One Night with Chandan

I am Ravi kumar from Nellore town in Andhra Pradesh and also a regular visitor and reader of the sex stories. I am here to narrate my real hot experience in Nellore with a sexy girl by name Chandan who is from Bangalore. This wonderful incident happened last week when I came to my native place Nellore from Hyderabad for a short stay.
That evening around 7pm I went to meet my friend at DR Uttama hotel, as he was coming from Chennai and asked me to wait at the reception. I was waiting for him and going through the magazines that were placed in the reception lounge. While I was busy reading the magazines I heard a car coming in the corridor and wished it would be my friends and headed towards the car. But out of my surprise a young
Pretty hot lady in a formal pant and executive shirt with all the curves at right places got down and she was giving some instructions to the driver as I was close to her she just turned around and smiled at me and asked me to bring the luggage inside and went to the reception. I was shocked for a moment and without any other option I had carried her bag to the reception where she is collecting the keycard of the room she has already booked.
Then the miracle happened, booking clerk asked her whether the room is single occupancy or double occupancy looking at me carrying her luggage, she boldly said single and signalled me to hand over her luggage. Then the booking clerk understood what happened and said her that I am not an employee there and then she realised that she mistook me as the employee of the hotel and asked me to carry the luggage.

She apologized me for what has happened and shook hands with me ( her hands were soft as silk) and introduced herself as Chandan from Bangalore who is on a visit to her company branch office and offered me coffee. I readily agreed and said ill definitely join for coffee after I meet my friend. She agreed and gave her number and asked me to call her when I am free and she went to her room after chitchatting with me for ten minutes.
As I said he looked very pretty and hot in the dress she was wearing. She had a huge pair of boobs and a very nice ass which were showing their curves in the tight dress she was wearing. I could figure out she would have a 34-28-36 figure out of appearance and I really fantasized fucking her very badly. After waiting for around 20 minutes my friend has arrived and we met at the reception. As he was taking a room I insisted him to take room no 215 and he took the same.
As I know that Chandan has occupied 214 and it would be my chance to meet her there. Later we moved into our room along with my friend and he got freshen up and left to his relatives house in the town and told me that he would be coming late. The time was 8.30pm. Then I tried to call up Chandan but there was no response for 3 calls and I got a reply message saying that I am busy and ill call you back
I thought she would be busy and waited for her call. At around 9pm my mobile rang and it was Chandan and started speaking with a sweet voice, and I enquired about not answering my call and she replied that she was in shower. I asked her about the coffee treat she owe me, she smiled and asked me to meet me at the restaurant in 10mins, for which I proposed her that we can have it in the room itself and there was silence for a
Moment and she agreed and asked me where am I and she was a bit shocked and happy to find me in the room next to her. I was happy to hear from her and went and rand her door bell and after a moment she opened the door and welcomed me inside. As soon as she saw me she apologized once again for what happened back at the reception and offered me a chair to sit. The room she has taken has two beds and
I asked who is going to occupy the second bed and she said in a smiling manner “you and we started chit chatting. She looked even sexier in her night pant and low cut top with her bra outline visible and I could get a glance of her cleavage when she bends a little towards me. We started chatting for a while and she said that she is a trainer for a reputed Hardware company from Chennai and she was on a training camp in Nellore for two days.
She also said that she had a very hectic schedule on that day and she is really tiered. Then I asked her for coffee and she started to order but I asked her to stop and asked her who will have coffee in this time shall we have something even better and she asked what was that. I asked her whether she has a habit of boozing and she said yes. Bingo that’s what I wanted and I called up room service and ordered a bottle of vodka and some snacks and a sprite.
She was watching me at the corner of her eye. Then she sat relaxed in the chair and stretched her legs and hands, while doing so I could notice her top moved up a bit and I could see her bellybutton and flat belly for some extent. Some thing started happening in my pants and I tried to cover it. As I could see her she is looking a bit tiered I asked her to relax on the bed for which she said she is ok with the chair.
When I asked her about whether she has a boyfriend she said she used to have but they split before 6months.and we started chatting about our lives and she said that her boyfriend used to take good care of her in all aspects and she started to open up herself slowly about her relationship with him and other things. Then the doorbell rang and the things ordered by me were being brought and placed on the table.
I paid the bill and tipped the bearer with a 100rs and asked him to hang a do not disturb tag on the door knob after I close the door. Due to all the chatting with chandan for a while she was comfortable with me and when I asked her whether she is ok with a total stranger like me in a hotel room with a bottle of vodka. Any thing could happen for which she said lets see
Ravi who will win if something happen and laughed loudly for which I said in my mind eeroju chance isthae nee noru pooku gudda lo naa madda petti dengakundaa vadalanu ninnu (given a chance I won’t leave you without fucking your mouth pussy and sexy ass dear) and I also laughed loudly. Then as if I forgot some thing I said that I did not lock my car and ill go and lock it and come back in5 mins for which she agreed,
I rushed down and went to the pharmacy and bought a pack of KS wet and wild condoms and rushed back to her. By the time I came back she was changed to her silk shorts revealing her wheatish velvety thighs and a matching spaghetti top which I did not expect. Sorry for boring you guys with all this nonsense the real fun starts now. We sat opposite to each other and I started serving the vodka and we had downed two rounds in a short time and the liquid started doing magic.
And in the third round she asked me not to add anything and she had the vodka as a shot and stated coughing. And I got up from the chair and started patting softly on her head ass she was sitting in the chair and I was standing in front of her patting her head, I can clearly see her boobs from top, as she got settled I offered her some drink in my glass which is diluted with sprite while standing in front of her
She has taken two sips and swallowed and thanked me and while having the third sip she again got cough and started coughing while the drink is in her mouth as a result she sprayed it all over my cock area as I was standing in front of her, out of quick reflexes she started wiping the drink on my pants and she could feel the semi erect cock which became hard due to watching her boobs, she realised what she has done and stopped and blushed a bit.
And I asked her that she has to clean my pant of the drink, I got bold and stood infront of her face and requested her to clean, she understood what I wanted and started to wipe it with her hands and I asked her to do it with mouth, she started biting my pant and started squeezing my cock, then I poured some drink in her cleavage and she understood what I wanted and got up and kissed me on my lips. We kissed for a long time holding each other and moved towards the bed.
I started removing her top and she wore a bra inside, then I started licking the drink I spilled on her cleavage over the bra and started squeezing her boobs. She has a hell of a boobs, after asking her the size of her boobs she whispered 36 in my ear and started sucking my ear lobe , I got more aroused for the act and started fondling her and licking her all over, later I knelt and started eating her belly button and inserted my tongue in it
And started playing with it and my hands went inside her silk shorts from back side and started squeezing her ass, as she was not wearing a panty beneath the shorts I occasionally could feel the wetness of her pussy while massaging her ass and asshole, she got very hot to handle and removed her bra and silk short and man a love goddess with a wheatish complexion 36-30-36 figure stood infront of me inviting me to have the love juices oozing from her lovely pussy, she had a clean shaven pussy and armpits.
As I am not in a position to control a made her to lie down on the bed, folded and spread her legs and I was uncontrollable as to which part I have handle first as her mouth, boobs ,navel , pussy and asshole are visible and each one is more tempting and even more inviting than other. Chandan looked at my confused face and got up and started kissing me on the lips and pulled me over her and
I started hugging her and rolled on the bed while kissing, then she whispered in my ear while circling my earlobe, “ Ravi, enna yosikarae, I am yours for the whole night, treat me as your whore as your bitch tonight, yenna vaayi,koodi,soothla unga poola vecchi yenna fuck pannu daaaa”( fuck me in my mouth pussy and ass as you like dear) then I started getting naked and removed my dress and stood naked infront of her,
She admired my body in the dim light and started feeling me all over my body, then we stopped for a while and had another round of drinks and the we started all over again, we started hugging and kissing each other and lied on the bed, my hard erect cock was touching her clean shaven pussy and my cock can feel the heat and wetness of her pussy. The feeling was great. Then we broke the kiss and lied on our backs, she started playing with my cock
I with her pussy I started fingering her, she started moaning loudly ,and suddenly she got up and started eating my cock so badly that as if my cock is being separate from my body with a great hand job, and man to be frank she is an expert in blowing ( which I came to know later that she blows her boss twice a day in her office), later we got ourselves adjusted into 69 position with her on top and we started eating each other,
She started sucking me deeply and playing with my balls and I started eating her pussy and started fingering her asshole. her clean shaven pussy was so delicious to eat that I could not resist spreading it and licking the clit and pinching it, as I pinched her clit she had a soft moan aaaahhh Ravi your killing me and then I started licking her asshole and fingering her pussy, I inserted two fingers in her pussy and bit her asshole softly, for which she had a sudden shiver in her body
And said ooouuccchhhh and started deep throat me and as I was about to cum I asked her not to stop and do it fast, and I started fingering her very fast two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass and she started moaning we both came at a time and she swallowed all my juices and I licked her pussy clean, then we slept in each others arms for some time kissing each other and she playing with my limp cock which is coming to life by the touch of her soft palm.

Then we started for the real thing, I asked her whether she is ok to have sex without condom, she denied and insisted for a condom, and she was surprised by my move of taking a pack of condoms from nowhere, then I told her how I got them and she was pleased. Without wasting any time she got up and sucked my cock and brought to life and put a condom on it and without warning sat on me and guided my cock into her
Wet hot dripping pussy and started humping like a cowgirl, and I could not miss the view of her magnificent boobs jiggling for each stroke and I started playing and squeezing them, after some time is sat and hugged her while fucking kissed her and my both hands squeezing her ass, ant tried to insert a finger in her asshole which I succeeded and she was in seventh heaven, later I removed my finger from her asshole and made her lick that finger and she almost bit it.
Then I made her to lie down on her back and lifted her legs in the air and started pounding her hard and the room is completely filled up with the aroma of vodka sex and our passionate moans. She is Cumming and I noticed it and started to fuck her even hard and in a moment she pulled me over her and held me tight for some time and enjoyed her deep long orgasm. Later I made her to be on all fours and
I started fucking her in doggy style, for which she started responding and started giving back thrusts which I liked, I fucked her doggy style for a while and stopped, then I took out my cock from her pussy and started lubricating her asshole with my saliva and tried to insert my cock in her asshole, but it was a bit tight so she adjusted herself for an anal fuck and held my cock and guided slowly into her well lubricated asshole
And people to be frank the tightness of her asshole made me to cum in less than 10 strokes but that was great. Later I removed the condom and we both went to bathroom and freshened up. While in the bathroom I hugged her from backside in such a way that my semi erect cock rested in between her ass crack and below her hands I brought my hands forward and opened her pussy lips standing and made her pee on the wall, later
She held my cock and made me pee and we had a small shower together, she gave me a good blowjob under the shower, and I made her cum by spraying water on her clit with the hand shower. We came out of the bathroom and took another drink and slept naked on the bed for some time. In the mean time my friend has arrived from his relative’s house and called me as I was not in the room, I told him that
I had some work and I had to go home and told him that ill meet him in the morning. She heard the conversation and asked who it was, told her that was my friend Naveen from Chennai who came to Nellore for a business trip. She looked curious about him and started asking more questions about him, I diverted her and started massaging her navel and belly and started circling near her crotch area for which
She started moaning softly and kissing me and licking my face, I started licking her hard nipples and slowly I mounted on her, she spread her legs wide inviting my cock in to her, after putting a condom on my cock I raised her legs in the air till she is on her back and spread her legs so that her asshole is clearly visible and inserted my cock in her ass and started fucking her, she started moaning loudly that “Ravi enna idi
My asshole will tear, aaahhh don’t stop fuck my ass aaahhh fuck me hard harder aaaahhhh and she came with a loud moan and hugged me tight. And I removed the condom and came on her belly and applied the whole cum to her boobs and massaged them nicely it was 2 am and we both are so tiered that we cant even go to the washroom to clean ourselves, so we landed in each others hands and slept hugging each other.
Her boobs were sticky with my cum and salty to taste but she liked it and we slept like that hugging and our legs crossed touching each others private parts. In the morning we thanked each other for the wonderful night we offered ourselves and had a very good parting kiss and Chandan welcomed me to stay with her for the next night also which I readily agreed and said goodbye to her and came out of the room
After she locked the room I rang the ball of Naveen’s room and when he opened I just wished him as if I am coming from home and went inside, thinking of what happened in the night and what would happen on the next night. We had a great time in the next night, we had sex in Kama sutra way by watching the movie and candle light naked dinner and candle light fuck which ill narrate in my next posting. Please send me comments about the story. Thank you for reading my experience