Mandy was super intelligent.  She was a post graduate student at Columbia University and she believed in all those new ideas and modern thinking that her parents didn’t have a clue about. Most of her friends were female but that was kind of normal in her circle of friends and associates.  Of primary interest was the fact that at 23 years of age Mandy was still a virgin.
She had all the requisite encounters with horny schoolmates and even a very strange interlude with an inquisitive male friend of her parents whose cock was the first she had ever touched.  Her roommate at college was overtly bisexual and never tired of trying to get her in bed for fun and games. After she had passed a difficult exam about 2 months ago, she did allow her roommate Samantha to remove her panties with her teeth.  She giggled the entire time and was still giggling when “Sam” introduced her to the pleasures of oral-genital lovemaking.  Mandy remembered how nicely her pussy tingled with Sam’s tongue buried deep inside.
After that adventure, Mandy appreciated Sam’s company a little bit more and even started to pick up her dirty clothes and clean up the bathroom after she used it with her annoying typical careless attitude.  Mandy was certain she was not a true lesbian but she did start to enjoy the nice kisses Sam allocated to her in the privacy of their dorm-room.  She also enjoyed how Sam toyed with her breasts and nipples when they were sitting alone studying or watching the TV.
When she came home late one night after studying at the library, she was startled to see her best friend on all fours on top of her bed mounted by the obviously male body of Rodney Stein from her Economics class.  They were so engrossed in their doggy style coupling that they were not even aware of her presence.  Mandy just sat on the edge of her bunk and watched the well-endowed Rodney slurping noisily into Sam’s well-lubricated pussy.  Sam’s whimpers made Mandy so enflamed with passion that she started to push a number of her fingers into her own over-heated slit as she sat entranced with the scene.
She estimated Rodney’s cock to be at least 7 inches in length but it was difficult to tell for sure as he never really withdrew it all the way.  It was his thickness that worried her a bit.  She knew her own tight little pussy could never begin to accommodate such a size and was astonished that her best friend Sam was taking it all in so easily. Fortunately for Mandy, she was able to achieve her own release a short time before the two doggy-style lovers reached their orgasm.
Quickly she pulled down her short skirt and wiped her fingers on her scarf still in place around her neck.
Rodney was the first to see her.  His eyes opened in shock when he saw her sitting silently on the bed.  The young man’s throbbing cock was dripping Sam’s female juices big time and Mandy could see it was definitely longer than she had estimated.  He was a bit shy and hid his equipment from her hungry gaze as he scurried into the tiny bathroom.
Sam got up a little shakily from the bed.  Her legs were still a bit wobbly and her seepage was apparent.
“I didn’t expect you back so soon, hon.  It ain’t what you think.  Me and Rodney are just friends.  He knows how to scratch my itch when I need it bad.  I just had to have it, roomie.”
Mandy was not upset in the least little bit.  In fact, she was glad to see her friend getting it nice and good like that.  The only thing that bothered her was the fact that she was still cherry at her age and it just did not seem normal. 
Mandy thought of asking Sam if she could “borrow” Rodney to perform the dirty deed, but she was still a little leery of the depth of their relationship.  The last thing she wanted to do was to cause a problem with her back-scratching girlfriend.
When Rodney came out of the bathroom, he looked at the girls a little sheepishly and double-checked his package to make sure it was stored properly.  Mandy made a point of bending over to pick up her books from the floor giving the young man a clear shot at her red thong and shaved pussy.  She could tell he was interested by the way his trousers started to tent up immediately.  He had to be heavily sexed to be so quick to recover after the bout with Sam.
Sam told her that Rodney was a musician and that he played with a jazz group at a club called “The Oasis” over in Brooklyn.  They set up a date for all three of them to go to the club the next night.  After he left, Sam confided in her that he a “dishy” friend in the band called Otis who play a mean horn.  Mandy was not quite sure what a “mean horn” was but she figured it was like those things they played at funerals and such.
The club was down in a basement and the cigarette smoke was so thick you could cut it with a knife.  The place was packed with young people all out to hear the sweet sounds of Rodney’s group.  There were only 4 members of the group with Rodney being the clear leader.  She eliminated the “licorice stick” guy and the “bass fiddle” guy and saw that the young man with the horn was an extremely handsome mulatto boy about 18 years old.
Mandy was intrigued because the horn player was very attractive and had a lean sexy look with gorgeous bedroom eyes.  The sounds he made on his instrument were both solid and sweet.  She could feel her vagina start to tingle with that familiar feeling when she was aroused by the possibility of being made to give up her cherry.  Her only problem was she knew the fact of the mixed blood would preclude her parents from sanctioning the coupling.  She made a sudden decision that she would not let that influence her in any way and that she would spread her legs for this Otis if he was so inclined.
Poor Otis was not aware of any of this but after a couple of beers, he jumped in the car with them and they all made their way back to the dorm room.  The boys were warned to be on their best behavior because they were not actual students and would be subject to eviction if they were caught in their room.
Mandy was scared.  When Otis joined her in her bed she admitted to him up front that she was still a “cherry girl”.  She told him that she hoped he would not be turned off by the extra work he would have to do.
 Otis chuckled and started to massage her pussy with a practiced hand.
 She hovered on his wonderful fingers like a horn waiting to be played.  When he even tested the tightness of her back hole, she only giggled and licked his ear.  They could hear Rodney and Sam getting with it on the other side of the room.
 When she peeked over Otis’s shoulder, she saw Sam’s white ass in the lamplight sticking up high in the air.  The whimpers told her that Sam was already getting it real good.
Mandy got so involved with kissing Otis and touching his long hard shaft that she didn’t even realize how she got naked from the waist down.  Before she even got a chance to offer her preferences, Otis was rubbing his long, hard cock all over her womanly slit and savoring the wetness she hid just inside.
“Otis, you have to put on a condom!”
The handsome black boy seemed a little confused.  He was not used to wearing one and was a little surprised to hear such a request.  He figured it was just a “white girl” thing and searched in his wallet for the one he had placed in it almost 2 years ago.  Mandy reached into her bag and removed a pretty purple foil envelope that advertised it to be a “Rough Rider with cherry flavored lubrication”.  Mandy assisted the young boy of 18 to don the safe sex covering.  Otis was so long and thick that it was a real tight fit.
Otis reached his fingers into her brimming vagina and wiped her liquid gold all over his covered cock.  The touch of the tip on her opening made Mandy nervous but she tried her best to relax and concentrated on holding Otis’s lean and well-toned gluts tightly in her palms.   He knocked on her vaginal door several times to no avail and then just held her steady with his hands and plunged his rampant cock deep inside with a single deep thrust.
There was a momentary stinging but immediately afterwards Mandy felt a delicious sense of being filled with vibrating living flesh exploring her innermost secrets. The fact that she was so wet with anticipation made her first experience totally satisfying and everything she had ever wished for.   Mandy wrapped her long shapely legs around the handsome musician and took him in all the way.
Otis was amazed at the way the white girl gave it up for the first time and was actually enjoying her cherry picking impalement.  He was grunting now pretty hot and heavy as he got into the rhythm of the girl’s convulsive orgasm.  He could feel her fingernails digging into his ass muscles and he squeezed her ass cheeks in return.  They were both coming to a full orgasm now and he filled the large condom with an extra-sized load of man juice.
Mandy’s whimpers were drowning out Sam’s moans.  Her verbal outbursts were getting lower and lower as Rodney experimented with some untested kinky activities.  It was as though she did not want to admit how excited she was to be on the receiving end of the new found fun and games.
When Otis pulled out and Mandy removed his condom stretched to the limit with a copious load of creamy cum they all laughed at the size of the load contained inside.
“Otis, my man, you really shot a load there, fella!”
They decided to empty the condom on Mandy’s tummy and her breasts.  Then they all rubbed Otis’s cum all over her body like it was some kind of sun screen.
Somehow they started talking about anal sex and Sam admitted she had not been penetrated in the ass as yet.  The two guys were making fun of the fact that they had a pair of anal virgins and maybe it was time for them to receive some training.
Both Mandy and Sam bent over the sofa and both of their bottoms were high in the air in a perfect position for anal sex.  When Otis and Rodney lined up behind them, they switched position so that Rodney was rubbing his long hard cock on Mandy’s waiting brown eye.  She had her eyes closed and thought it was Otis shoving his beautiful cock into her quivering anus.  Sam did peek and when she saw Otis behind her she was a little scared because of the reputation black men had for working a white girl’s ass real hard.
Sam looked over at her best friend Mandy and saw that her boyfriend Rodney had already buried most of his cock deep inside the shy girl’s virgin rectum.  Mandy had her face all scrunched up and her eyes were closed but she could tell she was enjoying it by the way she was groaning in heartfelt pleasure.
Just then the sound of her own anus being stretched open made her gasp in surprise and she steadied herself for the weight of the muscular Otis pounding her rear end with a frenzied beat.  The deep penetration pushed her into an immediate orgasm that made her pussy squirt female juice all over the sofa.  She made herself a mental note to clear that up in the morning.
After their ass fucking, both girls just stayed in position and compared notes on how it made them feel.  They both agreed it was quite different but pleasurable in an entirely new way.  They agreed to a second round and Sam laughed when she saw the boys had switched to sample both of them the same night.
Mandy looked back and saw Otis covering her ass and was content that she would receive his cock once again in her secret place.  Moments later, she was thinking to herself that anal impalement never felt the same.  She was being probed deeper, stretched wider and the pounding was so much more energetic that she achieved 3 orgasms before the handsome Otis spilled his liquid gift deep inside her rectal channel.  After he pulled out, she could feel his cream oozing out of her quivering pucker hole and running down the inside of her legs.
After the boys slipped out of the dorm room, they slept in Mandy’s bed and Sam let Mandy spoon her well satisfied bottom all night.