping to catch up with it at any of the signals but the van seemed to be moving up in a nice pace and Sumit was at the brink of tumbling down from all that running and shouting. But he sure was attracting a lot of attention as passer bys stood for moment to watch in their amusement what was going on and just when he thought he was gaining on the van which had to stop momentarily at a signal, a similar looking van pulled by his side and 2 hands came out of nowhere and dragged him in too.
The inside was too dark for him to make out anything and the 2 hands now joined by 2 other had a tight grip on him. And before he could move or twist further he felt a prick of a needle at his neck. An injection with a powerful sedative was injected in Sudhir, which made him feel heavy and dizzy immediately. The noise of the road soon started to appear a distant thing before his sight became darker and darker gradually before becoming black forever. His lump body dropped like a lifeless doll on the floor of the van, and the 2 vans carrying the wife and the husband moved unquestioned through the normal night streets of Bangkok towards its unknown destination.
Chapter 3, Day 3, Part 1
Riya’s head felt heavy as he came to her senses, she was lying on a skimpy bed in a room barely 6 ft X 4 ft of which the bed covered the most of the space. She woke up her head still feeling the effects of the strong sedative she was given, the same which her husband was subjected to in the other van. She sat upright on the bed not able to remember anything but looked around to find her even more amazed in being such a place. She tried remembering what happened last night but could only remembered being at the pub with Sumit, having a few drinks, a close dance with her husband, and then being intimate with him, after that nothing came back to his mind.
She couldn’t remember that it was not her husband who she got intimate with at the pub last night. How they sucked and finger fucked her nicely while she enjoyed the touching and rubbing of her cunts. After that they carried her out with them to the van and seeing Sumit running across the streets towards them they had to inject her with the sedative. After that till now she was sleeping, the van reached its destination and she was brought in this room and left sleeping. But she remembered nothing of this all she cared as of now to find out Sumit, find out where they were, and to get out as soon as possible from that filthy little hole.
She stood up and tried opening the door which refused to budge. She realized it was locked but by whom? Was it possible that Sumit might have woke before her and gone out to arrange for breakfast or something and locked the door not wanting anyone else to venture in the room, she thought that to be correct to keep her mind at ease. But soon as time wore on she started feeling restless and knocked at the door couple of times calling for help.
Moments later the door opened and 2 Thai guys came in. A flurry of questions followed – “Who are you?”, “Where is this place?”, “Where is my husband?”. The 2 men nodded and asked her to follow her and they would take her to her husband. Riya followed them out of the room in the small corridor which ran across several rows of similar doors with room numbers on them. She thought it must be some kind of a hotel where they might have stayed last night not able to reach their own hotel.
The duo guided her up and down several stairs to a grand room, decorated luxuriously. A fat looking Thai guy was sitting at the head of a huge oak table which donned the center of the room. A few other men were standing around attentively or sitting on the couches laid across the walls at the other side. The room was intricately designed with fine Thai sculptures of dragons and Buddha and carpeted end to end in soft furry carpets. And she found it difficult to match this room with the one she woke up into.
The duo walked her up to the man at the table who looked liked the one in charge and Riya started asking her all sorts of questions. The man laughed out loudly asking her to calm down and told that her husband was also with them. Riya couldn’t understand what was going on and wanted an explanation of what was going on. The man smiled and said that they had recruited her for their club “the Crazy Budhha” at this Riya frowned and before she could speak the man continued. He told her how they have brought her from the club they were in yesterday and at what state. He opened his drawer and took out Riya’s panties from them and put on the table – “I guess these are yours”.
That was the first time Riya realized she was not wearing any panties and also felt lots of dried cum juices on her thighs. Her eyes opened wide to the thoughts of being raped while she was unconscious, and she snatched up the panties from the table quickly inviting a round of laughter across the room. Riya was shivering with fear when the boss continued further. The man was Xiao and he was the owner of the night club “the Crazy Buddha” where they employed girls of all ages and ethnicity for prostitution. Riya couldn’t believe what her ears heard and she demanded to be released immediately inviting another round of laughter.
Xiao now took out another box from the drawer and opened it on the table. Riya’s eyes couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Their passports, tickets and all other documents were in them as Xiao continued coldly saying that he has their passport and tickets and if Riya agrees to work for them for the remaining 4 days of their visa they would release the couple unhurt and in time for their flight back home. Riya was still unmoved but that didn’t affected Xiao much he had other ways to make her cooperate.
He switched on the TV at the far corner and to Riya’s horror it was Sumit who could be seen in the TV. Sumit was bound in a chair bare bodied with only his boxers on, a blindfold on his eyes stealing his ability to see anything. But he was clearly awoke which was evident from the little movement he could do within his bonds. Riya looked back at Xiao, who now had a cold devilish smile, in horror and pleaded to him to release her husband and let her go.
But Xiao could do nothing more but laugh and when he spoke back his voice had a rather cool and authoritive tone to it. He told to Riya that if she agreed to work for them for the remaining 3 days of their stay they would release both her and her husband unhurt and make sure they go back home. But if she make any further tantrums or try to escape not only he would destroy her papers meaning to be confined in Bangkok for the rest of her life but also kill her husband.
She pressed a button and suddenly few men appeared in the TV with knifes which they put across Sumit’s throat. Riya yelled in horror immediately and pleaded to Xiao to spare him and she would do anything they want. Xiao, pleased with the change in attitude, nodded and pressed the button again and the men moved away. “But remember, one false move and your husband’s dead” he threatened her as she was guided out by the 2 men.
They took her down in an elevator to a level underground and walked through a corridor which ran against a few closed doors to enter a room at the end of the passage. A rather rowdy looking Thai lady was sitting inside which looked like a beauty parlor clad with lots of equipments, mirrors and recliners. The men told her something in Thai before leaving her to the lady.
She walked around Riya examining her carefully and commenting in between in Thai, then she called out few names and a couple of girls came in from an adjoining room. They talked within in their language while the girls looked at her in amusement. After sometime they called out another girl with the name Janice who walked in almost immediately. The lady then walked up to her and said in broken English that Janice will tell her what to do and how to behave as she can speak good English and then asked Janice to take Riya with her.
Riya followed Janice to the next room which was a huge hall with beds lined up against both the walls. Most of the beds were occupied by women of all ages and ethnicity, they were all sleeping and some of them didn’t even have proper clothes on them. Janice told her that they were all employed with the club and were back late at the dawn after completing their shift, they were allowed to sleep till 11 after which all must wake up for their breakfast and daily routines. The ones which are empty are for the girls of the morning shift who are already out at work.
Both of them stopped at an empty bed and Janice told her that she could use that bed and the very thought and look of the bed almost made her puke. It was a simple iron bed laid with a thin mattress and a bed sheet. And every bed had a small table and cupboard at each side and the cupboard were filled with various clothes which Riya didn’t felt any interest to check out. She still looked down the room at the sleeping girls and then back at Janice full with questions.
They were all employed with the club and work accordingly based on the rosters the management creates for them for the week. They can be chose to work as a stripper, waitress, live exhibit, or simply pimp around their body for money. The club also operates a few glory holes in the morning along with offering their girls on out jobs through their premium sales website. Janice had been associated with them since the last couple of years she had been in Thailand from her native
US as an exchange student actually but was later arrested in a false accusation of drug peddling. Setup by her fellow classmate with whom she refused to sleep once and later one day in the prison men of Xiao met her and dealt to rescue if she agrees to work for the club for certain period but never could get out of all those yet. Riya who already started feeling comfort at Janice’s presence wept to her uncontrollably and
Janice comforted her by asking her to bear all of these for her husband’s sake and with the view that she only need to go through these for a few days and they are free and back at home and between their well wishers. Riya didn’t knew what she was supposed to do or what they had in their mind for her, Janice didn’t wanted to be hard on her by telling what all those crazy men can make her do but it was customary for all new girls to be up on auction for the first night.
Chapter 3, Day 3, Part 2
The words were already spread – “Real Indian bride – up on sale” was the key headline in the clubs website which expected to draw a lot of attention. While in the girls dorm Janice had been able to get Riya washed and dressed in fresh clothes. She had been in the top and the skirt since last evening and they also had some food with the rest of the girls. While the other girls had to go through daily routine of exercises and cleaning the club etc. Janice was excused to ease Riya through for her big night.
Janice didn’t told her how bad or good the night would be on her but always comforted her with the courage to bear anything that might come. She even suggested Riya to have some sleep in the afternoon as a preparation for a long exhaustive night, though still shaking and sobbing in disgust she fell asleep in her new bed along with the rest of the girls in the dorm. And in her dreams she escaped far beyond the reaches of Xiao and his henchmen, along with Sumit and with all their loved ones around.
She didn't want to wake up and wanted to believe that as the truth and forget all that had happened as one bad dream. Close at 6, Janice woke her up, the rest of the girls were out by then and it was only her and Janice left alone in the room. She could make out that the club was open from the booming music shaking the floors. Janice told her that it was time for her to get prepared and Madam Kim was waiting for her in the parlor. She took Riya with her to Madam Kim who was preparing her instruments to get Riya ready for the big night.
Madam Kim was kind, though not able to speak English communicated mostly through Janice. Both of them worked on her hairs and skin to make her look shining and beautiful like a bride at her first night. Xiao visited them with a few men and smiled at Riya seeing her looking so beautiful and already counting the money she would sell for that night. Madam Kim brought out a red satin dress and both of them undressed
Riya and she closed her eyes in humiliation being naked in front of the 2 strangers. The dress which flowed beautifully from her shoulders to her ankles was fastened with the 2 strings at the neck leaving the back exposed and then starting from her waist. At the front it was cut deep to expose her beautiful cleavage and then again was cut at her waist to give a glance of her sexy deep navel.
And that was all which was on her, bra and panties were useless for the night. They gave her heels which made her look taller than her already 5ft 6in figure and her 34c breasts looked quite a handful from the dress. It was so beautifully fitted that it complemented her 24 waist and 34 hips wonderfully making her look like a diva. The red and the satin made it even more charming and effective to give anyone an instant hard on.
Xiao’s men were back in an hour to take her for her first night. Riya was adamant to see Sumit and so she was allowed to have a glimpse of him on the TV, he was asleep or unconscious but was still alive. Soon they took her through the corridors and elevators crossing a lot of closed doors to a big room fitted with a large queen bed, a sofa and a table. The room was intricately designed in Thai architecture and at one corner there was an odd looking glass showcase which was 6ft high, and 3 ft in both length and breadth with a door capable enough for human to get in.
Just outside she could hear noises and music, the auction was on. The rules were that anyone who had entered the auction with a entry fee of 200 Baht can bid on the object of the day, Riya being the one for that day. The highest bidder get to win 2 hours with the object, the winner is allowed in the room with his prize and privacy for 2 hours to do anything he wishes and unlike other girls or other events, for the first night only they are allowed to be with the girls without condoms to plant their seeds as and where they want.
As an ethics the winners are always the first to fuck a new girl in the club and often there had been virgins too, being married Riya wasn’t a virgin but still was closed to one being only with her husband for a couple of times only before. Big signs of Indian bride on auction donned the street outside and already the bid room was full and buzzing with men for whom Indian brides were a rarity and an experience they won’t miss.
Only one lucky and rich among them would have the honor to have the first fuck but a lot of them wanted to catch a glimpse of the girl who would be on offering on normal prices for the following nights. And to cover the entry charges of 200 baht the ones unlucky knew that they can use that credit to choose from the regular girls anyway. The bid was to start at 10 and Riya finally knew what the showcase was for. She was asked to enter inside the showcase and the door was locked from outside with the key handed over to Xiao.
But just before that she was injected with some medicine in her nerves she didn't know for what. Xiao was just adjacent to the room in the bid stage, an elevated platform to showcase the object. The room was filled with aspiring men who were waiting like a hungry pack of wolves to see the greatest attraction of the night in flesh and blood. Xiao lifted the key for all to see and said this is the key to ecstasy, the key to heaven, the key to the cunt and the body of a beautiful, innocent,
Indian bride 24 years old and married a month ago she had agreed to be the muse for the night and for one lucky gentleman who can bid his rather useless money to return him some worth some worth in terms of milky white free flowing skin, tits juicy and round like melons, cunt deep and decorated with beautiful Indian hairs, lips juicy like grapes, and waiting to be taken by one lucky you tonight” and with this he motioned at a wide curtain which drew apart and the showcase rolled in.
Riya got scared with the sight of so many men hooting and shouting on her appearance, all eyes were on her and as Xiao continued his praises creating stories to get the men all the more hot and paying more. Slowly she started feeling her head heavy and all those noise fading out, some odd warmth started developing in her body warming her bloods. Her nipples got hard and erected to become prominent from over the cloth and her juices started flowing freely making her hornier along with it.
She had been injected with a sex supplement which would make her horny and ready to be used. The bidding had already started and her growing restlessness forced her to look even raunchier which made sure the prices soar up quickly. It took around 45 minutes to decide a winner and an English gentleman won the prize at 7000 Baht. He was welcomed to the stage and handed the key over he was now free to pull the showcase in the room and had 2 hours with Riya and her current state to do whatever he wished.
And as the crowd started to disperse some still waited to catch the last glimpses till she disappears in the confines of the room. The glass case was gradually but finally pulled in by the winner and the curtains closed leaving the 2 inside the privacy of the room. Riya looked at him nervously but aroused due to the medicine as he unlocked the door and swung it open extending a hand to get her out. Riya stepped out and was immediately pulled closer for a hug.
He squeezed her ass tight while sniffing at her neck for the Indian aroma he paid so heavily for. Riya let out a deep breath feeling the warmth in her growing faster. He then held her head and pulled her closer for a kiss, gradually both of them started sucking each other’s lips while he started feeling her breasts and nipples from over the dress. He turned her around and started kissing on her exposed back and pushed her to the bed and made her lie down on her stomach to kiss her back wildly.
He licked along her spinal cord and licked over his entire back while squeezing his ass. A few moments later he spotted the knot which held the dress in place and quickly pulled the strings to get those free. He pulled Riya back up and the dress fell down to hang from her waist exposing her beautiful firm breasts. She was pushed back on the bed but this time to be played with her breasts. Those were fondled, pressed, nibbled, bit, sucked madly in turns.
He seemed to have turned crazy playing with her breasts like a hungry wolf which left her panting and moaning. Growing wilder and crazier he quickly pulled the dress off from her leaving her naked, he looked wide eyed to her cunt and cunt hairs and moaned loudly before grabbing a handful of her hairs and rubbing them roughly. Riya moaned out loudly with that treatment and spread her legs to attract attention to her soaring pussy.
She was now completely consumed by the drug and was burning in the desire to be used and fucked hard. She was moaning loudly and breathing heavily indicating her state. He quickly touched her clits and started rubbing them and seeing them growing wet so rapidly he inserted a finger and started fucking her with it. Quickly he pulled his pants with the other hand and assumed a 69 position to let his cock hang just over Riya’s face while he kept fucking her cunt with 2 fingers now.
Her juices flowing uncontrollably she couldn’t bear anymore and grabbed his cock quickly first to stroke wildly but then she took in mouth and started sucking. Driven with ecstasy she draped his cock with her tongue and massaged it to lick every side and corner of his cock. This made him moan and rub even more. Some pre cum juices started filling her mouth which she gulped voluntarily while juicing herself which was now getting licked by his tongue.
The fingers were replaced by the tongue in between and the cunt tasted so sweet that he couldn’t stop enjoying the lick and occasional dives inside her pussy. Both of them were licking and moaning hard as Riya build him up for an orgasm. Realizing he quickly climbed down from her and knelt between her legs. Her cunt was open, still shivering from the pleasure lick and after rubbing the clits a couple of times with his cock he pushed it inside. Though wet and smooth her cunt was still tight and the feel of the flesh inside her made her squeeze it inside.
He grabbed her breasts and started pressing them while fucking her in a comforting rhythm. It took moments for Riya to reach a level of pleasure and feel her first orgasm, it was divine. A couple more happened while she was fucked missionary, doggy, standing, and sitting on top. But he seemed to continue with the same vigor while Riya was now squealing like a pig already made to orgasm 3 times. But now being on her back again with her legs thrown in the air and wide apart she experienced a new vigor, a renewed strength in his strokes.
She could feel his muscles getting tensed, his breath getting shallower, he grabbed her breasts like a beast stabbing his nails to leave marks and he questioned her – “You want my seeds in you?” Riya nodded not knowing what else to say and also not in a condition to say anything. “Yes bitch you need it, you need my seeds in your filthy cunt, here it comes, oh yes, here it comes to flood you with my hot seeds” he moaned as his strokes became harder and deeper and suddenly it stopped abruptly.
Riya opened her eyes but only to realize a hot liquid filling her up from inside, she shivered from top to bottom as his cum filled her up right to her soul. He waited for the entire load to be out and then stroked a few times more to squeeze the last drop out. Quickly he took his cock out and then climbed on her to offer his cock for cleaning. Unable to move she laid there and licked his cock clean, still feeling his juices spreading in her body and filling her womb, she felt both disgusted and fulfilling with the feeling.
He jumped off getting the cock cleaned and looked at the lump self of the Indian bride one last time. He placed his hand on her pussy sliding a finger inside satisfied to find his juices filling her up completely. He pressed her breasts a couple of times biting on a nipple and then sucking her lips one last time before getting dressed and leaving.
Leaving her behind on the bed, dead like a meat unable to move, speak or even open her eyes, she was lost in exhaustion and sleep while the clock ticked 2. Xiao kept the TV on which still focused on her lump self and came back after washing his cock and hands. He had been seeing his new whore’s performance in the secret CC TV and seemed quite satisfied with the bitch’s potential to become a high earner.
Chapter 4, Day 4
Riya woke up at 11 along with the other girls to find Janice coming up to her and asking about the night. Riya was too humiliated to realize that she had actually enjoyed the night but complained that she was drugged and forced. Janice told her that she was drugged to get her hornier so that she enjoys and give pleasure rather than act reluctant and at the end the girls end up liking them. And Riya had to confess that she also liked it and had never felt like that before in her life.
Both of them became good friends and started staying together, Janice explained the various different roles and the jobs the girls had to play. A group of girls would be chosen for a job each day which are fixed by the weekly rosters and had to play different jobs each day of the week. One of the job was being the hooker – they are given a key each to the small rooms, one of which Riya woke up in after being abducted
And are left among the crowds or adjoining streets to hunt for potential customers, it is up to them to negotiate a price and a good bargain with the customers and then bring them in to the room and give a fuck. A fuck can be for 10 minutes or hours based on the deal they have struck, each of the rooms have a collection box where the money negotiated needs to be put in before the girls set out looking for
The next customer, there isn’t any limit on how many customers you can get in a night but you cannot look out beyond 3 at the end of the day the money collected in those boxes becomes the earning of the girl and a percentage gets distributed as bonus along with the daily wage.
The second type of a job is that of the stripper – where they have to perform strip shows on stage for the crowd, again tips received gets collected in individual boxes for bonus and commissions. Along with that each stripper gets a number tag and customers can bid money on the tags for private shows with them after their show. Each stripper needs to perform for 3 hours in 3 equal intervals and can be booked during the intervals for private shows which includes fuck as well.
The earnings from each booking contribute towards the commission of the day as well. The third popular job is being the waitress – clad in bikinis the girls are send in the floor to serve and being groped. Good tips for being good waitress and for some additional tip girls are always ready for blowjobs or hand jobs on demand. They are free to negotiate a fuck but are not allowed rooms so the customers have to arrange the places themselves.
Often waitresses get spotted being fucked at dark corners, stairs, toilets, parking for good money. Overall they are allowed a very less time off work which they need to use for any fuck arrangements and have to be conscious of the time they are spending or will be punished. The punishments are the worst of all jobs and a day’s punishment is good enough for a girl to mend her ways and never repeat the same mistake again. As a punishment the girls are tied to poles or left free in one of the second floor rooms they call the market for a free fuck.
The club charges a heavy fee for entry in to the room but once in you is free to fuck any of the girls on offer and as many times you wish if you get a chance. Girls come out broken from that room and they can be used and abused for hours and in all holes for numerous times in there. It operates between 9 and 1 at the night offering the girls for 4 hours at a stretch. Normally the kinkier and masochist ones flock to use that room. Along with that the girls are also punished with cleaning duties for lesser mistakes.
There is one class of girls who are paid the lowest and used for the most mundane of the jobs. They are sent out to the streets to attract new customers and some of them are displayed in the glass show cases outside, alone playing with herself, or with a partner playing with her. The same girls in the morning are sent to the glory hole chambers which operate in the morning only. They spend half of the day in the cramped chambers waiting for customers to insert their dicks through the holes to be sucked until cum and until they are replaced by a new girl in mid day.
That was another dreadful job which is for the old, the ugly and amateurs. Apart from these girls can also be booked for private parties or shows at higher prices from the club website which has a catalogue of all the girls with photos and stats. Janice also doubted that some girls are also used for other jobs apart from the club matters for a lot of other illegal businesses Xiao runs.
Riya looked quite scared but was comforted when Janice told her that she has to be there for 2 more days and need not fear about being punished or anything as long as she cooperates she should be fine. Janice also told her tricks of the jobs, about how to lure customers, how to bargain, how much to charge and for what etc. And slowly Riya looked more cooperative than before praying to be spared along with her husband in the next 2 days. They had a 4 pm flight on the third day which Xiao promised her that she with her husband will be on to leave forever for her home.
Janice had the waitress duty that night and Madam Kim asked her to take Riya with her and to supervise her whenever needed while she was also the supervisor of the shift which meant she won’t need to serve the customers but need to made sure no girl is getting bullied by any of the other girl and all are getting a fair chance to make some money.
It was already 7 and the time for the girls to replace their guy counterparts was at 8. Janice fetched the waitress’ uniform for both of them – a skimpy bra just wrapped around the breasts to be tied in a knot at the back along with a pleated short skirt with nylon stockings up till the thighs. Both of them looked stunning in their uniform as they joined 8 others in waiting to hit the floor.
Exactly at 9 the clock signaled the change and at face of huge cheers the contingent of the ladies entered the floor while the guys made exit to end their day. The bar however was stilled manned by guys and also the few bouncers around to ensure no rapes happening. Janice and Riya stood at the ordering queue to monitor around the floor for potential customers as they had only 3 hours before the next batch of replacements replaces them and had to earn a minimum tip of 1000 baht to avoid any penalty. Janice already taught her some tricks of the trade and so
Riya made her first contact when she approached one of the near tables to take their orders down. Let them touch you if they want but not more than just a mere moment was the rule of the game, not more unless paid. And Riya was getting a lot of those attentions, in her first table itself they would rub against her thighs while ordering trying to get closer to her cunt but she managed to avoid. Same had been the story at any other table and Janice was soon getting concerned as even in the first
45 minutes she had been able to manage 50 baht only that too when one of the customers paid her 50 for kissing her lips. She took Riya to the corner for a quick round of talk, telling her some tricks or two again and also the implications of not collecting at least a thousand bucks.
Riya now at least allowed more touches than she did before and at one of the tables while she was serving the drinks the guy took out a 100 baht and winked at her saying “this for a little bj what say” Riya took a deep breath remembering what Janice had told her recently and nodded in agreement. The guy laughed as he sat comfortably allowing her a place between his legs. Riya knelt down and pulled the guys pants down to let his monster cock jump out. She held it in her hands and stroked it a couple of times before putting it in her mouth.
She wrapped his cock with her tongue and started stroking and licking up and down at its length. Soon the guy started moaning and rubbing his fingers at Riya’s back feeling the smooth milky skins. She sucked her for some minutes to get him close to the edge while the guy panting in pleasure now made another offer. Breathing heavily he said “I will add 400 more and pay 500 for a quick fuck”, Riya now stopped sucking and looked up at him and nodded. The guy smiled and pulling his cock in craned his neck to look for a safe place.
He scanned through the floor hurriedly and found a dark and empty corner at one side and so he grabbed Riya by her hands and walked towards the spot quickly. The place was partly hidden by a pillar and was perfect for the kind of thing they were there. Without wasting any time he pulled her towards him and started kissing her, he also pulled her blouse up and sucked on her nipples, pressing and loving her breasts. And then he pushed her on the floor lifting her skirts barely enough to have a clear view of her naked cunt while she spread her legs automatically to expose it.
He knelt between her legs with his pants pulled down and rubbed his cock against her clits once before pushing them in. He started fucking her hard and fast which made her shiver and tremble with both pain and joy. He was already closer to the edge by the bj and so didn’t needed much encouragement to get things done quickly and with a few harder and faster thrusts he signaled the end of his pleasure and while he cleaned his cock,
Riya got her dress adjusted to be ready for the next customer. She was paid the promised 500 grand which she took to Janice happily. Janice put them in her collection box sending her away to look for more. In the next 1 hour she had made 200 more by kissing, bj and a hand job and was in their last hour of the shift. In between she had noticed a lot of waitresses going missing and a lot of times she had also seen them getting laid too.
She was serving the drinks at one of the table and was shocked to see one of the waitresses being laid on the table and being fucked from behind. At another table she saw another waitress laid under the table with the man on top of her. All of these made her feel all the more less humiliated being subjected to the same treatment equally. At one of the table the guy placed 300 baht on her tray and asked whether she wanted to check out the toilet. Riya kept the tray down as a sign of acknowledgement to the offer and both of them headed towards the toilet.
Inside they found another waitress put up on the sinks and being fucked by another man so they had to move silently to one of the stalls for their use. Once inside he turned her around and made her lean against the door and pulled her skirt down. He pushed her to make her bend a little more so that her cunt was well exposed from behind and rubbed it with his palm for sometime before pulling his cock out and rubbing it on her clits.
She started moaning as the cock entered her for the second time in the evening. She spread her legs more in order to let him penetrate more. He grabbed her breasts from behind and started pressing them while keeping up the tempo of his strokes. She gritted her teeth realizing herself nearing to an orgasm while the strokes kept her on the edge and moaning and panting out in pleasure.
It continued further before she came and her juices flowed down her thighs but the guy kept stroking at her and getting higher and higher at intensity. Soon she felt the strokes getting harder and his grips getting tensed and felt that he would cum any moment. And suddenly he felt lump and stopped any more strokes but the last one to squeeze out the last drop before pulling his cock out.
They stepped out got dressed and went back to work happy with the 300 she made. A couple of more rounds of breast show, bjs earned her some 250 more and by the time the shift changed she had made some 1300 baht for the day. On their way back Janice congratulated her heartily for her quick learning as they washed and cleaned before hitting the dorms. And spend the night chatting away before they fell asleep.
Chapter 5, Day 5, Part 1
Sumit rubbed his eyes to adjust to the morning light, the blindfold on his eyes being removed for the first time in 3 days. Though he had been talking, shouting, questioning for days no one had cared to response back. He haven’t eaten for days and the sight of food in front made him mad and he grabbed the plate greedily and started taking the food like a hungry dog. It was finished in moments and he drank almost a bottle of water to quench his thirst.
Where is my wife” he asked once his hunger and thirst were now taken care of but no one replied. He asked again and again until one man, Xiao’s assistant, came in. “She is with us, we will take you to her in the evening” he said before leaving him in his bonds again but with a promise to take him to Riya in the evening. She was again bound against his protests and was left back in the room alone and in dark.
Riya waited in anticipation and fear guessing what would be in store for her for the day, Janice was booked for some private show in the night which meant she had to go through the evening without her support which made her fear it the most. She saw Janice and Madam Kim come towards her having some discussion and Janice nodding to what Madam Kim was saying. Both of them stopped upon reaching her and Janice told Riya that since she has to leave at 4, Madam Kim has decided on someone who will take care of her for the evening.
Mao was an experienced pimp, he will take Riya out on the streets to arrange for customers and Riya will be given a key to one of the room at the basement where she need to lead the customer to and spend the time with him. Mao was experienced and knew all about pricing so being he first she need not to worry about the deal. Later when Madam Kim was gone
Riya expressed her fears to Janice which was mostly because of her absence, but she comforted her and made her to promise that she will do whatever necessary to satisfy the customers and won’t look like being forced or blackmailed. She had to be reminded of the number of days left before she wept within herself and promised to be good.
Janice left the club at 4 leaving Riya still asleep at her afternoon nap while Madam Kim woke her up at 6 and asked her to get dressed. She was given a tight white shirt which complemented her figure very well and a black short skirt and white panties to wear beneath. Mao met her at the corridor and smiled at her realizing the potential she had and the money they will make today. Mao of course would have a stake at the money they would make and often pimps are the ones who drive the whores for more for the money.
They collected the key for one of the basement room before showing her the ways leading to room 09 from the streets through the alternate gate meant for the hookers and their customers. And by 7 both of them had hit the streets to take up a vantage point to attract customers. In the meantime back at the basement Xiao’s men came to take Sumit along to meet Riya. He accompanied them unquestioned with the relief of being able to see his wife and know what she had been through after being captive for so long.
They took her up one level to one of the less visited corridors and took her inside a room. It was a small and cramped room with just a chair in the middle and a glass at the other end with the room adjacent to it in clear view. They left him inside saying Riya will be brought any moment and locked the door from outside. He waited inside impatiently not knowing when and in what state Riya would be brought in and prayed to god to keep Riya safe and brought with dignity.

What he didn’t knew was the cruel plan Xiao had in his mind to torment him, the room he was locked in was the room adjacent to 09 which was given to Riya and Mao as a part of the plan. The room 09 had a big bed, a table, a couch placed neatly inside, the end adjacent to the other room looked like a mirror from 09 but from the other end it worked as a viewing gallery which they often use to put new girls in to learn a trick or two.
But that day it was placed so beautifully in Xiao’s evil plan which he devised to break Sumit down for some unknown cause. It hadn’t been much on the streets before people stopped by trying to strike a deal with Mao. Mao well aware of the money she deserves shooed away the small timers looking for bigger fish. And finally after a small wait a Russian tourist waved approached Mao. He was more than 6 ft tall, fair and heavily built and as Mao negotiated the price,
Riya assessed the ways to make him happy and tried remembering a few tricks Janice had taught her and wanted to use some of them on him. Finally Mao closed the deal at 780 and winked at Riya as a signal to take it from there. Riya smiled at her customer who returned back a warm smile, already assessing her from top to bottom. Both of them walked back at the club through the alternate door and the stairs down towards the rooms before stopping at 09 to open the door.
Sumit was getting restless waiting for long and was sitting with his eyes closed when he heard the doors being worked on. Elevated with the hope to see his wife he turned around to see the noise was not coming from the door he came in from, listening carefully he understood it was coming from the other room. He looked at it to see what was going on and for a moment couldn’t believe what was going on. The door to the 09 opened and suddenly his wife walked in followed by the Russian. He was appalled to see her in that sexy outfit and with the man he came in with. He shouted to her but she couldn’t listen.
Riya locked the door back and looked back at the Russian with a smile and naughty look. He smiled back waiting for her to make the move, Riya realized this and walked closer to him and lifted herself on her toes and leant forward to kiss on his lips. He held her at the waist pulling her closer and kissing her back passionately. They started sucking each other’s lips while moving their heads in angles to enjoy every part of each other’s lips.
Sumit was hoarse shouting her name unable to bear what was going on and unaware of what is about to come. Riya pushed him on the couch and then climbed on top of him. She faced towards him and placed her knees at the sides while settling on his lap before leaning forward to kiss him once again. While kissing she slowly worked on the buttons of her shirt to get them undone, one by one she unbuttoned each of them before he put his hands in to feel her bare back.
She smiled looking at his eyes as slowly he rubbed his hands at his back bringing them around through to the front to cup her breasts and pressing them. He pulled her down from his lap and stood behind her slowly pulling the shirt off her body. She leaned back on his chest and rested her head on them closing her eyes indicating her permission to do whatever he wanted with her body. He turned her face slightly to kiss on her lips again while fondling her breasts lightly to feel the soft and warmth of those firm 34 sized sugar pots.
Slowly he explored down to her skirt and unhooked them to take it off as well. Riya stood leaning on her chest in just the panties while he fondled her breasts with one hand and rubbed her belly with the other to feel the free flowing milky smooth skin of her. His hands came to stop at her panties as he slowly lifted them slightly but enough to slide his hands in and moved further down to feel the cunt hairs. Her heart started beating faster as she allowed his tongue to explore her mouth while her hands were at work at her breast and on cunt.
He rubbed the mound on her cunt with all his fingers together while fondled her breasts with the mix of hard and soft squeezes. That was enough for Riya to start moaning as he varied the pace and movements by which he rubbed or pressed her private parts. She withdrew herself from him and turned around and looking into his eyes she bent down and pushed her panties along down her long beautiful legs to take it off her body. He smiled in a silent appraisal of the things inside.
Riya smiled back as she walked up to him and knelt in front. She felt his cock from the top of his pants and rubbed his cheeks on it making him moan out in pleasure. Then slowly he pulled his pants down along with the knockers to release his 8 inch cock free. He took his tees off too to get completely naked while Riya took his cock in her hand and started stroking it.
He walked back and settled on the couch as Riya crawled up to him holding his cock again before stroking it further. And when she made it completely erect and throbbing she licked the head with her tongue followed by a lick at its sides before slowly wrapping her tongue around it and closing her mouth around. Pausing for a moment to soak all those pre cum in her tongue she started suck it. He leaned back at the couch moaning from the divine feeling, and having his entire money worth for.
He grabbed her waist with his legs squeezing them hard as she continued sucking the cock making him ooze out a continuous supply of pre cum. Finally he stopped her and pleading her to do no more he lay back on the couch itself. Smiling she stood up and took out a condom from a drawer, she took out the rubber and placed it on top of his cock and then rolled it down with her fingers feeling the hot throbbing piece of meat which will be ploughing her in no time.
She climbed on top placing her legs at both sides of him and placing herself over his cock. Holding his cock slowly she rubbed it against her cunt before pushing the head slightly at the opening of her vagina. The rest was done as she lowered herself taking the full length of her cock in her and moaned out in pain and then pleasure as she bent forward to kiss him.
He wrapped his hands around her back keeping her glued to him and kissing while she stroked his cock by moving her hips up and down. Soon they both started moaning as she worked her hips faster and faster. They kissed, sucked and bit on each other’s lips in a mad rage as both of them worked their hips in synchronized rhythm for the ultimate pleasure. Sumit was crying uncontrollably seeing his wife naked and being used by a stranger in front of him.
He couldn't look at them at most of the time. He closed his eyes when he saw her move forward and kissed him, and then couldn’t believe how she climbed on his lap and offered her breasts up, then how she moaned when the guy played with his breasts and cunt. She couldn't bear it when she saw her climbing on him and fucking herself like a cheap whore. He realized where his kink and recklessness had brought them to.
Back at 09 the Russian had now pulled Riya down from his lap and had put her on the bed. She spread her legs to open her cunt wide. He rubbed his palm on his tongue before rubbing it on her vagina and then feeling her hot wet juices he bent forward rubbing his cock all over her cunt. But then slowly he guided to the right area and pushed it further to be consumed by her hungry pussy. He paused for a moment before starting to bang her in a hard and fast movement.
He grabbed her breasts as she started moaning and pressed them hard and soft to make her feel even crazier. He kept fucking her at a good speed while playing with her rest of the body by pressing her breasts or pinching on her nipples or simply by dragging her nails on her skin leaving behind a reddish trail. He kept doing this to her as she continued moaning like a bitch. Soon she realized that she was nearing an orgasm and before she could feel anything her juices broke the barrier and started flowing like a river on flood.
He also realized her reaching the orgasm and so started stroking harder in order to cum together. Within minutes his muscles got tensed and he got vocal in his moans and before she could prepare a few hard and deep strokes followed signaling the ejaculation in him. He stood lump allowing all his cum, a heavy load, to get drained before pulling his cock out and bending forward to reward his whore a kiss. Riya was also exhausted but returned the kiss warmly as she stood to get dressed.
She put on a robe while collecting the money, 850 baht which contained some tips as well. And both of them left the room, he left towards the door after getting dressed, and Riya left towards the washroom to get clean and dressed. He pulled her closer once again before leaving and kissed her while sliding his hand in the robe and squeezing her bare ass. They both smiled at each other and parted.
Chapter 5, Day 5, Part 2
Sumit was finally taken out from the room and her torment and he remained silent and followed the guards back to where they led him. The images of his wife being explored naked and ploughed in all positions were still fresh and running in his mind. Back at the other side Riya cleaned her and got dressed ready for her next customer. She put on a white tee and short jeans over the panties and walked out to the streets and found Mao and then walked back looking for the next.
This time they finalized the deal with a young college guy at 560 baht and she led her back to the room and closed the door. He sat on the bed and pulled her on his lap and started kissing her lips while rubbing his hands all over her body. He pulled her tees from over her breasts to feel the softness of them and pulled it further down to expose her nipple to lick it briefly while he pulled out the breast and pressed it good and hard before kissing and sucking that too.
He had his hand around her back when he left her breasts to kiss her lips again while his other hand reached her thigh to rub it and spread them to feel the cunt over her jeans. He grabbed her by the shoulder to keep her face glued to his as he kept sucking her lips while his other hand rubbed her body up and down from her cunt to her breasts. And finally he unbuttoned the jeans and she stood up to help him pull the jeans off.
But immediately he pulled him down on his lap after removing the jeans and lifter her tees to kiss on her belly and lick at her navel and at the same time he rubbed her panties over her cunt. Once again he held her shoulders and pulled her closer for a kiss while kept rubbing on her panties. She was now completely aroused from that wild treatment and was moving her hips to complement the rub she was getting on her cunt.
Feeling her growing restlessness he quickly grabbed her face by both hands removing any strands of hair to kiss her lips deep once again. They kept sucking and nibbling at each other’s lips for long before he pulled his breasts out once again to fondle them. Suddenly he asked her to kneel on the floor while leaning at the bed with her hands spread out. He imposed himself on her and continued kissing. He grabbed her shoulder to keep her glued to his lips while explored her neck, chest, cleavage with his other hand.
He pulled her breasts wherever his hands reached them and fondled them while chewing on her lips and occasionally exploring her mouth with his tongue. Finally he slid his hand in her panties and rubbed her pussy to find it wet already, he pulled his hands out and pushed it in her mouth to make her lick her own juices. He did that a couple of times reaching down to her cunt while rubbing her body in the way, rubbing his hands on her cunt to make them wet and the putting them in her mouth to lick them clean.
He reached down once again and started rubbing her cunt from inside but didn’t come up and instead continued rubbing it harder. She leaned back unable to withstand the pleasure and her moans became louder and louder. He looked at her eyes constantly to see the effect of the rubbing. He pulled her tees again to fondle one of the breasts while his hands continued rubbing her cunt. He bent forward once again to kiss her and pull her hands out but only to pull her panties off from her body. She cooperated as he pulled it out quickly and threw it aside.
And keeping her in the knelt position he spread her legs to open the cunt even more and continued rubbing them freely now. She pushed a couple of fingers against her clits and rubbed them in varied speed and motion. Soon he started feeling a warm liquid flooding her cunts as she squealed out like a pig. He smiled within and stood up to take his cock out and offer it to her. She leaned forward like a bitch on heat and took it in her mouth instantly.
It was now his time to feel the pleasure as she repaid him back with equal enthusiasm. And soon he started moaning from the treatment.For minutes she kept sucking him with same pace and passion while he kept playing with her breasts, fondling and pinching them in turns. She paused briefly to allow him to pull her tees off from her body and resumed again as he started pressing them freely now.