Double Impact

I am a 30 year old guy who has been married for last five years. My name is Akash and friends fondly call me Aki. I work with a multinational and my wife also works with a multinational. She is good looking with nice set of assets that can give hard on to anyone. Her figure is 36-26-36 and the story goes back to last year when we moved to another city after she decided to change her job.
My wife, Anu, joined the company and started enjoying her new office. I have flexibility of working from home so I decided to tag along with her. I want to highlight that she is sex hungry and wants to get fucked every night with the exception of five days when she has her periods. Soon, after we moved, her sister, Julie, decided to come along and stay with us for a while.
We had taken a two bedroom flat so keeping her along with us for a few days was not a problem. So, the story began like this – all three of us went to a party on one Friday night and Anu drank a little too much. It was about 1 am in the morning when we came home and while Julie was opening the door, Anu asked to open it quickly. She said that she is dying to get into the bed with me.
Julie had a white face. She blushed and said that hold on for a minute and then you can get laid. Julie unlocked the door and we stepped into the house. Anu who could hardly stand turned and locked her lips with mine. I could not resist. I held her tightly and started smooch her with full throttle. Suddenly I realized Julie was standing right here. I broke the smooch and whispered in Anu’s ears that Julie is watching us.
Anu: let her watch. She can join if she is feeling lonely. You would enjoy her.

Me: what are you saying? She is your sister.
Anu turned to Julie and waved her to come near her. Julie stepped forward and Anu then locked her lips with her lips. Both the sisters were now in full swing. I could not imagine this. I had often jacked off thinking of Julie but never had the guts to go beyond casual touching. It was like a dream.
Anu: hey Julie, tell Aki that you are such a slut who has slept with almost every guy in your college?
Julie: Jeej darling, don’t mind but I always wanted you to make a pass but you were such as boring guy.
I was taken by surprise but then it struck me – what the hell. I went to the bedroom and brought a bottle of whiskey. I said “let’s party babes.
Julie stepped forward and locked her lips with mine. I could not hold back and then grabbed her by her ass and kissed her hard. I felt her hand on my waist and realized that she is trying to unbuckle my belt. Suddenly, my pant was on the floor and Julie on her knees. Then, the underwear came down.
Julie said “hey sis, do you mind?”
Anu: Darling sis, go on. He is all yours, but before you start, let drink and then we can do whatever we want to do.”
She handed over a glass to me and Julie. She said “bottoms up guys and then one more.”
We did as Anu said and then she made another one for each one of us. Again bottoms up. Julie was getting a bit tipsy by now. She said “hey sis, I am going ahead. Come and join me”
I was hard, in fact, very hard by now. Julie locked her lips around my dick. She started sucking it like she will never get it again. Anu said “she is such a great cocksucker. You will now realize what you had been missing for last five year.”
I said “had I realized she is such a slut, I would have fucked her brains out by now.”
And, she went back to sucking. Slurp, slurp, the sound she made. Anu stepped forward and forced my head over her neck. I started to kiss around her neck. I unbuttoned her blouse and unwrapped her from her sari. She was now only in a petticoat. I smiled as she was not wearing anything under blouse.
As I took the blouse out, her tits popped out. They were the favorite ones. I got hold of them and started sucking the right one. It was tasty as usual. Anu was now moaning. Julie went on and then I was about to burst my load. I jerked and took out the dick out of her mouth and then told her that I am about to cum. She grabbed my dick and said, I wanna suck it all the way.
With a few more sucks, I shed my load, which is usually pretty good amount. Julie’s mouth was full and then it started to flow out of her mouth. Anu pushed me away and grabbed Julie to lock her mouth with hers. I enjoyed the scene. Both sisters were hungry for my cum. Julie spat a few times into Anu’s mouth, which Anu happily swallowed. I loved the scene.
Then, I made a few more drinks. I sat on the sofa and started sipping my drink. Anu and Julie broke up their kiss and picked up their glasses. Anu came and sat next to me. Julie came and sat on my laps. Her tits were pretty pointed as if they were the missile heads. She turned and faced me. I was already getting hard and then
Anu said: Aki, why don’t you go ahead with her. I will join after a few drinks.
My dick was on the rise and soon, it was ready for more shooting. I made Julie stand up for a few seconds and asked her to take off her clothes.
Julie: hey jeej, help yourself. I am too tired to take them off myself.
I said Ok I opened buttons of her shirts. Her beautiful tits were almost popping out of her black bra. I unhooked her bra and then took it off. I was just dying to get them into my mouth. Then, I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled it down. Julie stepped out of the jeans and she was there only in her black laced panties. She then sat on my laps.
My fingers were now tapping on Julie’s back and soon, they found their ways to her love hole. I inserted two fingers into her lovehole after moving her panty aside. She literally jumped. With the other hand, I pushed her back and then started fingering her with speed. She was getting wet. Aaahhh jeej, put your big fat dick inside. Fingers won’t be enough
I said: ok Julie.
I picked her up a little and made her sit on my hard dick. I then pushed her down to enter the full dick in one go. She screamed ooooh maa maar dala. Arre pyar se chodo maar daloge kya”
Anu said: arre, tu to aise chilla rahi hai jaise pahli baar le rahi hai. Roz chudwati hai aur phir bhi natak.
Julie: sis, jeej ke lund to itna lamba or mota hai.
Anu: I know. That’s why I fuck him daily.
Julie now started to move up and down. Anu finished her drink and then came and sat in front of us. She bent forward and took one of my balls in her mouth. She started sucking it like it was a lollypop. I knew I won’t last for a long time like this. Julie was moving in full swing. I got hold of her tits and started squeezing them. Julie was now moaning loudly.
Aaaaahhhh chodo jeej. Kab se tadap rahi hoon tumhare lund ke liye. I just kept fucking her for next ten minutes or so. My dick was moving going in and out of her tight cunt, which was now very very wet. I was feeling the sensation. She stopped moving and got up. My dick popped out of her cunt. My dick was all wet from her juices.
Her thighs were also wet. Anu then let my ball go and held Julie by her thighs and put her mouth over Julie’s cunt. Slurp slurp – the sound came. Anu was licking her thighs and then she spread her cunt a little with two fingers and used her tongue to tickle the clit. Julie was now shivering with excitement.
She pushed Anu’s head between her thighs and moaned. Her breathing was out of control. I got up. My dick was hard as a rock and then I moved behind Anu. I quietly entered her cunt with a single push. I started fucking her.

Anu’s cunt was already wet. I started moving fast. In a few minutes, I was ready to explode. I said: girls, I am ready to explode.
Julie: jeej, give it to me.
Anu: not you only. Hum dono to chahiye.
I popped my dick out of Anu’s cunt and now, put it in Julie’s mouth. She started sucking it. I exploded in a few minutes. Julie’s mouth soon as overflowing with my juices. Anu quickly got up and grabbed my dick to take the remaining in her mouth. I was enjoying this thoroughly.
I pulled back after juices were over. I fell on the sofa with exhaustion. Julie was licking her lips. I was out of energy for the time being. Julie was now lying on the floor with legs wide open. She looked exhausted. Anu got up and sat next to me. She bent forward and kissed me. I could taste my own juice. I kinda liked it.
Julie too got up and sat on the other side of me. She said “jeej, meri to jaan nikaal di aapne. Itna to main do do baar chud kar bhi nahi thakti hoon. I knew this was the beginning of many more encounters. I got up and took both of them to the bedroom for a sound sleep. I told them that we will now sleep together.

One Night with Chandan

I am Ravi kumar from Nellore town in Andhra Pradesh and also a regular visitor and reader of the sex stories. I am here to narrate my real hot experience in Nellore with a sexy girl by name Chandan who is from Bangalore. This wonderful incident happened last week when I came to my native place Nellore from Hyderabad for a short stay.
That evening around 7pm I went to meet my friend at DR Uttama hotel, as he was coming from Chennai and asked me to wait at the reception. I was waiting for him and going through the magazines that were placed in the reception lounge. While I was busy reading the magazines I heard a car coming in the corridor and wished it would be my friends and headed towards the car. But out of my surprise a young
Pretty hot lady in a formal pant and executive shirt with all the curves at right places got down and she was giving some instructions to the driver as I was close to her she just turned around and smiled at me and asked me to bring the luggage inside and went to the reception. I was shocked for a moment and without any other option I had carried her bag to the reception where she is collecting the keycard of the room she has already booked.
Then the miracle happened, booking clerk asked her whether the room is single occupancy or double occupancy looking at me carrying her luggage, she boldly said single and signalled me to hand over her luggage. Then the booking clerk understood what happened and said her that I am not an employee there and then she realised that she mistook me as the employee of the hotel and asked me to carry the luggage.

She apologized me for what has happened and shook hands with me ( her hands were soft as silk) and introduced herself as Chandan from Bangalore who is on a visit to her company branch office and offered me coffee. I readily agreed and said ill definitely join for coffee after I meet my friend. She agreed and gave her number and asked me to call her when I am free and she went to her room after chitchatting with me for ten minutes.
As I said he looked very pretty and hot in the dress she was wearing. She had a huge pair of boobs and a very nice ass which were showing their curves in the tight dress she was wearing. I could figure out she would have a 34-28-36 figure out of appearance and I really fantasized fucking her very badly. After waiting for around 20 minutes my friend has arrived and we met at the reception. As he was taking a room I insisted him to take room no 215 and he took the same.
As I know that Chandan has occupied 214 and it would be my chance to meet her there. Later we moved into our room along with my friend and he got freshen up and left to his relatives house in the town and told me that he would be coming late. The time was 8.30pm. Then I tried to call up Chandan but there was no response for 3 calls and I got a reply message saying that I am busy and ill call you back
I thought she would be busy and waited for her call. At around 9pm my mobile rang and it was Chandan and started speaking with a sweet voice, and I enquired about not answering my call and she replied that she was in shower. I asked her about the coffee treat she owe me, she smiled and asked me to meet me at the restaurant in 10mins, for which I proposed her that we can have it in the room itself and there was silence for a
Moment and she agreed and asked me where am I and she was a bit shocked and happy to find me in the room next to her. I was happy to hear from her and went and rand her door bell and after a moment she opened the door and welcomed me inside. As soon as she saw me she apologized once again for what happened back at the reception and offered me a chair to sit. The room she has taken has two beds and
I asked who is going to occupy the second bed and she said in a smiling manner “you and we started chit chatting. She looked even sexier in her night pant and low cut top with her bra outline visible and I could get a glance of her cleavage when she bends a little towards me. We started chatting for a while and she said that she is a trainer for a reputed Hardware company from Chennai and she was on a training camp in Nellore for two days.
She also said that she had a very hectic schedule on that day and she is really tiered. Then I asked her for coffee and she started to order but I asked her to stop and asked her who will have coffee in this time shall we have something even better and she asked what was that. I asked her whether she has a habit of boozing and she said yes. Bingo that’s what I wanted and I called up room service and ordered a bottle of vodka and some snacks and a sprite.
She was watching me at the corner of her eye. Then she sat relaxed in the chair and stretched her legs and hands, while doing so I could notice her top moved up a bit and I could see her bellybutton and flat belly for some extent. Some thing started happening in my pants and I tried to cover it. As I could see her she is looking a bit tiered I asked her to relax on the bed for which she said she is ok with the chair.
When I asked her about whether she has a boyfriend she said she used to have but they split before 6months.and we started chatting about our lives and she said that her boyfriend used to take good care of her in all aspects and she started to open up herself slowly about her relationship with him and other things. Then the doorbell rang and the things ordered by me were being brought and placed on the table.
I paid the bill and tipped the bearer with a 100rs and asked him to hang a do not disturb tag on the door knob after I close the door. Due to all the chatting with chandan for a while she was comfortable with me and when I asked her whether she is ok with a total stranger like me in a hotel room with a bottle of vodka. Any thing could happen for which she said lets see
Ravi who will win if something happen and laughed loudly for which I said in my mind eeroju chance isthae nee noru pooku gudda lo naa madda petti dengakundaa vadalanu ninnu (given a chance I won’t leave you without fucking your mouth pussy and sexy ass dear) and I also laughed loudly. Then as if I forgot some thing I said that I did not lock my car and ill go and lock it and come back in5 mins for which she agreed,
I rushed down and went to the pharmacy and bought a pack of KS wet and wild condoms and rushed back to her. By the time I came back she was changed to her silk shorts revealing her wheatish velvety thighs and a matching spaghetti top which I did not expect. Sorry for boring you guys with all this nonsense the real fun starts now. We sat opposite to each other and I started serving the vodka and we had downed two rounds in a short time and the liquid started doing magic.
And in the third round she asked me not to add anything and she had the vodka as a shot and stated coughing. And I got up from the chair and started patting softly on her head ass she was sitting in the chair and I was standing in front of her patting her head, I can clearly see her boobs from top, as she got settled I offered her some drink in my glass which is diluted with sprite while standing in front of her
She has taken two sips and swallowed and thanked me and while having the third sip she again got cough and started coughing while the drink is in her mouth as a result she sprayed it all over my cock area as I was standing in front of her, out of quick reflexes she started wiping the drink on my pants and she could feel the semi erect cock which became hard due to watching her boobs, she realised what she has done and stopped and blushed a bit.
And I asked her that she has to clean my pant of the drink, I got bold and stood infront of her face and requested her to clean, she understood what I wanted and started to wipe it with her hands and I asked her to do it with mouth, she started biting my pant and started squeezing my cock, then I poured some drink in her cleavage and she understood what I wanted and got up and kissed me on my lips. We kissed for a long time holding each other and moved towards the bed.
I started removing her top and she wore a bra inside, then I started licking the drink I spilled on her cleavage over the bra and started squeezing her boobs. She has a hell of a boobs, after asking her the size of her boobs she whispered 36 in my ear and started sucking my ear lobe , I got more aroused for the act and started fondling her and licking her all over, later I knelt and started eating her belly button and inserted my tongue in it
And started playing with it and my hands went inside her silk shorts from back side and started squeezing her ass, as she was not wearing a panty beneath the shorts I occasionally could feel the wetness of her pussy while massaging her ass and asshole, she got very hot to handle and removed her bra and silk short and man a love goddess with a wheatish complexion 36-30-36 figure stood infront of me inviting me to have the love juices oozing from her lovely pussy, she had a clean shaven pussy and armpits.
As I am not in a position to control a made her to lie down on the bed, folded and spread her legs and I was uncontrollable as to which part I have handle first as her mouth, boobs ,navel , pussy and asshole are visible and each one is more tempting and even more inviting than other. Chandan looked at my confused face and got up and started kissing me on the lips and pulled me over her and
I started hugging her and rolled on the bed while kissing, then she whispered in my ear while circling my earlobe, “ Ravi, enna yosikarae, I am yours for the whole night, treat me as your whore as your bitch tonight, yenna vaayi,koodi,soothla unga poola vecchi yenna fuck pannu daaaa”( fuck me in my mouth pussy and ass as you like dear) then I started getting naked and removed my dress and stood naked infront of her,
She admired my body in the dim light and started feeling me all over my body, then we stopped for a while and had another round of drinks and the we started all over again, we started hugging and kissing each other and lied on the bed, my hard erect cock was touching her clean shaven pussy and my cock can feel the heat and wetness of her pussy. The feeling was great. Then we broke the kiss and lied on our backs, she started playing with my cock
I with her pussy I started fingering her, she started moaning loudly ,and suddenly she got up and started eating my cock so badly that as if my cock is being separate from my body with a great hand job, and man to be frank she is an expert in blowing ( which I came to know later that she blows her boss twice a day in her office), later we got ourselves adjusted into 69 position with her on top and we started eating each other,
She started sucking me deeply and playing with my balls and I started eating her pussy and started fingering her asshole. her clean shaven pussy was so delicious to eat that I could not resist spreading it and licking the clit and pinching it, as I pinched her clit she had a soft moan aaaahhh Ravi your killing me and then I started licking her asshole and fingering her pussy, I inserted two fingers in her pussy and bit her asshole softly, for which she had a sudden shiver in her body
And said ooouuccchhhh and started deep throat me and as I was about to cum I asked her not to stop and do it fast, and I started fingering her very fast two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass and she started moaning we both came at a time and she swallowed all my juices and I licked her pussy clean, then we slept in each others arms for some time kissing each other and she playing with my limp cock which is coming to life by the touch of her soft palm.

Then we started for the real thing, I asked her whether she is ok to have sex without condom, she denied and insisted for a condom, and she was surprised by my move of taking a pack of condoms from nowhere, then I told her how I got them and she was pleased. Without wasting any time she got up and sucked my cock and brought to life and put a condom on it and without warning sat on me and guided my cock into her
Wet hot dripping pussy and started humping like a cowgirl, and I could not miss the view of her magnificent boobs jiggling for each stroke and I started playing and squeezing them, after some time is sat and hugged her while fucking kissed her and my both hands squeezing her ass, ant tried to insert a finger in her asshole which I succeeded and she was in seventh heaven, later I removed my finger from her asshole and made her lick that finger and she almost bit it.
Then I made her to lie down on her back and lifted her legs in the air and started pounding her hard and the room is completely filled up with the aroma of vodka sex and our passionate moans. She is Cumming and I noticed it and started to fuck her even hard and in a moment she pulled me over her and held me tight for some time and enjoyed her deep long orgasm. Later I made her to be on all fours and
I started fucking her in doggy style, for which she started responding and started giving back thrusts which I liked, I fucked her doggy style for a while and stopped, then I took out my cock from her pussy and started lubricating her asshole with my saliva and tried to insert my cock in her asshole, but it was a bit tight so she adjusted herself for an anal fuck and held my cock and guided slowly into her well lubricated asshole
And people to be frank the tightness of her asshole made me to cum in less than 10 strokes but that was great. Later I removed the condom and we both went to bathroom and freshened up. While in the bathroom I hugged her from backside in such a way that my semi erect cock rested in between her ass crack and below her hands I brought my hands forward and opened her pussy lips standing and made her pee on the wall, later
She held my cock and made me pee and we had a small shower together, she gave me a good blowjob under the shower, and I made her cum by spraying water on her clit with the hand shower. We came out of the bathroom and took another drink and slept naked on the bed for some time. In the mean time my friend has arrived from his relative’s house and called me as I was not in the room, I told him that
I had some work and I had to go home and told him that ill meet him in the morning. She heard the conversation and asked who it was, told her that was my friend Naveen from Chennai who came to Nellore for a business trip. She looked curious about him and started asking more questions about him, I diverted her and started massaging her navel and belly and started circling near her crotch area for which
She started moaning softly and kissing me and licking my face, I started licking her hard nipples and slowly I mounted on her, she spread her legs wide inviting my cock in to her, after putting a condom on my cock I raised her legs in the air till she is on her back and spread her legs so that her asshole is clearly visible and inserted my cock in her ass and started fucking her, she started moaning loudly that “Ravi enna idi
My asshole will tear, aaahhh don’t stop fuck my ass aaahhh fuck me hard harder aaaahhhh and she came with a loud moan and hugged me tight. And I removed the condom and came on her belly and applied the whole cum to her boobs and massaged them nicely it was 2 am and we both are so tiered that we cant even go to the washroom to clean ourselves, so we landed in each others hands and slept hugging each other.
Her boobs were sticky with my cum and salty to taste but she liked it and we slept like that hugging and our legs crossed touching each others private parts. In the morning we thanked each other for the wonderful night we offered ourselves and had a very good parting kiss and Chandan welcomed me to stay with her for the next night also which I readily agreed and said goodbye to her and came out of the room
After she locked the room I rang the ball of Naveen’s room and when he opened I just wished him as if I am coming from home and went inside, thinking of what happened in the night and what would happen on the next night. We had a great time in the next night, we had sex in Kama sutra way by watching the movie and candle light naked dinner and candle light fuck which ill narrate in my next posting. Please send me comments about the story. Thank you for reading my experience

Devi in Outdoor

This happened a year back when my wife was on maternity. Since she had some trouble during the delivery we were asked not to involve in sex for minimum of 8 months till the stitches are healed. Having lost almost more than a month before delivery without sex, I was going crazy and unable to concentrate on my work. Every day I would watch porn videos on internet and that was driving me even crazier.

My wife has a habit of forwarding messages to her friends from my mobile and apparently she sent to one of her friend, who didn’t store our number. She sent the message late at 1am to her friend Devi. While I was at work the next day afternoon I got a missed call from some number. Since I am in sales I cannot afford to miss any of my clients call and called that number immediately.
Soon I learned that it is a female and I kept asking who is on the line. Since her voice was so rude, I didn’t leave any information and cut the call in within minutes. Even after that she kept giving missed call and that disturbed me. Later I told some fake name and she said that her name as Jeni and we decided to talk after my work. When I called her in the evening she said that she likes my voice and style of language.
She like the way I called her immediately after the missed called and enquired who this is. As we spoke, we started giving fake build-up about our jobs, marital status, likes and dislikes make her feel comfortable I did say her voice is also good and I will be happy to hear a song. With out even a request she started singing a song from a latest movie.

Then the friendship started with sms updates, calls after meals etc., Within few days the conversation drove to height, weight, complexion, love, romance, past affairs, what she likes in men and I like in women etc., Then we started speaking in double meaning and later she told me she is feeling horny and is trying to masturbate with thin deodorant can and it is chill.
I become horny and said that I have a deodorant can and that is warm, she asked me which brand and I said I will give her later as it won’t be available in shops because it is imported. She was disappointed and in two days she expressed that she wanted to meet. I was already running crazy and want to see her, but wanted to know whether she is genuine or not. I decided to speak frankly and told her about me.
After telling she said sorry and cut the call. I felt something wrong. I sent many messages and for all that the reply was just “OK” or “sorry for disturbing you” and was disconnecting my calls. I was terribly angry and called her the next day from a land line and she picked. I asked what happen, she said its “Devi” my wife’s friend and she thought somebody else and started talking dirty.
She was also cursing me for cheating my wife, I was bit upset and told her and explained my situation about not having sex for 2 months and I couldn’t concentrate on my work etc. she said spoke to softly and started motivating me. She called me the next day when I was in temple and I couldn’t attend the call and sent “I am in temple” she asked why suddenly and I told her that today’s my birthday.
She said that she wanted to meet me today somehow. I accepted her offer and decided to meet in the evening at a railway station; she is from outskirts of Chennai. Since, I haven’t seen her before so I was imagining about her to the best of myself. But it was a shock to see a short and dark (75%) female with an ugly chudi. I completely lost interest; since she was speaking nice I decided to stay.
As promised before I decided to drop her back near her home which is more than 30 kms from the railway station. Then she sat on my bike and was riding on a road which was severly damage after the rains. Every few metres there were pot holes and I was applying brake and was getting a kiss of her soft tennis balls. Initially I hesitated, but later started enjoying those soft punches at my back.
Soon I could feel harder punches with her tennis balls becoming like a cricket balls. I understood she is becoming horny. She came closer to me and started speaking about my life and sex vaccum in my life. She said that she is also feeling horny after watching a porn movie in her cousin’s computer and longing to get fucked. Then we started forgetting that she is my wife’s friend and even she.
Later she asked me whether I am feeling her boobs becoming firm and I said yes and said even my cock is becoming firm. Within no time she started kept her arm around my waist when we jumped on a speed breaker and slowly slided her hand to my pants. She caressed my pants and said she is feeling the bulge. By then we were half way through and she started holding it firmly as we were on a highway and none can see us.
My cock really wanted to come out to fuck her, but I was trying to control not to do it. It was at 9pm we entered into a military area where in the night almost its pitch dark and none will be there. I asked her permission to touch her balls, but she said my touch is not enough and if I am going to just touch she doesn't want it. I told her that I will suck it, hearing this she held my hands and guided it to her breasts.
Imagine, there is none in the road, pitch dark and I am driving bike slowly but my one hand is pressing it – what an uncomfortable position I was in. I stopped my bike in the side of the road and turned to press it with two hands, but stilled found it really uncomfortable. I just got down from my bike and parked it alongside the wall and made her to sit on it and started pressing it comfortably by standing.
She started moaning and she was trying to hold my cock. Later I was scared of her moans and planted a deep kiss on her mouth and she started biting her like chewing gum. Later I wanted to suck it, so I told her to control he moan so that I can suck it for long. She accepted it and I raised her chudi and removed her bra hooks to get a way to take it on my mouth. I started sucking it, biting,
I started giving love bite, and she wasn’t able to control her moan and started increasing her voice. I slowed down and then she promised me that she will again control and then I sucked her hard for long. I was so nervous doing this in public that too in military area. My love bites were paining a lot and said she wants to see my cock. Then I made her to stand and I sat on the bike.
Since it was so dark that she wasn’t able to see it and switched on the torch in her mobile and said that this is bigger than her deodorant tin. She asked the warm imported tin which I told her before and I just said that, if she is feeling my cock warm, this is it. She was so tempted hearing this and asked me to hold the mobile and started sucking my cock. She started biting my cock with her teeth and it was pain and pleasure.
I was about to explode my cum and told her to stop it. She then stopped it and within no seconds of coming out her mouth I exploded on her neck, she stood up and by then it was all over her chudi. It was really embarrassing for me. But she just gave me smile and I said sorry. She said that it’s all because of her and she was happy that she could see my cock exploding on her so aggressively.

I offered her my hand kerchief and asked her to wipe it. She wiped and also my cock and kissed it deeply. I noticed a night guard coming in distance in bicycle and we decided to start moving. The moment we passed the guard she again kept her hand on my pants, but in the hurry I missed to zip my pant and she inserted her hand inside this time and started taking it out of my underwear and started holding it.
She pressed it and said that her breasts are paining and itching so much. Then I told her I wanted to touch her cunt and tried doing it while I was riding my bike. She guided my hand to her cunt and the moment I touched it she reached her climax and just leaned on me and exploded her fluid on my hands. She was completely wet and sticky. I badly wanted to fuck her but had no right place to do so and was afraid of the guards.
So for every 100 mts I was stopping and keeping my hand inside her cunt, caressing her breast and kissing her lips. Since I just exploded it will require another 30 mts to get ready for another round and it was already late for her. At 10 she started getting calls from home, so she wanted me to drop her near her area. I just dropped her at railway station near her area and she went, I started coming back to city. While I was on the way, I was getting continuous missed call from her.
I called her back and she said that I have exploded on her very badly and made her dress wet, when she noticed on lights it was so visible and had to cover her with open thupatta. She has heavy pain on her breast because of my love bites and said that her breast is full of reddish patches of love bite. She told me that she wants it all over her body next time even if it is paining. With this wonderful experience I started masturbating everyday and made her listen to the masturbation sound over phone. Later within days we decided to meet once again, but this time in afternoon.

My Office Cub

The work at office was hectic I looked at the time on the office clock. 11:15 pm. I had a customer message to solve. I had started working from 8 am in the morning and I was dead tired at 11:15 in the middle of the night I could not understand a single line of code written by me, let alone trying to figure out other's code. It all looked like matrix stuff. Something went wrong with our software bought by our customer.
Probably some smart ass changed some lines of code and the entire program went into infinite loop and now it’s up to me (offshore team as they would call it) to save the world here. I looked around from my cubicle, emptiness an array of empty tables and chairs, monitors , phones, white boards filled with threatening undecipherable algorithms, empty conference rooms where fiery heated discussions and exchange of ideas from one brain to another

I had taken place were now the only silent spectators to my quest to solve these bugs tonight. No living creature in sight near and far. Probably they were all sleeping comfortably in their bed. My manager had a heart made of pure 24 carat solid stone.He left sharp at 5 pm in his newly bought Honda city to avoid traffic. But before leaving he send his last e-mail addressed to me cc'ing the customer that the issue will be solved by EOD no matter what (of course end of day meant that my day should
Only end when the issue is solved even if it took me whole night and the next day morning to finish this.  He came by my seat before leaving and gave me his dumb smile. He did not have a clue what the issue was but he acted in such a way that if the issue had it been addressed to him he could have solved it in 10 mins straight. Hey Deeps! That’s his style of addressing me, short form for Deepti I think it won’t take long right?
Piece of cake for you: I kind a have a feeling that whenever he talks to me he looks at my breasts rather than my face. With my appraisal just around the corner I could do nothing but to give him my "Colgate" smile. His stare was still fixed on my breasts. He somehow got back to his senses and forced his eyes to look at my lips to be more exact. Mail me the status before you leave, dont forget that ok? I nodded and he smiled again and he left.
Here I was now still trying to fix this bug. My neck hurt like hell. My backbone was so strained that it could crumble anytime. My fingers hit the keyboard and it sounded like what? Typewriters! How hard do they make this keyboard nowadays? My brain had given up on this issue long back but I knew I had to somehow finish this. I went back to debugging. At close to 11:51 on my computer screen I finally figured out the solution.
Though it was quite simple I was in a state of bliss my neural network which understands logic still works. Thank God for that I jumped around in my cubicle I would have happily ran naked screaming eureka all around the office but that's madness.Couple of more years doing coding and I would reach that state too. Earlier today morning i randomly picked a shirt and a long skirt for work from my cupboard.
I felt so lazy to even choose a proper dress. This shirt was so loose fitting now. That’s cos I had lost a couple of kilos after I joined gym. I weighed 52 now pretty ok for my 5 ft 6 inch tall frame. I was 24 now and my mom had put up my new reduced weight pic in some stupid matrimony site along with the older one. Now my matrimony profile looked like some advertisement for some weight reduction programme.
Like those before and after sticker ad's that you find on some lamp-posts on the roadside. One picture in which, I looked kind of plump around my belly area and the other one where I was slim and trim. God save my mom and she gets these stupid calls from some junk punks who consider themselves nothing less than hunks asking for my hand in marriage nice try, mister!
I reject them outright much to my mom's disappointment, leaving that aside now, coming back to the office, thanks to the cost cutting measures in my company they promptly switch off the damn AC's at 6 pm. It got so hot that i had removed the top two buttons of my shirt. Though it did no good but i felt a bit relaxed as the air flowed in through the openings on top of my shirt and also through the sides of the sleeves. I wrote a long mail to the customer cc'ing my manager on how complex the issue was.
Of course the mail will have the time stamp which means they will know I was up late night. Happy with today work I called the security guard at the gate and asked him to allot me a cab home. We had this late night drop facility if in case some poor girl like me got dumped with work and had to fight all night to solve some nasty godforsaken issues that no one wants to take up.
The security called my extension and told me that there were no more official office cabs left so he had to arrange for some local cab service for my drop. It wilI take him some time before he could arrange me one I just wanted to hit my bed and sleep like a log. I dozed off in my seat. The office phone rang nonstop till my brain sensed some faint sound and ordered myself to come to my senses to pick it up. Hello, I murmurred.
The security had found me a cabbie that would drop me home at this ungodly hr. My watch read 12:17 am. My house was little far away from office. Takes me 1hour 45 mins to reach home in traffic but today I was hoping to reach in 1 hr at this time of the night. I packed up my stuff. I took the elevator down to the reception. I signed the register near the gate and the security guard pointed me to a white Tata Indica parked near the gate.
I went near the car the front door was open for me to sit. But there was no driver in sight. I sat in the front seat and pressed the horn. Coming, maimsaab, I heard the voice. I saw a man emerging out of the bush. He was taking a leak oooooh bloody hell! In my confusion to get home I had forgotten to take a leak myself. Out of the blue my bladders felt heavy as if some unknown force refilled my kidney with urine like those bartenders fill
Those pitchers with beer automatically when it’s empty in pubs forcing us to drink more and pay more. What a stupid comparison to state! I finally decided to hold on to all the liquid waste inside me till I reach home. The cab came and sat, closed his door. Touched the feet of a Ganesha's idol fixed on his front panel and murmured a silent prayer before turning on the ignition. Nice guy! I confirmed in my mind.
Normally they should send a security guard along with me but noone accompanied me today. But this cabbie looked decent with all praying and stuff. I decided not to panic and get some sleep on the way back. I opened the window and leaned back on the seat. Not much comfortable but the breeze started hitting my body and i felt cold as my sweat evaporated. I felt better. I opened window fully.
As he drove faster the wind started hitting me with stronger force. "You can adjust the seat, madam. The Cabbie spoke. He pointed me to a lever which pulls my seat backwards. Ofcourse i knew abt it. I pushed it back and now my seat became a semi sleeper bed. Nice, I leaned back and closed my eyes tried to get some much needed sleep. But the wind hit me hard. I had not tucked in my shirt,
Actually my shirt ended where my skirt started. I had not worn any slip inside. I wore a bra. The wind was trying to lift my shirt up and there was danger of my entire stomach being exposed to the driver. I held on to the shirt hard not allowing it to rise. But the wind was hitting me harder every second. I decided to close the window. I asked the cabbie to put on the AC. Non AC cab madam. Now it was like a toaster inside.
Nothing moved. The heat radiated from the engine making me sweat again. There was water in my bag and I drank it in a gulp. What a stupid thing to do. Shit! My bladder gave me an error message now, before it just showed a warning. We techies usually ignore the warning messages blindly. But error messages have to be solved. Now it sounded like a "Stack overflow exception where on mother India have you seen a toilet on the highway when you needed one urgently.
I prayed to god to make this drive back home faster. I was getting boiled alive inside the car.I was tired my eyes were drowsy and I feeling suffocated. The driver never gave a damn about my condition. He kept driving pretending like I never even existed. Can’t blame him, even he wanted to get back home. He looked like someone in mid 30's, father of 2 small kids probably, No mush thank god.
He did not fit the looks of a psychopath serial killer who hunts overworked, underpaid, bladderfull, suffocated, tortured, drowsy programmer on her way back home in the middle of the night nor did he? To hell with my thoughts I decided not to be so paranoid anymore. All I knew was that I will die in here with everything so hot. I decided to open my side of the window.
The wind came back and hit my face with full force I layed back on my seat. The wind now again got back to its previous job of lifting my shirt up. I kept my hand on my stomach. I had to apply some amount of force to keep the shirt from getting lifted. This was draining all my energy. I cursed myself for wearing this shirt today. I closed my eyes and slowly let the sleep take control of me. My hands started loosening its grip on the shirt.
My hands slowly slide away from my stomach, letting the wind take control of my body. I was too tired to resist. I could feel the wind hitting against the bare flesh of my stomach. It actually felt very nice. I had worn the skirt far below my belly button I knew I had to do something to cover my stomach but the feeling was so powerful that I let the wind touch me all over my stomach.
I regained my senses soon I was in a state of semi undress the wind had worked hard and lifted my shirt to the maximum extend possible till above my ribs. My skirt was loosely tied around my waist. I was sure the faint hair growth was surely visble. I immediately pulled down my shirt to cover my navel but the damage was done for sure and how long has this guy seen me like this? I looked at the watch still 12:40.
Probably for 7 minutes I would have dozed off. I looked at the driver there was no emotions on his face. Zombie movies would have been inspired by people like him. I again leaned back to my seat. The driver had also lowered the window at his side. There is no point now fighting with the wind, I relaxed and lay back. The wind immediately lifted my shirt high above revealing my navel. This time I did nothing to pull it down.
To hell with the driver and he has seen me in this state before. What’s the point of hiding it now. I tried to relax chai? The cabbie spoke again. What chai? He said he was feeling sleepy so needed one to stay awake. I said no. The thought of chai again made my bladder send a shooting pain to my pussy. I clutched my stomach. He looked at my stomach and then again to my face?
Do you have stomach pain, madam? I was actually letting this guy take a free view of my exposed navel now. I said No. The pain in my kidney was unbearable now and reached a stage where i ll end up dirtying his cab. I gathered up some courage and told him that i wanted to use the toilet urgently. He looked at my stomach again and said that there is no public toilet anywhere and i should use the bushes like he did.
I said no way. I ll hold on till we reached. He nodded and continued driving. The feeling was unconrollable now. I looked at the driver. He said there is a chai stall nearby and he will buy one chai and park the vehicle further away and pretend like he is drinking chai and meanwhile I can go and take my leak by walking little further away from the main road. Sounds intelligent! But will it work?

I asked him to stop where there will be no type of life forms within 1 km radius where I am going to pee. He gave me a disgusted nod. He stopped the car and bought 2 plastic glass filled with chai. He asked me to hold it. He told me even I can have the chai after taking the leak. Whatever I was dead scared now. Considering the fact that I let this cabbie see my navel show for free I should accept that now I have gained some experience in public exposing.
He stopped the car in a deserted area of course the vehicles behind us continue to speed past us. Had they known what I am up to, they would have surely slowed down to get their quota of free show.Educated, modern, sober woman pissing on the roadside. Wah! What publicity I gave him back the chai glass I kept my chai in front of the dashboard in front of me. I looked nervously all around. He looked at me and at his watch.
If you wait some more time Madam and you can piss in broad day light. Oh, he is making fun of me now. Yes, Yes, has your fun too I thought in my mind. I got out of the car. I started walking towards some bushes off the road.Madam! He called me from behind. I got scared and ran back to the car. What happened? Did someone come? No he replied incase if someone comes what will you do? He asked me?
I said i’ll run back to the car. What else? He looked at me again but did not speak back. I was getting frustrated now my stomach will burst any moment now. What, I shouted at him? Say it. He looked down and said? How can you run fast with your underwear between your legs? What? Oh ho like that? He was worried I will loose time to pull up my panty in case someone sees me.
So what should I do? I ll switch off the lights you can remove it here and keep it here in the car, wtf? I was shocked to hear this. I mean agreed he saw my navel, but come to think of this, every women's navel is exposed to a certain extend when they wear saree nothing to be ashamed off, but removing panty in front of a cabbie is a horror story. No, I told him. I am sorry madam; I was just worried about your safety that’s all.
Damn it! Why is this guy like this Ok, I said but, in one condition, you will not look this side. No problem madam.Actually my panty was wet and I did not want him to see it. What am I doing at 1 am siting inside this cab. I inserted my hand from below the skirt as I lifted my hand to reach for my panty. I realized that in this process I am also lifting my skirt along with my hand.
When my hand reached my thighs, even my skirt had also been lifted exposing my thigh. I looked at the driver and he was looking at the other direction. I cannot lift my skirt all the way up to my panty its stupidity. I let the skirt remain lifted till up to my thighs. I undid the knot of my skirt. Loosened it and inserted both my hands and pulled down my panty.
It was such a sloppy action that if the cabbie was looking he could have seen my entire assests clearly. I tried to calm myself down. I started taking long breaths. With some effort I pulled down my panty. I kept the panty back in my bag. But before I could tie the knot of my skirt and pull down the skirt from below my thighs. The cabbie turned towards me and asked if I am done. I screamed.
I tried to pull down my skirt hard but in that haste my hand hit the chai glass kept in front of me and the entire chai fell all over my shirt and skirt. I jumped as a reflex and my panty slid down further revealing the driver most portion of my ass. The cabbie in the confusion and tension automatically brought forward his hand and tried to wipe away the chai from my skirt pulling it further down bringing my vagina in his full view.
There was shock in his eyes. The pain of the hot tea touching my stomach and thighs was also unbearable. I went into hysteria and desperately tried to cover my modesty but it did no good as I stepped on my long skirt thereby pulling it further down. The driver understood my state of mind and clutched both my arms and told me to stop panicking. It’s alright I tried to cover my pussy with my hands. He again pressed both my arms with his hands and told me to calm down.
I regained my senses. There I was with my shirt lifted and my skirt half way down sitting in front of the unknown person. I stared at him. He opened a small compartment on his car and took out and cloth. He slowly wiped the chai from my navel. I was in a state of shock. I was drained and had no power to react. He sensed that. He removed my hand covering my vagina and slowly wiped the chai from there too.
He then slowly pulled down my skirt and removed it from below my legs. I was numb. He spread my legs apart and wiped the cloth in between my things and also wiped my vagina.I was sitting bottomless in a car now with this driver touching my private parts. Madam he shook me again. I did nothing to cover my vagina and he has seen me naked below my stomach.
No need of going to the bushes to pee, Madam, He said.. He stretched his hand and from back seat he pulled out a 1.5 ltr Miranda bottle and gave it to me. I gave him a confused look and he kept the bottle in between my legs and pressed the nozzle part near my pee hole. I was ashamed and humiliated, little aroused, can’t deny that, but yes, i peed inside that bottle with him watching me.
My mouth was dry and no words came out. It was like watcing a movie in mute. He took the bottle from me and closed it with a lid and threw it out of the window. It was 1:20 am and the roads were near deserted. I sat bottomless in the car too shocked to say anything. He then raised the window near my side. It was a black tinted glass and also raised the one in his side. My skirt was lying in the back seat.
He started the car and took it forward. I made no attempt to wear my skirt. I sat with my legs spread in the front seat. He stopped the car in a corner of a road. He then slowly made me lie back on my seat and pulled it back to the maximum extend possible. I was now lying flat on the seat. He slowly kept his hand on my thighs. I did not have the power to take his hand off.
My mind screamed that this was all wrong but I did nothing. He brought his hand and started removing my shirt buttons. He removed all my buttons and spread my shirt apart. I wore a black bra inside. He lifted me gently and removed my shirt. He slowly unhooked my bra from behind and removed that too. I lay stark naked in front of him. He bends forward and started massaging my breasts.
I left out a moan that’s the first sound that came out of me after a long time. He bend forward and started sucking my nipple this hand started fingering my pussy my vagina was so wet and it had expanded to accomodate not two but three of his fingers. I felt a shrudder through me as his fingers found my G Spot. I shivered and shook in his arms as he sucked my pussy clean. I was in such a state that i least cared about anyone seeing us in this state.
There was sound of the zip opening and I realized that I am going to get my first sex. But the cabbie did not insert his tiger in to me but pulled me towards him. I brought my face close to his penis. I was so aroused that I sucked his swollen head of his penis and drank his entire sperm when he cum. He fingered me again till I got multiple orgasms. I lay spent, naked next to the driver. He dressed but did not let me dress up.
He kept carressing me all the way home. When we neared my house and he openned his pant and I again asked for his much needed last blowjob and he kept pressing my breasts and licking my navel. I finally got the will to get out of the car and go home. I slept peacefully in my house. Shit! I did not even ask his name. I don’t care much though. Life is simple Enjoy it. Let’s not complicate it unnecessarily.

My Devoted Neighbor

My name is Achu. I am for the first time writing my real story. This has happened between my neighbor and me. I was 28 years old when this event took place in 2009. My physique was good, around 60 Kg weight and 5’5” height, handsome in looking. My house is in Nagarbhavi (Bangalore) society about 12 km away from the city. There was one bare plot close to my house. A person purchased it and built a house.

While the construction was going on his family members were regularly coming to see the progress in its construction. That time his wife speaks with my wife. Her name is Swati (name changed), gorgeous about 32 years old, 62 kg weight and 5’6” tall with firm breasts and a D shaped tight sexy ass. Well shaped may be 40-34-40, stout, good in looking and little bit fare in color. She has flat belly deep naval, plump and thighs with lots of space between them.
I think nature has made her for fucking. She is postgraduate and was taking classes of primary school students in their house. Later on as she become more familiar with my wife; they used to speak for longer time on this and that. She saw me many times but I never talked with her. But one day when they were talking, I went near to them and she told me about their bedroom size and other things and we had a discussion on it.
While talking, she was frequently looking at my crotch. When the house is ready in 2008; he, his wife and their two kids came to live in it. She started to come in our house almost two or three times in a week for exchanging cooking materials. She used to sit and talk with my wife and also with me for longer time. Many time I noticed that she is looking eagerly at me from her eye corner. I feel her sexually hungry.
I have gotten very friendly with her. In the seating position, either on chair or sofa, she was frequently crossing her legs with slight lifting of sari. While doing so I saw glimpses of her panty and small wet patch on it. One day she came to our house. I was in our bedroom and naked. While going in the kitchen she saw me and laughed. She blinked her left eye and went further; I was ashamed of and not given any attention.

I feel that it might have happened unknowingly. After two or three days she asked my wife if I can look at their sewing machine and repair it. So my wife told me to look at it and fix the machine problem. I hesitated and refused to do it. But she insisted on it and I went in their house. I opened the sewing machine and asked her to give me a screw driver. She brought it and handed to me. But while moving away she brushed her boobs on my back.
She sat with knees up near to me and was looking constantly at me with a smile on face. She pulled up her sari to her knees. I looked at her below down through the opening, there was no panty, outline of her pussy and a patch of hairs on pubic area was visible. The view was not that much good. I didn't give much attention towards her act as I was not expecting it from married women.
When I finished repairing and ready to leave, she asked me for a tea. While sipping a tea we discussed about their family and relatives. She told me that she has two brothers, father and mother. Her both brothers are wine addicted and being a sister they are not giving any attention. I told her that you may consider me just like your brother. That time she became nervous and tear came in her eyes.
Our houses are such that their kitchen windows and our stair hollow blocks are facing each other. The distance between the two windows is only around 6 to 7 feet. We are staying on 1st floor. While moving down or up on the stair; we see each other clearly through hollow blocks fitted in the rear wall of staircase. In this way about two months were passed. One day when I was going up; she looked at me and laughed.
I ignored it and thought that it might have laughed due to a joke between their family members. Next day she played a same trick and I came to the conclusion that she is doing all this purposely. Every day around 5 pm my wife is going for walk. On that day when nobody was at home; I sat on our middle stair steps she was also in their kitchen. . I was on Loongi and Baniyan.
When she saw me, she laughed and started looking at me constantly. I haven’t dared to speak. My penis was hard rod and had made a tent. My penis size is about 7” and diameter 1.5” when fully erected. Slowly I lifted my Loongi up, spread my legs so that she could see my hard cock clearly. She laughed and spoke “are you alone at home? I said, yes. Then she enquired about my son and wife. I told her that my wife has gone for walk and son at his friend’s house.
Mean while I noticed that she is looking at my hard cock through the block holes. She was adjusting her head such a way that she could be able to see the cock more clearly. I started rolling my left hand along the length of rod. Her eyes were sparked by looking at my huge cock. She was biting her lips with eager. Then she asked me for a tea. I went to their door.
I enquired about their other family members and she told me that her husband has went to Hyderabad for some work and will not come until next two weeks. My penis was still erect, she was looking at it and smiling and I was also looking at her boobs and crotch while we were talking. The tea was ready and she went in and bent down showing her round ass towards to me. Lining of her tiny panty was visible. She was in a low cut shear gown.
Her cleft was visible. Her nipples were protruding out through the shear cloth. We heard a sound nearby and I left her saying thanks for a tea. She waved her hand and said good bye in low sound. Next day morning again I played a same trick and went down. But that time all were at home and she told me that someone will see us, go away.
Now clearly I came to know that she is interested in me and I started thinking about her boobs, vagina, clitoris and ass. That night I dreamed about fucking to her and hardly slept for 2 or 3 hours. She told me afterward that same was her condition. At morning of the third day I was on our terrace and I went there purposely so that I can see her and nobody will see me. She was washing clothes in their open laundry.
Her boobs were half open and cleft between them and a bra was clearly visible. I said hi to her and waved my hands. She laughed and asked me to come down. I went down and stopped at a place so that nobody will see me except her. Mean while she finished washing, went inside and started to do a work in the kitchen. I was sure that she was alone.
I entered in their house through kitchen door, hold her hand and pulled her inside. She came with me; I kept one hand on her boob and pressed it. When I was going to take her in my arms, she told me that her father is coming and you should go. Immediately I ran from their house. Next day morning, at 9 am, I told my wife that I am going down to do some work in the garden. Swati heard a noise, came at kitchen window and laughed. I asked her, is there any one?
She shook her head and said no. Then she opened kitchen door. I immediately entered into their Kitchen, hold her hand and pulled her away from the door. Then I put my one hand on her waist and another hand on her boob and hugged her tightly to me. She pulled my head towards her and kissed me on lips passionately. At the same time I put one hand inside her gown and pinched her breast nipples lightly.
She was not wearing a bra. I fondled and pressed both the breasts. This was going on for 2 to 3 minutes. Then she said, father is coming, please go. Immediately I left her house. Again next day morning I stood on middle step of the stair and started looking at her through the holes. She laughed and blinked an eye. She was quite confident about to develop extra-marital relations with me and was looking horny.
I went down and she signaled me to come in their bedroom from back door. There are two bedrooms in their house. The bedroom which is on backside has two doors and one is opening from behind. She opened it and I went inside. She bolted both the doors from inside and started a fan. I hugged her tightly and she to me. I planted kisses on her chicks, lips and interlude our toungs passionately. She was in a gown.
I pressed her both boobs and pinched nipples by putting hand inside her gown from above. She was not wearing a bra. As we were not having sufficient time, I lifted her gown up, also there was no panty. She had come prepared for a fuck. Her pussy was nicely shaved. It was sexy and soft. Only the upper part of a pussy was visible. I asked her about a panty and bra.
She told me that she has removed both for me. I ordered her for spreading the legs. I kept one hand on her pussy mound and started caressing passionately, another hand on her one boob and mouth on second boob. I was sucking a hard nipple delicately holding it between my lips. She kept one of her hands on my bulge and was pressing it slowly. She aroused and started making a noise in low voice saying me that
I am yours, please fuck me, my pussy is waiting for you since I saw you. She was caressing my hairs. Both of us were breathing fast. She helped me to remove my panty and saw my hard, erect penis. Her eyes were sparkled by seeing my big tool. She moved her hand along its length; saw at me and laughed. Then she asked me to hurry up.
I asked her to bend down on knees. I followed her and went behind; saw her ass and a pussy between her ass chicks. Her outer cunt lips are not thick, but the clitoris is almost one inch long. I pulled clitoris and pinched. She arches her body I opened the pussy lips to see inside of the hole and the clit. Her love hole was small and reddish in color. I went mad by looking at her pussy.
By the time my rod became iron hard, straight, erected to its full size and was throbbing. I put one hand on her hip, spanked another hip and entered my middle finger in to her cunt hole and moved to and fro. The liquid came out and cunt became slippery. It was her first orgasm. Then I inserted two fingers and started finger fucking.
She moaned and groaned I loved to do this, the faster and harder I did she moaned louder and I responded to it. After one or two minute I stopped. I opened her pussy lips by one hand; I guided penis head at the opening of a hole by another hand and pushed. She ached, it was not going in. My penis head is huge and round, bigger than the size of remaining part of the penis.
Since I was fucking her first time, her vagina walls were not relaxed. I pushed my cock into her forcefully. I felt like tearing her pussy. She made a noise ouch I said “just relax my dear baby. Slowly I inserted two inch of it in her. Then I moved it to and fro. My penis was slowly going in then I suddenly plunged it forward. She made a noise ohssshhh.
I entered my rod into her to its full length and stopped. It might have touched to her womb. She was enjoying fucking and said yes, yes I want it, don’t stop, please do it for your randy lover, you are a good fucker. “Meri gand zawadi hai, tune meri gand fad di hai, aur fado ise, tuhi meri gand ko thanda kar sakta hai, pahele kabhi aisa maja nahi aaya, Kaha tha itane sal
(My cunt is hot, you have teared my cunt, tear it further, you are the only one who can satisfy my pussy, I have never enjoyed like this, where were you for last many years). Now she was relaxed and I was fucking her with my enormous piston. This gave her courage and as she is an experienced woman, her hips began to move forward and backward in unison.
She was trying to thrust her hips back as much as possible on my crotch. Soon our movements speeded up.  Her vagina wall was tightening around my penis. I caught hold her both boobs by my hands and started pumping her pussy violently, Each time when penis tip hammers to her womb, she was making a noise ohssshhh. Mean while she said fuck me, fuck me, dear fuck me,
Harder and harder tera lund bahot bada hai, meri gand usse chahati thi, tera lund mere gand ko bahot accha thokata hai, abhitak mere patine kabhibhi meri gand aisi thoki nahi ” (You have a big dick my pussy wanted it, your prick is pounding my pussy properly, my husband have not fucked me like this at yet). You are my dear. Immediately she had an orgasm. I
t came in waves and she gave out a heavy moan. Her uterus, G-spot and cunt lips were well lubricated. I positioned myself and moved such a way that my cock rubbed on all sides of her vagina. It gave me immeasurable pleasure. I fucked her almost 10 minutes and finally I told her that I am cumming. She told me to come inside; I want you become a father of my child. I shot my semen deep inside her; when it was over slowly
I started removing my penis, but it was not coming out due to contracted vagina wall. Perhaps she wanted to take all semen in. Her pussy was filled with my cumm and her juice. Finally as soon as I removed it, some semen was oozing out through the love hole and the love hole was almost to my penis size. She cleaned my penis by a napkin. I put on a panty, kissed her and ran away to my house.
She closed the door behind me. After half an hour she opened kitchen windows, saw me and laughed. She was little bit shy. Satisfaction was flowing over her face. By waving hands, in low voices she said to me, now you are mine”, we are made for each other. On the same day afternoon she gave me a miss call. I went down to see her. She was at their kitchen door and told me that nobody is here and asked me to come in.
As soon as I entered in their kitchen, she closed the door, took me to their bed room, hugged me tightly and started crying. I was frightened and asked her what has happened? She said nothing and told me that she wanted a fuck right now. We caressed each other. I removed her sari, panty and bra. She was totally naked before me. Then I asked her to remove my dress.
She took off my belt, removed my panty and T shirt. My penis was ready and stood erect. She kissed its tip and leaked. She used another hand and pulled on my balls down. She was really mad. She then took the rod in her mouth and started sucking and licking to its full length and her fingers were pinching my balls. She was not ready to leave it. My penis head was now just like a cherry.
By the time I was finger fucking her. Then we took a 69 position and leaked each other genitals. I flicked her clitoris and she gave me a good blow job. After that I told her to lie on a bed and climbed on top of her. She spread her legs more widely for the easy access, took my penis in her hand and held its tip at her vagina opening and slowly I inserted it into her. She put her legs on my shoulders.
There was lots of space between her thighs. I played with her boobs, sucked the nipples when I was inside her. I started pumping her vagina furiously with all my power. A plak, plak, plak sound was coming from her cunt and that made me mad. I kept on stroking her very hard. She was looking at me constantly during a whole session and moving her ass up when I was about to insert a cock into her at its full length.
The whole room was filled with our bodies slapping. She asked me to go fast and hard and I increased the speed and banging hard on her pussy. I went on fucking till she reached at her orgasm. Soon she frantically humped and wave of orgasm flooded her. Then suddenly she started clutching my prick inside her, she moaned and with a strong jerk she relaxed.
Constantly I was hammering her cunt, deeper and harder, for almost fifteen minutes and finally spurted a semen load at the opening of her womb. When I was removing my cock, she tightened it by contracting her vagina wall; she wanted more and more of my cock! This time there was no oozing of semen from her vagina hole. We remain still and lie there in each other’s arms for half an hour and exchanged our body heat.
She had a great fucking desire. She brought me in the bathroom, applied soap to my penis and crotch, washed and dried it by napkin and finally she exclaimed “what a good penis you have?” She said this is the best fuck she ever had in her life and thanked me and hugged me, we were still naked and we didn’t want to separate. I asked her whether her hubby’s penis and mine is same.
She said his is small and yours is almost double. She told me that she was dreaming to fuck me and have a life time extra-marital relation from a very first day that she saw me. She kissed me, and said “You can have me whenever you want!”. After this event we fucked almost every day and night, at least two times, in her house as long as her hubby was away.
We fucked in all positions and enjoyed a real fucking. Always she wanted me to fuck her in doggy style and put semen at the opening of her womb. One day she told me that her monthly is stopped and obviously I was a father of her child. We had a serious discussion on it. I told her that if the child looks like me then there will be a problem. She realized the situation and dropped it.
Later on we saw a blue film on their TV when her hubby and children went to their native place. I gave her a long fuck. I taught her how to fuck in different positions; and now she is a good fucker like a professional whore. We are habitual and we know each other’s needs very well. She always takes liberty and women know how to take liberty whenever she has a desire.
My dear Swati has a great drive for fucking and she is always ready for me when she gets a liberty. Many times we fucked in our houses, in the garden during night and in the open field even in a day time. From the day she has developed a sexual relation with me, she became more healthy and attractive. Her husband has a suspicion on us but luckily all is not known to him.
We were fucking at least once in a week with same eager and energy. Interestingly she managed a gap of two or three days when she has me after her husband had her for a fuck. T my request, many times she showed me a full view of her naked body at the terrace door hiding her from others. I know each and every birth mark on her body.
There she uses to show me her pussy with parted lips by seating down on floor with knees up. I also showing her full view of my muscular body and erected penis through our bed room window. In one summer we went for ride on a bike. After travelling a long distance we were thirsty. There was a well and sugar cane field closer to the road. We parked our bike and sat on flat heap of tiny stones under the tree near the well.
The place is circulated by big heaps of material taken out at the time of well digging. Nobody was going to see us. In the seating position, I opened my trouser flap and she removed her panty. I took my cock out and she gave me a good blow job and I also finger fucked her by putting hand inside her sari. Then she asked me to fuck her. I took her inside the sugar cane field and fucked her in doggy style below the open sky in the bright sun light.
When I was ready to cum, I ordered her to take it in your mouth. She obediently followed my order and took every drop of it, showed me with wide open mouth. It was white and thick; she gulped it in one move. While coming back to home, she told me that she wanted a girl child from me so that in the form of a child our sweet memories will be with her always.
She is treating me as a boyfriend and she assured me that our relation will last long till she is alive. I never asked about her age. Now the family moved to another nearby city due to a transfer of her hubby. But we never forget to meet and fuck at least once in a month. Four months before to this date (31st Dec. 2011) I brought her in the nearby forest. We crossed a small hill and sat under a big tree on a blanket. I asked her “are you Ok?
She said, jab tak tu mere sath hai to muze koi chinta nahi ( I have no fear whenever you are with me). She removed her trouser and tiny panty just before me, pussy was cleanly shaved and was shining, sat down and pissed and I was looking at it. I helped her to remove her bra. Her breast buttons were erect and pointed. We lie down on blanket and immediately started our work. She sucked my toung. She is great for sucking.
I massaged her boobs and thighs by my palm, kissed each part of her body, fondled and sucked her boobs, finger fucked her by four fingers at a time. I asked her to kneel down. She took my whole cock in her mouth, gagging slightly. She gave me wonderful blow job, no teeth and only lips and tongue playing circles around my head, it was amazing.
As nobody was going to hear us I started spanking her with no mercy. With every spanking she was dripping out a liquid from her pussy. Her ass became reddish due to spanking. But she never asked me to stop it. I fucked her in doggy style and asked her to lie down. I banged her from behind with her one leg up. She then moved on top of me, guided my penis by her hand and fucked me by circulating her ass in rhythm and moving up and down.

I took her down without uncunting and moved on top of her, parted her legs wide. I hammered her with all my power without stopping. She placed her legs on my shoulders. Sound was coming from our body slapping. I crushed and fucked her such a way that she will remember our love making forever. She was screaming like a whore. This was the first time I heard her scream.
Our pubic hairs and genital parts were totally sticky and slippery due to her constantly flowing love juices. Finally I pressed her pubic area so hard, my cock went deeper into her, she closed her eyes, moving her ass up she screamed loudly and I spurted hot semen load into her womb. Simultaneously she had a long intense orgasm and she was tightening her vagina.
A longitudinal (contraction followed by relaxation) waves passed through her vagina. She was milking me. After that I relaxed on her body. My dick was still in her vagina. We both were heaving and kissing. She was caressing my back. I lied on her flat body, I didn’t know for how much time, my prick was limp and I took it out. This time not a single drop came out from her pussy.
She might have taken all semen in her womb. Her pussy was reddish, swollen and cunt hole was clearly visible. We both sighed. We were hot and completely wet from our body sweating. In low voices she said “Agar tum mere pati hote to mai har rat tuze chodhne ko kaheti” (if you were my husband, I might have asked you for fucking in every night)
We hugged each other in our arms and remained in slipping position almost for one hour with my middle finger in her pussy. My penis was in her hand. The air stream was cooling our bodies. There I asked her, why you have not tried before as soon as we come to know each other? Then she told me, it was in my mind from very first day we became a neighbor, I was frequently coming to your house only for that purpose, but
I was frightened that perhaps you will consider me as bad women and will tell about my character to your friends. What about it now? She said, I have a faith on you and you are my dear lover. You are so good mentally, physically as well as sexually. I asked about her college life and boyfriends if any. She said, yes, I had one but we didn’t fucked. Are you lying? She said, no; I swear there is nothing to hide from you. Was he handsome?
She smiled and said no, he was weak and short. Are you not satisfied by your husband in bed? She mentioned that the love is important rather than satisfaction; sexual satisfaction is required for long lasting affectionate love and she is a devoted lover. After that she asked me to fuck her again. My cock was not standing. She made it to stand but was not that much hard. I didn’t want it but for her satisfaction I decided to go for it.
I sat on blanket and asked her to sit on my lap. She came closure and kept her hands on my shoulder. Her Pussy was just in front of me. I kissed on her pussy. It was salty. She lowered her ass slowly and I guided my cock towards her love hole. It was going in. When cock was on his right way; my prepuce strained. Then I put both the hands behind and below her hips and lifted up.
She did upward and downward movement with my support and my penis buried into her. She started moving up and down. I felt my penis going in and out of her vagina. It felt like heaven. I could see her face filled with joy and her big breasts dancing and brushing my face. Soon she frantically humped and wave of orgasm flooded her. Then she put her both legs around my waist, hands around my back and head on my shoulder.
She sighed and relaxed. She was looking in my eyes and kissing softly on my lips. I was massaging her ass cheeks. Her vagina was twitching and I was throb my cock. We were in heaven. We stayed in that position for long time and then I asked her to kneel down. Her pussy was dripping juices. I started fucking her in doggy style with powerful strokes. With each thrust she was moaning. My cock was moving in and out.
I don’t know for how much time I was stroking her but finally I shot a load and took it out. Our mixed viscous juices were coming out through her love hole. I was too tired and heaving heavily. Then she took the cock in her mouth and sucked and dried. It was paining. Then we took a food which we brought with us. We feed each other. We were there for three hours.
She was not ready to leave the place. While coming back I asked her “Are you satisfied? She said “Yes, I am”, jab pagal bhais ko achha bhaisa milta hai to bat banati hai (Obviously this happens when a randy female buffalo and strong male buffalo comes together) Agale janam me tu hi mera pati hoga, ye meri khwoish hai” ( You will be my husband in next age, this is my ambition)
Whenever I asked her for fucking, she never said no. In spite, she is quarreling with me for a fuck. She has a great drive for fucking and she is really a reliable fucking machine. After three weeks, she called me on phone and told me that she is pregnant and I am a father of her coming child. Later on I came to know that the child is a daughter.
Her husband is happy for having a daughter to them and he is eagerly waiting for her birth but actually he doesn’t know about a real father of their child. This story is 100 percent true and is based on my real experience, all names changed for privacy. If you like it, you please send me a response mail on. Do not forget to write for the sake of friendship and may be for something else.